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Ofcom snaps on fresh pair of rubber gloves for deeper rummage around in Giffgaff billing faff


Is GG open about it's costs?

I was going to change over to GG, needed data increase. I was surprised to find unlimited calls and texts advertised with bundles from GG were unlimited to GG calls and texts only! I was pleased to see Ofcom were checking GG. Read the small print when dealing with GG, or any companies!

Android at 10: How Google won the smartphone wars


Re: Where is the anti virus to kill the Google virus? Bring it on!!

Google must die! Google deleted all of my photos on Picasa when I left YouTube. Recently it deleted all of my contacts and phone numbers on my mobile and much more! Grrrrrr!. As I see it, Google is in the top category of virus, it removes or alters programs on your computer! It installs it's own programs on your computer or phone and makes changes. Under another name there would be anti virus programs to get rid of it - bring them on!

Vodafone, EE and Three overcharging customers after contracts expire


All packages have broadband!

Started on rolling contract for phone only, in 1996, used it for emergencies only. Lived alone, was due to retire, traveled alone. Was told by customer services you have a rolling contract, stay with it or cost will go up! Cost £5.00 per month. Was forced off the rolling contract and put on package with broadband, all packaged had broadband.! I can't get broadband in my area of Suffolk, only 2G signal, seldom leave home. Need a phone for emergencies, no neighbours, very rural, drive round country lanes. Used phone once or twice a month. Was charged for something I didn't receive and forced into a position where I had no option! Left Vodaphone, eventually, found all companies had broadband added to packages! Not pleased about being taken off my rolling contract then being charged for a service I couln't get! It's a scam!

YouTube will nuke indie music videos in DAYS, says Google exec


High handed google again!

Google pulling the strings again, calling the tune now after taking our pics 2 yrs ago!

It was a nasty surprise to me to loose my pics on Picasa when big bad Google pulled them all!Think it was because I left Youtube. Now Google is throwing it's weight around pulling music and depriving more folk of enjoyment for an extra buck, by the look of things.

When Google shut down my Picasa I lost cherished, irreplaceable photos of my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, my youngest son's pics from the Olympics and beloved pets no longer with me. Now Google is acting high handed again and pulling music. I access Youtube for some great music which Google doesn't care if folks watch and hear or not! It's a service too Google give or loose your supporters/customers.

When the evenings draw in again I shall be working on getting rid of all things Google, possible, on my computers and protecting what I cherish and enjoy! Google you upset a lot of older folk with your heavy handed ways, we aren't used to being treated so rough and we won't by standing by and be treated in such underhanded ways or seeing others walked over! Support the up and coming young musicians and all that is good in music not the extra "buck" as they say in US.


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