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Women of Infosec call bullsh*t on RSA's claim it could only find one female speaker


Re: Stop the bullshit ladies

Do you have any sources for those supposed benefits?

Because I hear it referenced all the time, but if you dig into it they can't be found. What *can* be found is that quality suffers once gender (and ethnic) quotas are applied (consciously or unconsciously).

The only diversity that are proven to have positive effects is intellectual diversity (which *may* correlate with other characteristics, but isn't guaranteed to), but looking at how Damore was treated at Google and other such instances this is clearly not a goal that's been set in ICT.

So I object to the use of the word "diversity", true diversity is clearly not the goal. It's only a very few specific (coincidentally high-paying) fields in which this celebrated "diversity" is supposedly immensely important (because reasons, y'know). But nobody cares about there being no women in garbage collection and "diversity" is suddenly completely unimportant when it concerns fields in which women are the vast majority.

I call BS on "diversity". This diversity BS reads exactly like a religious person that tries to justify their beliefs with science.

If you want to believe that making sure there are just as much vaginas as there are penises in high-paying fields because you think it's *morally* wrong to not do so, no matter the costs or negative impact to society, then that's fine of course. But then own it and be honest about the fact that it's an ideological belief and stop deluding yourself (and others) that it's compatible with meritocracy.

A meritocracy only works when people are treated as individuals and are evaluated by their work and skill set. Someone's genitals, skin colour, sexuality, religion, etc. should not factor in at all.

And while there's evidence to support that individualism and meritocracy are also positive for society, I'm also happy to simply state that I believe factoring in any characteristics that do not directly influence the (physical or mental) capacity to do the job at hand or otherwise treating people as a group they belong to based on some irrelevant characteristic (collectivism) is immoral and it shouldn't be done, no matter the costs or negative impact to society.


Re: This is a massive problem...

I fail to see why this is a "massive problem". The exact opposite is the case in garbage collection, child care, oil drilling and practically all of the social sciences.

And besides that, explain to me what having a vagina brings to the table in terms of the content or quality of a keynote? What exactly *is* the problem?

Verizon outage borks phones, TVs, internet for hapless East Coast folk


Re: Inability to call emergency services

National roaming is also available as a service from some providers for emergency services. I absolutely need maximum coverage for my work, so my phone w/ national roaming always picks (and gets to use) the strongest/nearest tower, regardless of the network.

It *is* expensive as hell (but work pays, so who cares), but coverage is excellent and the battery in my phone lasts at least twice as long since it needs less power to transmit.

The telco's could easily offer everyone this service if they could agree on a traffic swap as with internet peering. But noooo, they all need to invent the imperfect wheel apparently.

Cisco posts kit to empty houses to dodge NSA chop shops


Re: @Trevor Don't buy US kit

THANK YOU! I agree with this 100%

Americans will keep waving their little American flags all the while their country descends into a corporate theocracy (probably shouting "Freedom, fuck yeah!" too). We as foreigners can only hope they implode quickly at this point.


CPU's are suspect too. Security researchers are buying Russian 486DX clones from the 90's, since that's believed to be the last known processor that isn't tampered with. Prices on these have skyrocketed.

Any newer CPU can be tampered with in undetectable ways.

See: https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2013/09/surreptitiously.html

Kaspersky claims to have found NSA's 'space station malware'


Re: The beginning of the end for Windows

We will never know whether heartbleed was an honest mistake or a vulnerability. NSA can (and probably is) inserting vulnerabilities in lots of open source stuff that can reasonably be explained away as mistakes.

Some of these will sit in the code for years until they are found. Open source has some serious weaknesses.

Check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwcl17Q0bpk

And remember that this is from BEFORE heartbleed and some other major vulnerabilities in openssl were found. It's almost prophetic :)

Queen's Speech: Computer Misuse Act to be amended, tougher sentences planned


Re: WTF are 'paedophilic manuals'?

This has some pretty good arguments why those laws never should have existed in the first place (and its not because CP is good):