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Ransomware victims: Just pay up, grin, and bear it – says the FBI


More impressed than if you tell them you can't restore anything though.

Enjoy vaping while you still can, warns Public Health England


Re: Ban it. Ban what?

"Vapour is just that. Vapour. There are no added chemicals, if there are, they have been shown to be so minute as to be undetectable. Water vapour has for millennia, been recommended by medical professionals for help with breathing for asthma and other chest problems, but now, it seems to be life threatening."

I was under the impression that the vapour from ecigs was not just water vapour (and nicotine), but also propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, and whatever flavourings are present.

I have heard that the origin of the 'water vapour' claim was someone saying that ecig vapour was no more harmful than water vapour, not that it /was/ water vapour.


Re: Does anyone know...

"It's about being strong minded. If you are weak then it is hard."

Not everyone is strong-minded. Congratulations to you for quitting through sheer willpower, but it's unreasonable to expect everyone else to do this simply because you did.

" If you offered a smoker 10 million pounds to stop there and then on the proviso that they were monitored to see if they started again they would all quit there and then"

And if you offered them a free ecig and a lifetime's supply of liquid with the same proviso, many would also quit there and then, but at a much lower cost. (Not that I'm actually suggesting doing this).

DARPA gamifies open-source software testing


Re: Yawns.

jake, did you actually look at the website - or just make assumptions?

Personally, i'd like to know how this works in more detail, but i suppose its easier just to write it off without looking at it.