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Largest local government body in Europe goes under amid Oracle disaster

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Equal Pay

I think this court action has been bumbling along for somewhere in the region of a decade. Why no mitigating savings?

Answering my own question, I suppose it is more sensible for the council to suddenly say we're broke and stick it to the Tories.

Was it Birmingham ten years ago or is my memory wrong?

Attackers accessed UK military data through high-security fencing firm's Windows 7 rig

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"We do not believe that any classified documents were stored ... "

Back in the day, when I was responsible for classified information, there was the concept of bulk data. Just because an individual item of data was in itself unclassified did not mean that a complete table of the information was also unclassified.

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and a CTO with the bare minimum of knowledge of IT

and a CTO with any knowledge of IT and unwilling to spend the money in any case.


ArcaOS 5.1 gives vintage OS/2 a UEFI facelift for the 21st century

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Re: Use case?

I won a copy of OS/2 in a mag competition in 1996. I had to upgrade to 4 MB RAM. Cost me £120 (now £240), about five times the cost of the software as I remember. The real killer was having to buy all the applications again.

I am older and wiser and now know that FOSS rules!

Northern Irish cops release 2 men after Terrorism Act arrests linked to data breach

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Re: PSNI overly optimistic

The French are responsible for everyone's' problems since forever.


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The information was released in error. According to the UK papers someone downloaded it, printed it and stuck it to an outside, public wall. An error is an error and not necessarily criminal - perm any one of sacking, retraining or learning lessons. It is the actions of others after the event that is potentially criminal.

IANAL, but mens rea may not be required for a crime to be committed in cases of terrorism or misuse of data.

So you want to save energy? Ditch web apps and go native, boffins say

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Re: Privacy

If The Register had a web ap it would have to be The Best. The commentariat would be all over it and 30 seconds after it was released there would be the first report "El Reg Slurper" if that is the case. Know your user!

When a South American country launched a radio ham satellite there was a theory that it was cover for some sort of spy satellite. I can think of nothing more likely to be blown than hookey radiation purporting to be for the benefit of amateur radio enthusiasts.

Out with Tech Services 3 and in with Tech Services 4 – UK govt's £12B shopping spree

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Usual Suspects

I don't think it is beyond the wit of El Reg readers to make out a list of many of the "winners" of the tender. Has any member of the great comentariat out there anything good to say about these usual suspects. There must be some successes (other than making loads of undeserved profit) if they keep winning?

Serious question. It is quite depressing.

2023 World Solar Challenge entrant welcomes clouds – not the fluffy white ones

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Copy of Previous Post - Nine upvote last time.

If you want to go to the Australian Outback drive a Land Rover - if you want to come back drive a Toyota!

Apple opens annual applications for free hackable iPhones

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specially-built hardware variant of iPhone 14 Pro

"software variant" surely?

No, you are not being called "Shirley".

Samsung teases 1TB DDR5 modules with launch of 32Gb die

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In the good old says (now?) ERNIE generated winning numbers. The numbers were then passed to another machine to check that there were valid premium bonds with a winning number. Thus many ERNIE numbers were discarded as non-winning because the bonds never existed, didn't qualify by time or had been encashed.

Is this important? Only for historical reasons. One machine, two machines, three dice, all I want is the BIG prize!

Right to repair advocates have a new opponent: Scientologists

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Re: Expose

“You don't get rich writing science fiction. If you want to get rich, you start a religion.”

L Ron Hubbard

NASA mistakenly severs communication to Voyager 2

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Re: Variation

String! You were lucky. I had to hunt and kill 10 eland and tie their sinews together. Still I did have a can at both ends.

NASA's DART kicked up swarm of 37 boulders after Dimorphos asteroid crash

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Re: Meanwhile

to go boulderly!

Japan's ubiquitous convenience stores now serving up privacy breaches

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Re: Something something pun about Horizon

"If courts are unable to determine sworn bullshit from sworn fact, you cannot have a fair trial."

That is the job of the jury. It is the job of the barristers, expert witnesses and the judge to make this as easy as possible for them. Of course, the expert witness lying like a broken watch is not necessarily an aid to the process.

Boffins claim to create the world's first wooden transistor

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I don't beleaf it!

US military spends weekend shooting down Useless Floating Objects

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Re: Where did they launch it from?

Was the small suspended car sized object a Lotus 7?

Chinese surveillance balloon over US causes fearful gasbagging

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Re: Why not shoot it down ?

When Garry Powers was shot down the USA learned a lot about the USSR's air defence capabilities (perhaps not the primary mission). The balloon may have been a lure to draw out the high level capabilities of the USA missile system.

Hi, Pakistan? You do know anyone can edit Wikipedia, right? You don't have to ask

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Re: >>convince other editors<<

Many years ago a computer magazine (PC Pro?) experimented with editing Wikipedia. They made three edits. The first was the equivalent of changing Trump to the Democrat Party, this was corrected within minutes. The second change, not so current or divisive a subject, lasted a day or two. The final change was to Buzz Aldrin's page. His date of birth was left unchanged but the day was changed from Wednesday to Thursday (or a similar slip) and this was still published several months on.

The result was not altogether surprising. There was less access and the Internet was still a frontier in a good way - motives were assumed to be good and the Aldrin change was quite subtle.

Bankruptcy probe: Celsius cheated investors 'from the start'

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Re: I'm Shocked!

My timbers are shivering as I type.

200MP smartphone and first premium PC spearhead Samsung's pro push

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Re: "a 16-inch 2880 x 1880 screen"

I'll stick with my imp and Iconograph.

Bringing cakes into the office is killing your colleagues, says UK food watchdog boss

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Re: What a load of cobblers - Whiskey Cobbler


3 ounces whiskey

1/2 to 1 ounce simple syrup, to taste

1 to 2 ounces club soda, to taste

Orange slice, lemon slice, or seasonal fruits, for garnish

Cherry, for garnish

What's not to like?

Midjourney, DeviantArt face lawsuit over AI-made art

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Re: I hope they have a case

As I understand the law (IANAL etc.) the photographing of an out of copyright painting is controlled by the premises. The photograph has its own copyright but who holds it depends upon the agreement made. I don't know the legal position of a surreptitiously taken photograph. There is a copyright but it may have been ceded to the gallery under the general conditions of entry.

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Re: I hope they have a case

Sun Flowers may be out of copyright but was the photograph that was scraped also in the public domain?

Chinese researchers' claimed quantum encryption crack looks unlikely

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Chinese make a claim; Americans say they're full of it.

Colour me shocked while the American government trows away their five dollar wrench and drugs.


Oh, no: The electric cars at CES are getting all emotional

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Re: "buttons replaced with touchscreens"

In terms of road safety this is a retrograde step. It is compounded by the sheer incompetence of the touch screen user interface. The tenth circle of hell is too good for the "engineers" who design these abominations.

Adobe Says:

The UI design principals are:

Place users in control of the interface

Make it comfortable to interact with a product

Reduce cognitive load

Make user interfaces consistent

AI conference and NYC's educators ban papers done by ChatGPT

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MS Got There First

"It look like you are writing a conference paper.

Would you like help?"

RIP Clippy, please, forever, eternity.

Apple jacks up Mac, iPhone, iPad battery replacement fees

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Re: Fees

Even my pacemaker?

Patients wrongly told they've got cancer in SMS snafu

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Re: And why did they even think about spamming people with a Christmas message anyway?

I think the message that they wanted to send was "We'll be shut over Christmas so ring 111 and hope you get an answer."

The "Happy Christmas" was just window dressing. A very sad sate of affairs.

Citizen Coder? Happiness Concierge? Here come 2023's business cards

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Re: You are Steve Bong

We trained hard—but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form up into teams we were reorganized. I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet any new situation by reorganizing, and what a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress while actually producing confusion, inefficiency, and demoralization.

Petronius Arbiter

India sets USB-C charging deadline for smartphones

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Re: So much for "Brexit freedoms" eh ?

Yes, I'll have one on those one yard, no feet and three and a bit inches leads please.

Intel settles to escape $4b patent suit with VLSI

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Re: "investigate the validity of the company's patents"

Surely the USPTO will grant a patent for "A Perpetual Motion Machine on a Mobile"?

London cops break into gallery to rescue lifelike art installation

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Re: Well done to the officers involved

It the police action is reasonable in the eyes of the man on the Kowloon omnibus then it is an insurance claim.

America's nuclear fusion 'breakthrough' is super-hot ... yet far from practical

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Re: Just place a whole lot of them in a circle

Oops! I mean £350 million per week.

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Just place a whole lot of them in a circle

You are a Remoaner and I claim my five Euros!

The IT decision-maker that really matters? Your pet

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Re: SmartThings for pets

At one time it was common "knowledge" that dog food adverts included a high pitched tone to attract Rover's attention. To be beyond human hearing it would have been far above the TV speakers capability. I suppose some clever heterodyne mixing could work, by accident or design?

Uncle Sam needs novel memory for nuke sims. So why did it choose Intel?

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Re: The WOPR was right

"Very much a "we'll all go down together" situation. Not Israel, everybody."


And we will all go together when we go.

What a comforting fact that is to know.

Universal bereavement,

An inspiring achievement,

Yes, we all will go together when we go.


Tom Lehrer

Italy, Japan, UK to jointly launch sixth-gen fighter jet by 2035

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Re: What I really want to know

HAL, what could possibly go wrong?

Twitter tries to lure brands back with spend-matching scheme

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Re: Of course

Get in line in that processional,

Step into that small confessional.

There the guy who's got religion'll

Tell you if your sin's original.

If it is, try playin' it safer,

Drink the wine and chew the wafer,

Two, four, six, eight,

Time to transubstantiate!

Tom Lehrer (Vatican Rag)

DoJ worries messaging apps could hide evidence of crime, corruption

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Re: As used by Government Ministers in the UK

(only problem is that they're a fortnightly publication)

That's nearly two prime ministers!

(Note for El Reg Standards Bureau.)

Facebook approved 75% of ads threatening US election workers

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"to pay moderate staff adequately"

I think they are nouning a verb.

"to pay moderator staff adequately" ?

Telecoms networks could provide next-gen GPS services without the need for satellites

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Re: increased positioning accuracy is deemed to be worth the cost

... this location requirement is obviously based on a commercial decision.


Meta's Cicero chatbot can probably beat you at Diplomacy

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Perhaps we should acquire a copy and put it to use on the Brexit negotiations?

'Pig butchering' romance scam domains seized and slaughtered by the Feds

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"Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all


Groucho Marx

DraftKings gamblers lose $300,000 to credential stuffing attack

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Re: "only about 15 percent of people use strong and unique passwords"

You have eight fingers and two thumbs. I don't know of a finger print authentication needing more than one print out side immigration or seriously secure factories or offices. You have nine spares, just cut the used digit off to prevent a mistake. It will also be an incentive to take more care of your biometrics.

Intel reveals pay-to-play Xeon features with software-defined silicon

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Re: Jesus Christ

In the case of the power of a car, the fee for the upgrade could be considered as a warranty against the greater probability of something breaking due to use of the increased horsepower. Similarly the extra cost of an extended range Tesla is a sensible hedge against early battery failure.

However, an extra charge for fitted capabilities that have no bearing on reliability is just an excuse to milk the buyer.