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The FCC has finally, finally approved a half-decent plan to destroy the robocall scourge... but there's a catch


I pay for a cell phone not these robocallers. If they want to call me make all cellphone service free and let them pay for my service. I have complained until I am blue in the face about phone lists being sold to advertisers and then came the robocalls. Verizon finally gave us a filter tool to help, however the texts came after that. I just want a phone to communicate without molestation and frustration. Why is it so hard to achieve?

Mark Zuckerberg did everything in his power to avoid Facebook becoming the next MySpace – but forgot one crucial detail…


Smoke and Mirrors

any good magician will tell you that it is very easy to fool most of us all the time or they would not have a job. I am not young and am somewhat tech savvy, so When people got excited about Myspace, Facebook and others of the sort., I chose not to partake. My rationale was simple- why would I willingly give away my privacy to someone else that I 1.)do not know. 2.)they are not saying what they do with my information and 3.)send me annoying messages all day long that I have to stop an important task to deal with, wasting my time and just irritating me to no end. I realize that I looked backwards and ancient as the fountain pen I still sign checks with when I pay my bills, but I had a quiet phone and I do not use allot of data on my cellphone plan which in turn lowered my cell phone bill and I got to keep more money where it belongs- in my pocket. Then came the leaks of data that compromised so many people that it became an epidemic. Now I look like a genius of the highest order just because I used a little common sense and asked the right questions. Once you see through the flash and look to see if there is any substance(and consequently find none) you go back to your quiet, though boring life thankful that you didn't dodge a bullet you did not have to.

Boffins: Michael Jackson's tilt was a criminally smooth trick


classics are classics

I watched this "kid" on Motown 25 perform Billie Jean and REINVENT the music video. I am not suprised that he invent a way to cheat gravity while performing live. His first four albums are still some of the best music I have ever heard then and since. It is a shame he became a circus show later in life. After he left us a vacuum formed and now music is full of imposters that can't tell if they are tone deaf or not(Taylor Swift) or are all just hype(Katy Perry). Don't get me started on Sucky Dweeber(Bieber). I could go on but this has to end sometime. He is sorely missed and despite the train wreck some of us liked having a once in a century talent around.

Blood spilled from another US high school shooting has yet to dry – and video games are already being blamed


I AM a Texan AND I own multiple firearms and types(yes, even one of those vilified "Assault Weapons") . I own a gun safe and store them in it. I am not a whack job for doing so either. The media is THE PROBLEM is this equation. They splatter the evening news with these stories and hover over the sites in helicopters recording live for hours at each and every shooting, giving the unstable morons the notoriety they crave. I don't see the point in having a full automatic weapon because they consume alot of ammunition. I was raised to respect guns for the fact that they can cause harm and you did not go near it unless told to as a kid. I use my weapons to HUNT and not to KILL PEOPLE. I am trained and come from a military family going back two generations.

For the record the parents should be held accountable as their children are minors. The first question you should ask your self is "Why am I wanting to get a gun, and am I prepared to face the music if I pull the trigger?" If the answer is unclear in ANY WAY, put the gun back and seek another means of resolution, preferably involving the Police. This is the way it SHOULD WORK, but sadly it does not. I am one of the MAJORITY of RESPONSIBLE gun owners that has been raped and vilified by the press because of a very few bad apples and I do not apologize for doing something that is PERFECTLY LEGAL ACCORDING TO THE LAW OF THE LAND.

By the way I have a family member that DIED IN THE ALAMO DURING THE TEXAS REVOLUTION and they could not have done that without firearms. If I look far enough back(and I have not) I probably have a family member in the American Revolution too.

We just approved open carry in Texas and I feel safer than ever on the streets where I drive and live because criminals are RUNNING SCARED in Texas. The Mexican Cartels tread lightly because they are in fear of their lives when they cross the Texas border. The Police scare them and the general populace is armed to the teeth, so they keep a real low profile here. Armed citizens works and deters crime. The liberal news media cannot find any news stories but negative ones because they WANT TO SELL COMMERCIAL AIRTIME ON THEIR CHANNELS! You simply can't seem to get peoples attention without BIG SCARY HEADLINES. The news needs to INFORM and NOT ENTERTAIN. They have become a for profit business and have ruined the balanced model they started out with.

Ford announces plans for mass production of self-driving cars by 2021


Joystick or Game remote

The solution would be in the take control mode to have a popup joystick or app become available for your phone that would allow control AFTER you enter your drivers license number so it can be verified by phone call with the subscription service, or you have to provide your dl number to have the subscription. Insurance still carried by the company though. Maybe a call to emrgency services if things really go wrong Onstar style. think thrustmaster flight stick on a hidden panel. Everybody knows how to use that these days.

Brit censors endure 10-hour Paint Drying movie epic


Golden Globe Award

It will sweep the golden globes in all categories and become known as kubricesk masterpiece.

Bloke cuffed for blowing low-flying camera drone to bits with shotgun

Thumb Up

Na Na Nana Na(not a coward-forgot password)

The thing about "rights" is that you do not have ther right to intrude in other peoples yards, especially i there is a 6 FOOT fence that clearly screams "I want my privacy!!!". The charge of discharging a firearm in a residential neighborhood, well that is hard to argue about. If you operate your drone in such a manner that someone finds issue with it, you should have your expensive MANTOY confiscated and possibly charged with illegal survalence of other people or something along those lines. Learn how to jam such devices instead of going cowboy on them. Hint they are suseptible to uhf disturbances and the best way to do this by a wait for it-Citizens Band hand held radio or another RC toy. I understand the frustration of being charged for the greatly aimed shotgun blast, unless you own your own ranch you cannot do that( the spent shot has to land somewhere) and neighborhoods have those rules for a reason. Drones are no excuse for bad behavior and you should be held responsible for thier use or misuse. Good job standing your ground on the open carry. Nice to see proper application of laws and good supervision by honest police. Good job cops for not trampling a homeownwers rights to his property. Shame on you who own the drone; you got what you had coming!!!

FBI boss: We don't want a backdoor, we want the front door to phones


Look and say AAAHHH!

This Comey copper wantsto get in the front door of every smartphone. I say a loud NO! I am not a criminal and nor will I be treated like one because I own an IPhone or Andriod phone. If he wants to look into the history of my phone get a legally obtained search warrant; then he can see ALL of my information devices right down to my cereal boxes in my pantry, but watch out for those burner passwords I have installed on all my computers. Try to bypass and watch the device go up in digital flames. There was a movie a few years back called "sneakers" that showed the power of this kind of control( for a person in law enforcement this is a wet dream). These kind of people want put the Bill of Rights in an office shredder and burn the shreds. They fear the common man because they know they do not hold the power and will engineer any lengths to get the power. Do you really wanting them to know what brand of toothpaste you use or worse, what your wife wore to bed last night? They want to live through our devices like perverts with a badge and then use it in a court of law to convict you based upon a prosecuters twisted words. JUST SAY NO AND KEEP YOUR FREEDOM! DENY EVEN THE BEGININGS OF TYRANNY!

Experts gathered round corpse of PC market: It's ALIVE! Alive, we tell you


Microsoft is just trying to make money by selling the only thing they can- software. They tried to kill XP by no longer supporting it, but they were too successful for their own good. Windblows Seven is a decent reliable product, but it needs to be able to run more of the old software than it supports. I had a project and had to break out my XP tower to run the software because Seven would not run the device driver. Windsucks 8 is a steaming pile of Fondleslab look alike operating system rejects that needs to be sent back to the factory as a true "lemon". Seven is the only viable alternative beside XP if you actually want your computer to work without falling on its face every other session. Linux/Ubuntu needs to get its apps together for streaming movies, or Netflix needs to allow adobe to play its media. Is it possible to get an OS that just does its job and does not try to control my life or worse give away all my information to venders? At this point we need to go low tech and start using books again because they don't need a Cat 6 wire to be useful and they do not get bsods. The rise of the fountain pen is upon us. The technology is antiquated but it still works better than microchips, but requires a real education on how to actually write on paper and follow a straight line with no spellcheck to save you from your ignorance of the English language. One perk of a writing set is it can be branded to declare to the world who its owner once was. Written correspondence once was the primary form of long distance communication, short of going to your friends door and drinking a glass of tea. I am not a technophobe, but I also learned the old ways of doing things and the purity of taking the time to actually see a friend, not using some form of technology to do it for me and give me a receive and read receipt. That is extremely impersonal and plain inconsiderate. Phones are the alternative to a visit but must be used as a backup. It is truly a shame that social skills have declined so drastically after reaching a zenith in the twentieth century. Please do not criticize me for using twenty dollar words in this blog; if you do not know what they mean-look them up in Mr Websters dictionary- you just might like what you see.

John Chambers sold millions of shares on first day of Cisco Live!


investigation initiated

He sold 20+ million worth of stock and options and reinvested at a lower price with a different option- bravo! The problem is that he is the CEO and has useful information that would help him to make such a trade profit ALMOST guaranteed. That is why the SEC is smelling blood in the water. The timing is almost uncanny and if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. He may be in club fed before long, having long walks of the perimeter fence at sunset. Insider Trading is no game and it almost never goes unnoticed by the watchdogs. 'better have a great lawyer because you're going need flesh-eating ones and they are not cheap


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