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The Lonely Pirate MEP's Holocaust copyright stunt backfires

you are idiots

Re: "when actually allowed to say anything at all by the mods"

As the law has not been written, you do not know what it actually contains.

And as we know from history laws that do not make it 100% clear have been used to prosecute people that apparently the law maker did not mean to include!.

And back to your mickey mouse comment, it should be in the public domain it has been artificially removed due to corporate bribing (lobbying? call it what you want it is corruption of democracy) of politicians at the expense of the public.

Copyright time limits are ridiculous and not really been done for the benefit of individuals it has been done for corporate shills .

Uncle Sam's boffins stumble upon battery storage holy grail

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@ Martin Summers

"It's ok for them to take swipes at Musk, but at least he got product out to market and did something"

All Musk has done is set up a business to suck subsidies from the government, very clever, but if he was actually relying on profit from his marketed products he would be bankrupt many times over!!!.

The guy is a massive cockwomble!!!.

Why Microsoft yanked its latest Windows 10 update download: It hijacked privacy settings

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Big Brother

Re: It's good but...

so you agree they are totally incompetent bastards!

Blocking out the Sun won't fix climate change – but it could buy us time

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Re: Refreeze the poles?

So you post from that website, that actually shows nothing unusual is happening.

look at the peak at about 135ky, compare to 15ky to now, looks like its not unusual.

I thought your point was that what is happening now is a problem? from that graph it's happened before so what?

Windows 10 wipes your child safety settings if you upgrade from 7 or 8

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W3C's failed Do Not Track crusade tumbles to ad-blockers' Vietnam

you are idiots

if they dont understand DNT

How about a new header

"Fuck off and die and do not record anything I do on the internet you fucking bastard advertisers"


"By accepting this header any tracking will be charged at a rate of £10000 per website payable to user of this browser"

Climate change alarmism is a religious belief – it's official

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Re: Read the whole thing

Lol Respect for pope

When he stops lying I'll respect him!

SpaceX’s anti-hacker tech powers UK launch of security startup

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Re: So in essence this is a proxy browser providing a "remote sandbox"?

usual marketing bollocks...

misnamed.. it's not a real air-gap.. so misleading too.

Wi-Fi hotspots can put iPhones into ETERNAL super slow-mo

you are idiots

re: Lee d

So when your in starf*ck's how do you know your connecting to their free wifi?

Doh, enjoy your coffee and dead icrap!.

+5 ROOTKIT OF VENGEANCE defeats forces of gaming good

you are idiots

Re: Streaming does have its advantages

It's been tried and failed, check news about "onlive" (https://games.onlive.com/farewell/games)

And why when you have a ps4 do you want to stream it and add latency and use controls not designed for the game (GAIKAI)

Investors are simply idiot's.

Goes like the blazes: Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 late 2014 edition

you are idiots

Re: Wake me up...

or just install Aquamail from play store

works well with exchange servers...

One year on, Windows 8.1 hits milestone, nudges past XP

you are idiots

Re: Users hate change

Young people just don't know any better, if all your fed is sh*t then you don't actually realize there is something better.

you are idiots

If you like win8 good for you!

But the main problem is the UI has gone backwards just to sell rubbish phones..

Touch screen unless in tablet form give you arm ache so forcing the new UI is just dumb.

And the less said about the damn ribbon the better..

When your wife phones you complaining about win 8 suddenly going to a full screen App, just because she tried to open a PDF and then having to press the power button to get rid of it due to no visual hints as to how to close it, you know they have got it totally wrong.

Samsung slams door on OLED TVs, makes QUANTUM dot LEAP

you are idiots

Re: Serious issue

so you prefer LED's being filtered through an LCD crystal? and a colour filter? (the LED's are white (or near as possible) TV's are nothing like a jumbotron display, they do not use individual leds per pixel, the LEDs are merely a different light source and replace the old CCFL tubes)

I don't think you know much about TV tech..

The main issue with OLED's has been lifespan and differential aging (blue dies a lot quicker than the others)

This has got a lot better.

LCD TV is just terrible,they suffer viewing angle colour shift, crap contrast (they use load's of tricks to try to fix this, but all rubbish,gray scales are rubbish showing banding. and numerous other problems

Now they have phased out plasma, the choice without OLED, is shit (yes, I know the programmes are!) TV pictures...

Is it an iPad? Is it a MacBook Air? No, it's a Surface Pro 3

you are idiots

want a pen

just get a sammy note tablet!

Ad regulator pulls down Branson-backed magic undies

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Re: ASA still useless

Re Cliff

"And just for measure, before anyone whines about 'our taxes', it's entirely paid for by the ad industry. It costs you nothing."

That explains why they are useless, you might as well use wolves as sheep dogs.

Why the fuck is "unlimited*" allowed in any advert for broadband etc, when the small print says otherwise.

Complain to ASA and point them at the definition of unlimited in the fucking dictionary, you'll get a wank reply from a marketing wanker.

(*this should be in unreadable tiny text, explaining how unlimited is actually fair use limited, WTF!)

What's in your toolbox? Why the browser wars are so last decade

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IE XX caching is total F**Ked

When IE is told using all methods available not to cache, the damn thing still caches.

Then suddenly it decides to load the new file, maddening.

Just TWO climate committee MPs contradict IPCC: The two with SCIENCE degrees

you are idiots

Agincourt and Crecy!: "I'm sure the folks working on this would welcome the input and you never know you might come up with something that could prevent flooding like we saw this winter."

Yep dredging!!

you are idiots

Re: On the whole

I've met tons of people with degree's, they all think they are smart.

Generally I would put them down as "not understanding how stupid they are!".

Main problem is they seem not to be able to think for themselves, if the problem was in their text books they could waffle a bit, as soon as it was something that needed imaginative thinking... blank stare!

(best one was a guy with an Oxford degree in computers, he was good at waffle but completely incompetent! only taken on as his dad was a friend of the boss, didn't last long, an educated idiot is still an idiot at heart!)

you are idiots

Re: No Surprise

goody an expert!.

Can you explain how you separate the all variables (rainfall, amount of light, sheep piss, to name just some) in tree growth to make them accurate thermometers?

Was the temperature warmer than now in the past and relationship to Co2?

how many cyclic patterns have been identified (sun, water, orbit, sun spots etc)?

UK govt preps World War 2 energy rationing to keep the lights on

you are idiots

You are an eco nutter,(probably a sales and marketing twat)

No, it fucking won't (no wind no power), and you can pay the £gazillions it would fucking cost for your stupid fucking pipe dream.

Learn some fucking maths and mechanical engineering + power engineering + marine engineering

Then you might actually understand the problem.


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