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Profs: Facebook, Twitter users are lazy, thick, amoral

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Cum Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

Slackers spend more time on Facebook, therefore Facebook causes people to be slackers? Well, quite. In other news, all mackrel are fish, all fish live under water, therefore if I order kippers it won't rain.

Free eco-friendly font saves ink and toner

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Good Stuff

Finally, a way to make regular 11pt text look blurry and indistinct while simultaneously making me look like I'm too cheap to splash out on toner! Much better than just switching my default font to #444444, obviously.

King Arthur was English 'propaganda', French claim



There's about as much evidence for King Arthur as there is for that Jesus fellow. And both claimed they'd be back one day. Let's see who gets here first; my money's on the Brit!

Incidentally, Bernard Cornwell wrote a pretty decent version of the King Arthur story. It's called The Winter King.


Virgin Atlantic site reveals sky-high employee disgruntlement

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Sierra Online

If I recall correctly, games like Space Quest and Leisure Suit Larry used to have a "Boss Key" built in that hid the game and popped up a spreadsheet. Very handy. Glad to see it's spread to the interwebs.

IM represents 'new linguistic renaissance'


It was said best on the Limerick Database...

A preoccupied vegan named Hugh

Picked up the wrong sandwich to chew.

He took a big bite

Before spitting, in fright,


No sense of humour? Avoid Bootnotes

IT Angle


The icon says it all, really.

Armed police swoop on MP3-packing mechanic


Black Devices

Seeing as you appear likely to get the cops called on you for carrying anything black and about the right size (insert penis joke here), do you think we're likely to see a rise in gangsters painting their guns pink to avoid suspicion?

Anyone remember Rule #8?

The first rule of Reg Club is...

IT Angle

The Angle of the Dangle

Well, that's a mystery solved then. All future "what's the IT Angle?" questions can be answered with "it's the angle from which the Shaolin Monks observed Chuck Norris."

Rule 8 observed.

Canadian prof develops drunk-driving sim

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For the Kids

Oh dear. If ever a phrase was code for "it's rubbish", then "This is aimed not at adults, this is aimed at people who are 13 to 16," must be it.

If you make a comment like that, you're aware that adults think your product is ridiculous and/or stupid, and you implicitly assume that teenagers have lower standards of judgement. And then you're well on your way to being those bank executives from the Natwest adverts.

Quick poll: Has anyone here ever met a teenager who couldn't tell when he/she was being patronised?

Aussie politicos in a froth over naval boob jobs


Tagline: Storm, B-cup

Surely since they're in the navy, that should be a C cup? Geddit? Sea cup? No?

Forget the coat, I'm getting my sword. Suicide's the only option after a pun that dreadful.

Church hall bans 'unchristian' yoga for nippers


"...there is nothing that could damage their minds..."

"...there is nothing that could damage their minds..."

Perhaps that's the problem; what's the point of assembling small children in a church if you're *not* planning to damage their minds by filling them up with a faith they're too young to be able to analyse rationally?

That said, it's their church and they can do what they like with it; they were right to give no reason in the initial rejection, because they shouldn't have to justify the decision.

Doctor Who signs up thinking man's crumpet


3 Good Episodes

Tim: The three episodes RTD wrote last season were the first one (space rhinos!), the ridiculous one with the flying cars stuck in traffic, and the three-part finale where the Doctor turns into Dobby the House elf. Hardly gripping viewing.

Meanwhile, the best episode was the one with the weeping angels, written by Steven Moffat from Coupling. Can't we have him instead of RTD and the girl from that ep instead of Catherine Tate?

Indians slip on tobacco-flavoured condom


Business Opportunity

Am I alone in thinking that this is a *fantastic* way for girls (and boys of a certain persuasion) to circumvent the smoking ban hereabouts? ;)