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FCC clicks off the safety, fires at America's great cable TV box rip-off


Re: Cheep....

Re: the FCC mandate only applies to local terrestrial broadcast stations

I also receive some 20+ international stations via a broadcaster who re-broadcasts satellite including RT...CCC (China)...SKorea...Blue (Singapore).. etc. Free and without commercials

Thus I do not have to suffer through the corporate controlled MSM non-news,

Yes... I live in a major metropolitan area...and am aware of the terrestrial and weather problems with OTA



I use an "over-the-air" antenna.... thus do not subscribe to any of the cable trash...

Granted I do not receive some of the proprietary commercial garbage....

FYI... for those of you on the other side of the pond... The FCC requires all tv stations to broadcast "over-the-air".

"over-the-air" reception is limited to distance from the broadcast antenna, although I am able to receive stations within a 50 mile radius

An "over-the-air" antenna currently sells for under US$20 and uses no power....

All current model tv have the capability for receiving "over-the-air" network broadcasting

I pay a minimal fee for internet and a separate minimal fee for telephone...

Ahmed's clock wasn't a bomb, but it blew up the 'net and Zuckerberg, Obama want to meet him


What I want to know is why the Principal, teacher and police involved have not all been arrested for possessing a potential bomb...

FYI...all were probably wearing wrist watches... plus probably every room in the school probably has a clock on the wall.

Any and all clocks and wrist watches can quickly be turned into bomb timing devices just by removing the crystal (clock face) and attaching one wire to a "hand" with the other wire attach at the time the bomb is to go off. When the hand with the wire meets the fixed wire the circuit is closed....

Thus all involved should have been arrested for having a potentially dangers device on their body.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid: Half-pint composite for the urban jungle


Re: What about battery life

Should be no problem..... I have a 10 year old 2nd generation Prius with 174,000 miles..

No problems with the drive battery.... Toyota has their Hybrid technology under control unlike others...

But the fob battery only lasts 2 years and the conventional 12v battery should be replaced every 5-6 years.

Facebook unveils P2P moola-to-mates payment feature


Re: Yes... I believe him.

and I still believe in the Tooth Fairy

Big Blue's biggest mainframe yet is the size of a fridge


Mainframes are dead are they?

The most practical computer ever marketed was the UNIVAC II....vintage 1958-66....

Being water cooled we were able to chill 2 cases of beer in the water tank without impacting the system.. Looks like one could not find the space to chill a single bottle let alone a six-pack in z/13

Verizon wants to sell 'antiquated' copper assets, stick to wireless for voice


Verizon's Bottom Line

The obvious reason is that land line is analog and the big ears at nsa can only handle digital.Thus, for verizon, land line is a lost revenue stream as verizon cannot sell your land line conversations to the nsa.

'How a censorious and moralistic blogger ruined my evening'


Re: And given Hamlet's mommy issues, maybe he could be the "Swede motherfucker"?

At the mouth of Helsingoer: Sound between Denmark and Sweden, the cannons at Hamlet's Kronborg castle's fortress are still aimed at Sweden.

Big shadowy orgs should stop scooping up everyone's personal info – say Google, Facebook


who would believe him?

The Tooth Fairy...

Apple, Google take on Main Street in BONKING-FOR-CASH struggle

Big Brother

he promised it would simplify the way people pay for goods and services,


Cash is still the simplest way to pay for anything and it keeps your purchases along with where and when you shop being no one's business but your own along with reducing being inundated with unwanted annoying pop-up web advertisements.

I have a problem understanding why people want to give up all their privacy, not only in their financial transactions but also in their personal life..e.g. facebook, twitter, instagram, etc etc.... where they feel compelled to broadcast to the world every time they manage to scratch their left buttock with their right hand along with the need to include a selfy to prove that they have done so.

Maybe I am old fashioned... preferring to enjoy my personal privacy, but I find that these toys have led to the dumbing down of people.... leaving me to scratch my head in wonder when in the cereal isle of the supermarket observing someone on their smartphone calling to find out which box of cornflakes to purchase.

Yes... I do have plastic... one of each... to use for on-line and telephone purchases along with "pay-at-the-pump" for gasoline and use checks to pay bills received in the mail/post...

Microsoft EU warns: If you have ties to the US, Feds can get your data

Big Brother

Re: But, but, if you've done nothing wrong . . . ?

In ameeriKAH's 4th Reich you are guilty until proven guilty

Jeff Bezos rolls up another $437m, lights Amazon's cigar with it


Re: Business model

Nothing new... Just plain old fashion creative accounting...

Decades ago when employed by a very profitable corporation composed of 14 divisions with over 120,000 full time employees, before each new fiscal year a group of us drones would meet at corporate headquarters to determine which divisions would loose money for tax purposes in the following year. The most common accounting tool we used was inter-division billing where the designated loosing divisions would be billed for services and materials at inflated prices resulting in paper losses.

Apple SILENCES Bose, YANKS headphones from stores


Beats or Bose

Personally, I will stick with B&O from Denmark. Maybe a bit pricey, but quality gear producing true high fidelity sound and made by people who are paid a real wage.

Uber, Lyft and cutting corners: The true face of the Sharing Economy


we'll be in self-driving cabs.

Past tense...... Self-driving cabs are already here..... ZIP cars has been around for years...

Drive yourself and have reserved parking spaces all over the city. ZIP cars have GPS to guide you to your destination when you are not familiar with the area. You pay a fixed rate for usage by the hour, day or week along with an annual or monthly nominal subscription fee.

I do not know about London, but in the Washington DC area ZIP cars are ubiquitous to the point where even the U.S. government has recently contracted with ZIP cars for use by government employees.


Re: IR35

Re: "The milk delivery companies do the same."

You can add FedEX as they do the same in the U.S., plus their drivers have to pay for their uniforms.

I do not know about other countries, but probably the same where they can get away with screwing their "independent contractor" employees

Moneymen dash to hand cash to storage upstarts


Moneymen dash to hand cash to storage upstarts

Reminds me of the late 1960's to early 1970's before the Service Bureau bubble burst.

New EU data chief: 'We share common targets with the United States'


what data-protection rights do Americans have, exactly?

The answer is simple.....NONE....

Between ameeriKAH's federal agencies scooping up every cellphone call, internet browse and on-line purchase along with google, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc etc. profiling users to sell advertising, there is no personal privacy in ameeriKAH's 4th Reich.

NAKED CELEBRITY PICS LAW BOMB dropped on ad giant Google


$100m+ grief

What is all the fuss...???

$100m is only petty cash compared to the bank roll tucked away in greedy google's Irish stash.....

As bankruptcy looms for RadioShack, we ask its chief financial officer... oh. He's quit


Radio Shack... A bit of history as best I remember

Radio Shack was founded in Boston Massachusetts in 1945 or 46 selling U.S. government surplus new and used WWII military electronic equipment, components, assemblies and related supplies to the "do-it-yourself" crowd.

The two original stores were a treasure trove of bins and shelves overflowing with new and used components and complete items where one would rummage through the disorganized mix and then when finding something that one could use on a project or experiment with, ignore the price tag and negotiate a price.

By the mid-1950's, as the supply of WWII military surplus became exhausted, Radio Shack expanded to stocking and selling new electronics, components and complete...assemble yourself... kits.

Sometime in the late 1960's the founder sold out to Tandy and the rest is history.

Snowden never blew a whistle, US spy boss claims


Re: KerryTruth®. So nourishing you absolutely want to hear more of it!™

Re: " what kind of black magic they use to keep his brain alive?

Heinz Ketchup.... of course...


Re: The constitution: A trivial legal matter.

President GW Bush....."Stop throwing the Constitution in my face..... It's just a goddamned piece of paper!"