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Dead dog floors 68 Namibian villagers

Alain Moran


Hey .. Dion .. come baaaack ... you forgot your coat :D

Ubuntu goes 3-D

Alain Moran

beta version numbers

It never ceases to amaze me that most people cant grasp the idea that version 0.x is in fact a beta pre-release .. I've even had people wondering why an 0.0.x version is still alpha quality ... bah .. lusers, who'd ave em I ask you?

Root-locked Linux for the masses

Alain Moran

Support in general

"and a couple guys who were obviously clueless about the system and basically forced tech support to do their job for them. These guys took up more support than the other 50 together."

Yeh, but that's true the world over ... 98% of my clients are great, they read the fine manual and get on with it ... the other 2% ... bah humbug!

Pirated Simpsons movie traced to phone

Alain Moran

Easy to get a whole movie on a phone..

Go checkout the nokia N91 ... if 4GB isnt enough for you checkout the niftily titled "N91 8GB"

'Mystery ailment' smites Saudi camels

Alain Moran


Reminds me of that ancient curse

"My your camel suffer the staggers, and your tent blow away in the wind"

Anyone seen any flying tents?

Boffins flick Quantum vacuum switch from suck to blow

Alain Moran


"Theoretical physicists at the University of St Andrews"


"according to calculations done by physicists in the UK. Ulf Leonhardt and Thomas Philbin of the University of St Andrews reckon that the repulsive force may even be strong enough to levitate a tiny mirror"


So they haven't actually done this, they have just worked out a way to make the equations say it can be done ... shame.

German hurls computer from apartment block

Alain Moran

Jean Loius Gasse?

Whats the betting this bloke used to work for Be Inc? They're well known for chucking electronic objects off of tall(ish) buildings ;D



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