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FTC approves $61.7m settlement with Amazon for pocketing driver tips


Did I miss the bit where Amazon are actually being punished for their actions?

"The $61.7m settlement represents the amount of tips that Amazon allegedly withheld from drivers"

Where's the actual punishment?

Returning money that you weren't supposed to take in the first place isn't punishment

Can't get that printer to work? It's not you. It's that sodding cablin.... oh beautiful job with that cabling, boss


...the potential for acronym naughtiness was sadly lost to time

A place I worked at a few years back had the IT dept sharing an office with the Health & Safety guy

For some reason we couldn't get the powers that be to agree to the sign on the door saying "Safety, Health & IT

Google reCAPTCHA service under the microscope: Questions raised over privacy promises, cookie use


Re: In a way this is all encouraging for me

If I'm not sure whether there's enough of the traffic light\steps\boat\tractor etc for a box to be ticked I ask myself, "If I saw that square in isolation would I recognise the object?", if the answer is no then i don't tick it

The Ghost of Windows 10 Past shrinks back as Microsoft's axeman tiptoes ever closer


"...according to figures released by ad-slinger AdDuplex"

I wonder how much of an effect ad-blocking has on the figures

You want a Y2K crash? FINE! Here's a poorly computer


Just tested LibreOffice (x86) on Windows (x64) & LibreOffice (x64) on Linux (x64), both see 29/02/1900 & 29/02/2100 as text, any attempt to do calculations on the fields returns a #VALUE! error

Nah, it won't install: The return of the ad-blocker-blocker


Re: Advertising from mobile 'phones

> Sent from my iPad

My friends and I have a tendancy to subvert footer messages like that (usually when we're planning a pub crawl)

Here's a selection from the recent collection of emails relating our annual pilgrimage to the pubs of Cambridge (that ocurred last weekend)


Sent from my Amiga

Sent from my Vic 20.

Sent from my Tandy TRS-80

Sent from my Phillips Videopac G7000

Sent using intergalactic morse code

Sent from my Atari 8000XL

Sent from my HAL9000

What are you doing, Dave?

Sent from my Orac

Sent from the bottom of a beer glass

Sent from my Holly.

Everyone's dead, Dave.

Sent from the footplate of a Class A4 4-6-2 Pacific steam locomotive

Sent from my iBacus

BOFH: Their bright orange plumage warns other species, 'Back off! I'm dangerous!'


>..coffee ejected through the nose does not feel wonderful

I have a friend who has complained about the "world smelling of beer" on a number of occasions due to me making him laugh just as he's supping from his pint

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 update downs Chrome, Cortana

Black Helicopters

the telemetry isn't to help them fix things it's to let them know what they can get away with

BOFH: We know where the bodies are buried


Stupid Deaths?

I can't be the only one who looked at the picture and immediately thought this was going to be something from Horrible Histories can I?

Why is Bitcoin fscked? Here are three reasons: South Korea, India... and now China clamps down on cryptocurrencies


Re: In a heating dominated climate

Free heat?

From a computing radiator?

You mean like the Q.Rad from www.qarnot.com?

They're probably not optimised for crypto currency and Qarnot only supply them for locations where 20 or more devices are needed but I guess you could always open a sauna to use them in :)

Oh, and you don't get access to the processing power unless you buy access to them

Virgin Media skulks in disused public toilets


VM's geography seems a bit suspect

According to "a very obscure corner of Virgin Media's website" Woodford Green is in Hertfordshire


Swedish publishers plan summer ‘Block Party’ to thwart ad blockers


Re: 'The End of Free'

Try downloading the mp3 version instead


Pubs good for the soul: Official


Re: Your pint has been marked

I can vouch for this having worked in a southern pub back in the early 80's

We had a shipment of oversized "pint to the line" glasses arrive and no matter how much explaining or demonstrating with measuring jugs was done we regularly had punters complaining about being short changed over how much beer they were getting

In the end the landlord decided to just remove the larger glasses and revert back to the standard sized ones

BBC risks wrath of android rights activists with Robot Wars reboot


Robot Wars is still going as a live event if anyone is interested

It's not called "Robot Wars" (probably for copyright reasons) but it's still the same thing that was shown on TV with many of the same competitors and house robots


Microsoft to Windows 10 consumers: You'll get updates LIKE IT or NOT


How long till Microsoft get taken to court for borking a machine with an update that was forced onto it?

7/7 memories: I was on a helpdesk that day and one of my users died


Working out of North Herts I had a customer to visit somewhere south of the river so my planned route in was mainline to Kings Cross and then southbound Northern line to my destination

Got into Kings Cross normally and made my way down to the Northern line platform only to find it so packed that I couldn't even get out of the short link tunnel onto the platform itself

There was no indication of anything untoward except for it being a very busy morning but after a couple of minutes with not trains going through to relieve the congestion I decided to try hopping onto a different line and changing lines somewhere else on the network so I headed away from the Northern line but before I got very far London Underground staff started directing everyone to the exits

I came out of the station on the south side of Euston Road and could see all the other exits where also spewing out travellers so assumed something had happened to require Kings Cross to be evacuated but didn't think anything more of it at that point

Giving up on travelling from Kings Cross I decided to head towards Euston intending to get on the Northern line there but by the time I got there (along with numerous others who had obviously had the same idea) the external underground entrances were already closed off. Went into the main line area to find lots of people milling around but still no indication of anything unusual.

Exiting the station with the intention of a last ditch attempt at getting on the tube at Euston Square or Warren Street I tried ringing the customer to let them know I was going to be late but was unable to get a line. As I was just terminating the call I was walking across the paved concourse area just outside the mainline station sort of looking down at the ground a few metres in front of me when I felt\heard a dull whoomp that caused all the pigeons in the area to take flight and the puddles on the ground to ripple (think of the glass of water scene when the T-Rex first appears in Jurassic Park). I now know this was the Tavistock Square bus bomb exploding but at the time didn't really think anything of it, I've heard all sorts of strange sounds in towns and cities and this didn't seem to be anything particularly unusual and no one else in the area seemed to take much notice either.

Got to Euston Square only to find that it was also closed off, at this point I started to think "something is going on here". Tried ringing my office to get them to let the customer know I was going to be late but still no lines.

Subconsciously I'd sort of decided I wasn't going to make it to the customer and started to drift back towards Kings Cross but police officers had started to appear almost out of no where and were directing people off of Euston Road so I found myself meandering along the back streets south of Euston Road generally heading east towards Kings Cross but unable to actually get anywhere near to it due to the police tape that now festooned any road leading to it

Here and there a uniformed police officer was surrounded by crowds of people obviously trying to find out what was going on, I loitered on the edges of the crowds a few times but wasn't able to glean any real info

I finally managed to make contact with my office and told them that "something big" was happening and that I wasn't going to be able to get to the customer, they told me they'd already heard rumours of bombs but that info was sketchy, I asked them to contact my Mum to let her know I was ok.

Having finally decided to write off the customer visit I now needed to work out how to get out of London

The whole of the Kings Cross area was completely sealed off so no route through there, same for any of the tube stations I knew my way to (didn't know at this point that the network was in the process of being shut down completely), had zero knowledge of the bus routes not that there seemed to be many buses moving so decided to try to walk to Finsbury Park in to hope that there were still main line trains operating out of there

Did a loop to the east away from the Kings Cross area until I found a road that wasn't cordoned off at which point I headed north and finally found myself on what appeared to be one of the main roads where I started to check the small local area maps on the bus stops to plan my way following the bus routes I'd gleaned from the maps

As I was walking from bus stop to bus stop I picked up snippets of news coming from radio\TV's in various small shops I was passing and managed to piece together the generalities of the situation, multiple bombs, tube network shut-down, London on lock down etc etc

After what seemed hours of walking but was probably only about 40 or so minutes I started to see signs for Emirates Stadium so I at least knew I was heading in the right general direction and not long after that saw signs for Finsbury Park station

When I got to Finsbury Park I found it surprisingly quiet, there were a couple of rail employees stood outside the station but only a half dozen of so other people in the general area. I spoke the the rail employees asking them if they had "anything going north?" and was directed to an intercity train already sat at one of the platforms.

I sat on the train for maybe 30 minutes or so as other refugees gradually got on before the train eventually pulled out. Unusually for an Intercity train it stopped at many of the smaller stations so it seems it was being used for any and all who needed transport

I finally got to my home town at about 13:30, rescued my car from the car park and headed off to the office where I got lots of comments of surprise that I'd managed to get back so quickly as they'd heard all transport links were closed and I then got bombarded with questions about what had happened which is the wall of text you see here

And that was my day 10 years ago

Spiceworks in WTF-class social log-in SECURITY BLUNDER


Re: I just don't get this "sign in with Facebook"

"Why should I want to let Facebook know what other sites I use ?"

Why should I want to let Facebook know anything about me?


BOFH: On the contrary, we LOVE rebranding here at the IT dept


The S.H.I.T department....been there, tried to do that

In a company I worked at until recently the IT department shared an office with the Health & Safety department.

For some reason when we collectively suggested that the office should be referred to as the "Safety, Health & Information Technology Office" the powers that be refused to sanction the printing of new identifying door stickers showing the new collective acronym for the office



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