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Netflix offers up to $900,000 for AI product manager while actors strike for protection

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Re: I act, therefore I am ... a waiter

Like your stance against proofreaders; do you work in the "frim" industry or newspapers (remember them?).

Former antivirus baron John McAfee collared, faces extradition to America on tax evasion, securities allegations

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is he still a US citizen ?

I know he was born on a US base in UK, and Americans HAVE to pay taxes where ever they live to the IRS but seems funny he is still a US citizen

What are you gonna do? Give me detention? Illinois schools ban pyjamas in online classes

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Re: Liquor in the front, poker in the rear

you can buy t-shirts with that printed

When a deleted primary device file only takes 20 mins out of your maintenance window, but a whole year off your lifespan

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Re: Speaking about the f*ing manual...

We found the manual, had missing pages as did the backup mini wall...lucky thing was i knew where a spare set was due to my night shift exploring practice.

Few weeks later I found the old erratum instructions that said remove the pages....turn that erratum page over and it DID say replace with the new versions. And the difference ? two 50% bigger blank lines. ok...

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DB/2 for OS/2.....

did you delete the log file to cover your tracks at the second site?

was the second site a outer London location?

want to guess the man hours spend looking for a hacker...(assuming it was you...lol)

Das reboot: That's the only thing to do when the screenshot, er, freezes

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or plug in your cheap keyboard with the worn out keys

Microsoft gives Office 365 admins the heads-up: Some internal queries over weekend might have returned results from completely different orgs

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rule 34


'We're changing shift, and no one can log on!' It was at this moment our hero knew server-lugging chap had screwed up

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HTF ? and WTF ?

Had a old DHCP machine removed once; so old it was not even rack mounted but sat happily in middle of a rack on top of another server. To make it clear it was important it was caged in with cut down wire panels from a old royal mail cart zip-tied around it to the rack frame and signs "do not touch ☺".

Yes it got removed one morning by someone removing/replacing the servers under it and never put it back. In the debrief when asked why it got touched the reply was "I saw the smiley face and thought it was a joke"

Does a .com suffix make a trademark? The US Supreme Court will decide as Booking marks its legal spot

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Re: Trademarking an address

Well i once had a ,info domain never used it but at the time it could of been useful at that moment in time; 123reg rejected my card payment and I lost it. Currently it's for sale at $5000 by a hopeful.

If I had the trademark I wonder whats its worth would be ? more or less......

Dumpster diving to revive a crashing NetWare server? It was acceptable in the '90s

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not the first time seen this.....

circ 1997 NT4 was new to the company I worked for ; and a new order transaction software was being tested. The old embedded system used mirrored hard drives this new improved system used two NT4 systems; one Master and one slave running backup software

Some of these sites where this improved system was being trialed did not have the best power; and now and again one of the towers would "lock up". So yes cd/dvd drive and pencil pressing the reset key; both towers laid on side facing each other and a script that ran every 10 mins pinging the other system.

From what I was told using a UPS did not help on just two related sites what so ever; and this tower on its side hack was in use until a upgrade to Server 2000 (and new machines) in 2003 and the problem went away.

Prior to the use of a UPS and the script / CD idea; every morning someone dialed in to the systems at 50 different sites to see which one answered and call the site and try and get a cleaner/staff/guard to press the red or blue reset button (oh yes we had special colored buttons ordered) if required. Great fun and games when a lot of sites also used the same line for the fax.

Only took the company four weeks to get UPS's installed.....

IBM age discrimination lawsuit suddenly ends, suggests Big Blue was willing to pay to avoid discovery process

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how many COBOL programmers over 60 have been hired.....

Windows 7 goes dual screen to shriek at passersby: Please, just upgrade me or let me die

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Re: eh?

my older E6420 is happy with win10, you did update all chipset drivers ?

Maersk prepares to lay off the Maidenhead staffers who rescued it from NotPetya super-pwnage

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Re: Disappointing

I knew of a tech company that outsourced the hardware engineers to ICL. They though they had the contract fully dotted and T's crossed until they got the first bill. Were as they thought a single callout was $35, it was in fact for a single device...

Were as in the inhouse system a call for 12 printers was just one "callout"; the new system was a little bit more. The bigger sites would save dead equipment until a real important device failed or they ran out of printers.

After the shock of the first month the following months were worst....

AT&T insists it's not blocking Tutanota after secure email biz cries foul, cites loss of net neutrality as cause

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oh NLsmell

think openWRT had a clone MAC function

ICANN't approve the sale of .org to private equity – because California's Attorney General has... concerns

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Re: Good

sane ?

I live there, not the word I would of picked

2 more degrees and it's lights out: Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix's toasty mobile bit barn

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Re: I'll never really understand...

92 was their worst year and that was 1 point.

92 second worst 3 points.

Irish eyes aren't smiling after govt blows €1m on mega-printer too big for parliament's doors

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Re: Govt. printing...

el Reg once did a competition for HP stuff like this.

What a pair of Massholes! New England duo cuffed over SIM-swapping cryptocoin charges

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Re: which crime

You know the US taxman taxes crypto transactions

Welcome to cultured meat – not pigs reading Proust but a viable alternative to slaughter

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Re: Fake Meat Meet

penguins taste like fishy duck I have been told

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The number one US milk company just filled for bankruptcy

BOFH: Bye desktop, bye desk. Hello tablet and a beanbag on the floor

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Re: I dunno

Saw my first Radon ad for the USA in Vegas at New Years. Also saw most the TV ads had a web link, it was like the 90's again.

Crash, bang, wallop: What a power-down. But what hit the kill switch?

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why did he do that ?

Service call goes out for a mainframe tape deck, engineer turns up later on & phones to be left in.

Someone walks down to main door and lets him and another man waiting next to him in.

A minute later second guy said "oh big red button" and presses it.

Operator and engineer look at each other, engineer said "why did he do that? "

Turns out it was some random nutter they let in.

The D in SystemD stands for Dammmit... Security holes found in much-adored Linux toolkit

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Re: I guess it's a good time

or PCLinuxOS...........

Oz cops investigating screams of 'why don't you die?' find bloke in battle with spider

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Re: Spiders: Permitted sizes

In a mountainous area in So-Cal I saw some spiders the size of outstretched hand but was told they don't get bigger as the lizards eat them........

Yes some pet monitor type lizards escaped and roam the hills

Support whizz 'fixes' screeching laptop with a single click... by closing 'malware-y' browser tab

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Re: Darned tech!

Ctp Eric Moody . class

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Re: Push volume button to mute

American 70's cars have this as well

DBA drifts into legend after inventive server convo leaves colleagues fearing for their lives

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Re: Honest Gospel Truths For Future Advanced IntelAIgent Builders

why does the early stuff sound better ?

selective memory ?

Cops called after pair enter Canadian home and give it a good clean

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Re: Right

I have had police turn up at work while re-imaging a old PC they wanted to look at; luckily old drive was swapped out and bagged (90 day fire safe hold). I guess this had happened before.

Oracle? On my server? I must have been hacked! *Penny drops* Oh sh-

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Re: In our data center...

was sent a photo back in the 90's after some floor tiles were lifted, lots of Carling Black Label cans....

Attempt to clean up tech area has shocking effect on kit

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Re: C

some golf tees fit some UK handles......

A basement of broken kit, zero budget – now get the team running

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Thumb Up

Re: Re. Death by a thousand (budget) cuts

I have a old Dell laptop with a old socketed i7 and new SSD, docking station two 21" monitors, it has a keyboard that I can really use (anyone happy with the new models, all touchscreen BS) so well my "good" USB keyboard is not used.

Liked it so much bought a i5 version as a spare

How an over-zealous yank took down the trading floor of a US bank

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Re: IBM memory and keyboards

seen the tin plated ones get dirty and error, fixed with a hard rubber/eraser over the contacts

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Re: Console

ICL let you dump the console printer to tape. I think; been a while.

Secret IBM script could have prevented 11-hour US tax day outage

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not as good as the earlier stuff

Dead retailer's 'customer data' turns up on seized kit, unencrypted and very much for sale

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guess someone will sue the landlords

A boss pinching pennies may have cost his firm many, many pounds

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Re: Penny pinching boss

don't remember its own printer. remember the little balls in the developer tho.

Linux 4.19 lets you declare your trust in AMD, IBM and Intel

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Re: This is actually useful

and there's me thinking some distros were crap.lol.some are

The off-brand 'military-grade' x86 processors, in the library, with the root-granting 'backdoor'

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panasonic toughbooks can take a battlefield but a cop can break one in a few months

'Can you just pop in to the office and hit the power button?' 'Not really... the G8 is on'

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Re: Does a running gun battle to the airport count?

Executive Outcomes did IT ?

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Re: Long ago.

I whistled to see if Fax or modem, Fax does a handshake tune modems don't

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Re: Long ago.

that is so useful. Back the day a co-worker set up two servers facing each other so the cd/dvd drive with a rubber snubber glued on could hit the reset button of the other. Beat a 4 hour trip and an hour plus; going though security after a problem was noticed and logged

ZX Spectrum reboot latest: Some Vega+s arrive, Sky pulls plug, Clive drops ball

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Re: Looks excellent!

"You don't hear Ferrari owners moaning because their knobs squeak a bit,"

The factory just said they will wear in, don't you just hate that.

Grad sends warning to manager: Be nice to our kit and it'll be nice to you

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Did you once work for ICL ?

Tech Shutdown Blows: IT chaos cost Brit bank TSB almost £200m

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In America that be know as Wells Fargo's little game.

Sysadmin cracked military PC’s security by reading the manual

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Re: Their part in his downfall

Bob Monkhouse served in the Air Force, picked it up then I guess

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in my mind I just heard some sounds

ding ding ding-ding

Sonic the Hedgehog

oh dear

BOFH: Is everybody ready for the meeting? Grab a crayon – let's get technical

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Re: Technical, English and Idiot.

The joy of M$ Paint. also funny watching managers try and copy your work and do the same "highlights" in a PowerPoint presentation

... Aaaand that's a fifth Brit Army Watchkeeper drone to crash in Wales

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Big Brother


think its on El Reg somewhere.

The RAF only let officers fly drones, were as the Army lets sergeants fly drones. Apart from this Watchkeeper joke the Army crashes less.

Actual control of Windows 10 updates (with a catch)... and more from Microsoft

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Re: Device Update Center


Device Update Delay


Control Resource Active Patch

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Re: ScreenPad?

Just use that app that lets you use a phone as a pointing device.

You may have your freedom.

And later on a newer version will give you the same full functions as m$ and crApple devices.