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Big and Blue: IBM boss's wage package shrinks in 2018 on her own recommendation


I would be happy to receive 81% of my target incentive

My target incentive is 12% and I got 1,3% this year which is roughly 11% of my target bonus. I'm an IBMer since 33 years and it's at least 10 years that my annual bonus is that small. I would be happy to get 81% of my target bonus but it seems for the average IBMer the criteria to get your bonus are much tougher than for the CEO.

The Big Blue Chopper video that IBM might want to keep quiet


Ginny is a great ......

..... negotiator. She get's a Heli ride plus Limousine for 75 Pounds. She certainly respect her own rules. Don't you think so?

Security researcher to IBM: 'Fix that 2013 Java bug'


Java - IBM?

I thought Java is developed by Oracle and not IBM?

China ponders ban on IBM servers


Might this finally change Obamas view on the NSA?. As long as only foreign politicians or industries where complaining..... who cares! But now it's US enterprises. Yesterday CISCO, today IBM and I'm sure some more like HP, Oracle, etc. will follow.

This really hurts the US business and I just hope that at least it will lead to more control over NSA activities, who, under the cover of protecting the US, are spying on all and everything in the world. I hope this will slow them down as otherwise the US will face more of this "challenges"