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New IETF draft reveals Egyptians invented pyramids to sharpen razor blades


Well, i knew it

Laugh all you want, but the quartz in the chambers, the positioning and the electrical conductivity of the pyramids suggested all along they could vibrate to supersonic speeds, almost as if they were designed to rub against a metal plate of some sorts. I think you all are underestimating the importance of keeping one's lawn well trimmed when you are an alien millions of light years away from the closest intergalactic convenience store.

Diary of a report writer and his big break into bad business


This hit a nerve

Somehow reading this made me upset. PTSD i guess...

Eggheads confirm it's not a bug – the universe really is expanding 9% faster than expected



All theese years not able to fully explain the universe and wasting millions of dollars. We should just accept the earth is flat and use the money to build a giant ladder to the roof of the planet. Obama knew this, thats why he funded all the sciences, because he was ordered by the muslim illuminatis to do so in order to hide the truth

Town admits 'a poor decision was made' after baseball field set on fire to 'dry' it more quickly



The article failed to mention the fire had the potential to spread and cause an uncontrollable forest fire. Thankfully this was prevented because there were people raking around the fire.

Can't get pranked by your team if nobody in the world can log on


Back in the day i built my desk out of two wooden file racks and a glass table top in between. I had a CRT and a LCD that where too big to sit side by side so i added a piece of plywood to the top and screwed the LCD upside down from its base. it looked and worked great, and was even somewhat more comfortable to work with.

Hundreds of thousands of engine immobilisers hackable over the net


Re: why the mike?

i am the developer in a gps tracking company. Most of the gps tracking systems work using an embedded GSM module, which means you can call the tracker using your cellphone and receive a sms with the current position and speed of your vehicle. Sometimes clients want to know if the driver has a hitchiker in the cabin, thus the microphone capability. However, The microphone is not embedded into the device, it is a separate accessory.

Actually gps tracking systems are pretty weakly secured, pretty much any gps tracking devices i have worked with had no security whatsoever enabled. Its not that it doesnt have the capability, its just that nobody takes the time to configure the tracker correctly. Same goes for the servers. They pretty much accept anything they receive trough an specified tcp or udp port, try to extract position and then save the whole string of data as-is onto a database, which leaves them wide open for sql injections

Hold the front page: Spain's anti-Google lobbyists lobby for Google News return


Re: Weird

you're forgetting ipv6... BTW, how do you subnet ipv6 anyway?

Valve says no Steam Machines until 2015, fingers crossed


Re: That isn't a Steam issue.

Steam Family and friends sharing was created exactly for that purpose. nowdays you can share any of your 50 games to up to 5 other steam accounts and they can play it all they want as long as you (the owner) are not playing THAT particular game.

Its not a well documented feature and a little awkward to use, since you first need to log in with your steam ID on your friend's computer, then authorize that computer acces to your games, then have him log back into his account.

While its not exactly freedom, it works just fine for the 1.8 children and each of their's 3.25 best friends.

Personally im worried about consumer confusion over dozens of diferent brands of steam machines, its really easy for the non-tech savy consumer to shun steam machines completely because they bought the cheapest possible steam machine they could get, and it ran games like crap.


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