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Internet of Things fridges? Pfft. So how does my milk carton know when it's empty?


Not so dumb.. cost point is the question.

Like any electrical device, there is lots of diagnostic information in the controller, that can't easily be communicated, and lots more that would be useful to add if only the controller could communicate with the owner.. all without sniffing the milk or replacing the paper shopping list with an expensive tablet:

o defrost cycles

o diagnostic info on the pump, compressor, water-filter (if it has one), host-zones

o raising alarm if door not properly closed/blocked

o decay chemical detection for rotting food for cleaning cycles

o smart boost: don't take a Phd to work out that loading 10kg of stuff into a fridge will need a boost

Granted, an IoT fridge is a lot less useful than an IoT boiler (carbon monoxide), but the benefits accrue when you combine simple sensors with electronic shopping (beer does not generally come in four litre bottles, but milk does) - think scales in self checkout.

A fridge that pings you to get more beer because you're running low on a world-cup night will easily outsell 3DTV.

Wintel pincers to squeeze iPads out of BYOD


I'm a Mac; I'm a typoslob!

These day you have to consider what YouTube will do with your brand-name.

Microsoft poised to take Web server crown from Apache


this is not the first time for IIS...

Last time was at the dawn of the millenium, before all the "on by default" options meant it was trivial to hijack. Back then, even the Apache sites didn't report the real server name (e.g. Rapidsite).

what is incredible, is that _after_ that debacle, IIS can claw its way back as a brand (not as if there is anything of the original code left in IIS)

Oracle rewrites 'the brain' of its database to take on SAP


it must be good, its been in development for twenty years

Way back then it was "very large memory database" VLMDB on DEC Alpha with literally HUNDREDS of megabytes of memory, With VLMDB and Oracle Parallel Server OPS, they claimed to eclipse everyone, except somehow it was slower than and less reliable than (errm) a mainframe. Given that Oracle is the company to add 'REAL' to its cluster tech (bought from DEC) so customers would know that RAC was not the same as old OPS, you've got to wonder with it is Ellison guff.

So what have they done for all those "legacy" oracle apps that rely on ROWID?


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