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Panasas: Avoid lengthy RAID re-builds - use our dodgy-file tart-up tech

Hank Hill

Why such a confusing title?

Mr Mellor, I must call upon you to explain the title of your article. Are you saying, as I suspect is the case, that the Panasas technology can take broken and corrupt ("dodgy") files and repair them ("tart them up")? Or are you saying that the Panasas File System is dodgy and that they are a (s)tart-up company? I'm sure the latter is not the case, as Panasas has been shipping this technology for over 10 years now, with a large and impressive customer portfolio, and so this is most certainly not "dodgy" tech from a start-up company.

With respect, I'm sure you would like to think that your articles are read by an international audience, so I'm quite baffled why, as a professional journalist, you would use such Arthur Daley-style vernacular in the title, which would only serve to confuse anyone outside the UK.


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