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Trump bans Feds from contracting H-1B workers and makes telehealth the new normal


Re: Now I get it!

TikTok ships personal information to the Chinese Communist government. When owned by Microsoft, that won't happen. TikTok should be shunned by all thinking Americans until it is owned and operated by an American. Even then, it should be closely watch. All social media should be closely watched. Only thing is America can't do anything about a social media platform that is owned by an enemy of America. HOWEVER, America does have the power to block all communication of goods, services, or information at the border and examine it before allowing it to pass. Furthermore, it has the power tax all such communications.

Huawei's defiant spinning top says Chinese vendor can cope with renewed US sanctions


Perhaps other countries should inflict on all Chinese companies (Huawei included) the same restrictions China imposed on Americans. First Huawei must give to the governments of all countries with whom Huawei wants to do business, open access to all Huawei intellectual property. Second, we all must be able to see into their bookkeeping, financial records and investments. What's goose for the good is also gander for the good.

Who needs malware? IBM says most hackers just PowerShell through boxes now, leaving little in the way of footprints


Users versus Administrators

Users should be able to use PS scripts and write programs. Perhaps they should also digitally sign them to prevent anonymous scripts coming in and stealing their stuff. A two step process to sign any executable (script or binary) might prove invaluable to all.


Not true

Powershell has the ability to dynamically attach to and use any shared library on a Windows (desktop or server) machine. I am unaware of any Linux or Unix shell that has such a powerful facility.

The article's suggestion of using only digitally signed scripts when in super user mode is the best solution to my knowledge. That would put a stop to all this nonsense until the bad guys figure out a way around that. Perhaps all executables should be digitally signed.

IBM is trying to throttle my age-discrimination lawsuit – axed ace cloud salesman


It is a wonder there isn't a class action suit against IBM which would include most employees since before 2000. Age descrimination was pointed out to me by manager in 2004 or so.

IBM's Ginni Rometty snipes, er, someone for being irresponsible with data, haven't a clue who


Re: Interesting omission

You come into my store and buy something with your credit card. Are you saying I can't record your name, your photo and what you bought? Privacy is a two way street. What you do in public can be recorded with or without your permission. What you do on my premises I can record without your permission.

Golden State passes gold-standard net neutrality bill by 58-17


There were no differences during the period of NN under the Obama Administration. Tell us all again, exactly what problem CA's NN law will solve.

So net neutrality has officially expired. Now what do we do?


Net Neutrality is a red herring

Net neutrality to the ISP is price fixing by the government. It addresses a non-existent problem. It is a tiny insignificant thing compared to Facebook, Google and Twitter already controlling content and removing content that does not comport to Zuckerberg, Brin, Page and Dorsey. The ISP's never sinned, yet the progressives want to throttle them FB, Google and Twitter sin daily have been doing that for years and the progressives are OK with that. Could that be because Zuckerberg, Brin, Page and Dorsey are all of the progressive persuasion?

Donald Trump's tweets: Are they presidential statements or not?


The world for the first time in human history can hear spontaneous statements from a world leader. If anyone things worse statements have never been made by American or any other leaders, they are sadly mistaken. Had we hear the private unrehearsed words of Hitler, Roosevelt(s), Mao, Kennedy, LBJ, Reagan, and WJC, we would all universally recognize that this POTUS is different in a far better way. Sadly, this makes no sense to millennial's or leftist ideologues. It would be nice if Americans could discuss problems in society and ways to address them within the confines of the rule-of-law and the US Constitution.

Today's America does not support such an endeavor.

IBM offloads Notes and Domino to India's HCL Technologies


Re: Jesus, is Notes still going?

Yes, we all used it, but few liked/loved it. I don't recall any of my Programmer's newsletter readers shouting the accolades of Notes. It was good, but not great and the Notes team never did innovate sufficiently to interest the Internet world. Some of the technical folks in Notes-land were brilliant, but IBM's conservative product views on introducing innovation stymied success in every product that had a human interface. IBM was and continues to be incompetent when it comes to dealing with individual customers -- the public.


Re: Jesus, is Notes still going?

Yes, we all used it, but few were happy with it. I don't recall any of my newsletter readers shouting its accolades. Notes wasn't bad, but it wasn't in any way innovative. I am a former IBM-er Notes user too.

Big blues: IBM's remote-worker crackdown is company-wide, including its engineers


I fondly remember the days when IBM thought working at home was a great idea, both for employees, managers and even a VP in the Software division. I knew they had no clue about teamwork then, and today, they demonstrate no more understanding of teamwork.

You can't trust news on Facebook – and (once again) you can't trust its web ad metrics


Zuckerberg wants to filter news feeds

Recently (this past week - 2016-12-19) Zuckerberg announced his intentions to harm those sites that far left *fact checking organizations* deem faux news. Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO) is pretty much of the same mindset as is Page and Brin. These enterprises have no physical substance. If they all went out of business tomorrow, the world would not be significantly harmed. Facebook, Twitter and Google are the Tulip Mania of the 21st century. All are built on a foam of "advertising" -- a foam that ought to be washed away, in my view.

Are there alternative news-feeds where an owner (e.g. Zuckerberg) does NOT want to inflict his views on the world? [Even today, Zuckerberg is speaking with the ChiCom's about his new "filter" that would allow the ChiCom's to find and arrest people who disagree with the government. Will he use that tool in France, Iran, UK and the USA? Zuckerberg desperately wants to re-enter the Chinese Communist ("ChiCom") market after being kicked out a number of years ago. He will do anything to achieve that goal. ] I know of none.

Microsoft Cortana EULA contains the Greatest Disclaimer of ALL TIME


The comment dialogue pretty much describes the state-of-the-art for Cortana, Siri and Robin. The collection of personal data is a two edged sword. I cannot control that other edge. Hence, everything I tell my 'iphone' I expect to show up in the New York Times gossip pages.


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