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California Highway Patrol rounds up queens, workers

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Those commentaters

- with nothing sensible to say should bee like the truck and hive off.

Only bicarbonate of soda can save mankind!

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I think -

(sometimes) - that it is a good idea to sequester the CO2 from lekky gen stations as sodium bicarbonate for the very reason that it is easily and cheaply regurgitatable back to CO2.

The bicarbonate should then be stored in disused mines ready for the inevitable explosion of Mt Krakatoa or another asteroid hit. Then, as the new ice age approaches with lightning speed, all the greenies can line up at the mouths of the mines to p down them in order to make CO2 to warm their kids since they are not allowed to buy nukey made lekky for the purpose.

But as the exhaust of CO2 from the mine gathers speed the next greenie in line will cop the full force of the product of the previous greenie, which will be one greenie taking the piss out of another greenie, which will also be a good thing. The clever guys can then put a turbine in the shaft and generate lekky which the greenie will not buy because it is the product of the release of CO2.

All problems solved......

MIT boffins plan for asteroidal doom

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Frog hops per eon

Let me see now - 12.5Km/sec = 977.93 parsecs per millennium = slightly faster than the French can get out of the way.........

I'm adding my 5c to those voting for target practice.

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Nar, nar, nar, nar -

You've all got it all wrong, Sillies!

This is all another Roswell. The truth is that Nasa needs some more work for its moon-landing studio and has developed (sic) this story to keep the cameras rolling for another generation. And Nasa's new rocket is all part of the same plot - they will launch Bruce Willis II into orbit, hide round the dark side of earth for a few weeks, and then feed the TV news every day until their triumphant return after having 'saved' the planet. They will even 'bring back' some sample rocks they found in Antarctica to prove the story to the sceptics.

The success of this venture will ensure Nasa all the funds they want ad infinitum. It is going to be gripping watching!

Tidal power project fails to start on schedule

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Current puns

Sam and Zedee have their minds disconnected - the propellor is propelling the alternator. I direct all your attentions to the comment by breakfast, the likes of which keep me attracted to El Reg. I would not switch to another site for all the joules in Britain, ie any other one amp would be a second, watt?

Is Chernobyl behind academic slump in Sweden?

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Logic is -

- an organised way of going wrong with confidence.

Securo-prof claims to invent new, much deadlier dirty bomb

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Question -

Is an insane lunatic different from a sane one?

Petrol latte for Kiwis in dairy biofuel push

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Hoos stoopid?

There are some very clever people in this world - 'A fuel called Anchor?' made me laugh out loud.

An extraordinarily clever Kiwi named Ernest Rutherford enabled the poms to live these days in some measure of comfort. Without Sir Ernest half of them would be digging underground in order to allow the other half to power their computers while writing garbage. There is a very large bucket beside a small one labelled 'under-achievers'. This, many times larger, bucket is labelled 'non-achievers' and on the bottom layer live those denigrators who cannot spell, write an understandable sentence, or punctuate it properly.

My computer is fed from a wind powered turbine on the hill behind my town and as soon as I have finished writing this sentence I will be driving 200m up the road to fill up my Australian car with Force 10 at the Gull fuel station.

Chinese fight rat plague with giant saucepan

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When in Rome

In one of the greater injustices perpetrated on the innocent in this world they tried to force the learning of Latin on me at high school. One of the few things I remember is that they had this same problem in Ancient Rome:-

Ceasar adsum iam forte,

Pompei ad erat.

Ceasar sic in omnibus,

Pompei sic in at.