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UK Prime Minister, Catalan groups 'targeted by NSO Pegasus spyware'


Re: England far better than Spain

it is different, spanish regions do not have powers to invoque a referendum. it has been ruled inconstitutional, the regional gob went ahead with the referendum against the splicit orders of the judiciary. they thus missued funds and institutions for an illegal purpose: trying to subvert the institutions. you forget that they were pardoned later by the leftist gob that now rules in coalition with the comunists and independentists.


Re: Who said it was illegal?

It was confirmed that they were wiretaped with judicial authorization in the investigation of the separatist attempt. they were found gilty but later pardoned by the new socialist gob, yes the same that is supported by independentists nowadays.

Happy Thursday! 770 MEEELLLION email addresses and passwords found in yuge data breach


Any clue as to what websites/services have been compromised.

I need to know what passwords i need to change....

Bong Ventures LLC: We've been cyberhacked


WaT ?? TheReg is becoming increasingly cryptical to read. Is this a /sarc newspice?

If you installed Windows 10 and like privacy, you checked the defaults, right? Oh dear


Coming soon: hackers break in into microsoft cloud storage. Personal data from billions of users at risk!.

What could possibly go wrong.jpg

Bitcoin can't be owned, says Japanese court, as Karpeles sweats in cell


Re: Is it or isn't it?

Mtgox was operating a fractional reserve bitcoin banking, at the same time that it was being robbed blind.

Think of it as a bank that was hacked by some user and they started to empty the atms, in this case the banknotes were the "real bitcoins" and what Mtgox has left are bitcoin promises.

When cash is King, mobile money means economic freedom


i though i will not be around to see the day theregister stops bashing bitcoin, looks like this day has come.

Microsoft BEATS Apple, Google ... to accepting limited Bitcoin payments


Re: My currency lives in the cloud!

bitreserve.org they allow you to hold bitc like euros, $ or gold, and spend it like bitcoins when you want.

How Bitcoin could become a super-sized Wayback Machine


Re: Familiar

Exactly is free net, but now that they can't mine bitcoins with botnets, because of lack of processing power they said, we got a lot of free disk space...

Now, for data buy namecoins, not a scamcoin. see namecoin.info supported by the same processing power than bitcoin.