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The future of radio may well be digital, but it won't survive on DAB



There's more stations than BBC6 on DAB?

Wannabe W1 DOW-er faked car crash to track down reg plate's owner


Why didn't he just fill in form v888? Ok there would still have to be a slight bending of the truth to submit (err car was parked on my private charge you £30 an hour carpark), but getting the police involved for a simple DVLA form?

'Suspicious' BGP event routed big traffic sites through Russia


Re: How many misroutings went through the USA or UK?

My bad, GCHQ not langley.


Re: How many misroutings went through the USA or UK?

We did, and yes they were.

Pastry in a manger: We're soz, Greggs man said


Re: Jesus backwards

Jesus backwards is sausage.

God Jesus backwards is sausage dog!

Energy firm points to hackers after Kiev power outage


The installed a smart meter

HMRC IT cockup misses nearly 1m Scottish taxpayers for devo PAYE letters


Lloyds TSB failed to do this when they split, so why should the Scottish government be any different?

Slightly disgruntled still that my local branch is in Carlisle.

Beeb flings millions more £s at Capita for telly tax collection


Which other utilities

Which other utility companies do you not have to inform when you don't have a contract to use their services. It appears that the BBC stand alone in this.

Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phablets recalled immediately


UK Phone not just on pre-order

They've also been delivered.

Mine arrived last week from Three along with the Gear VR headset.

Mass redundancy marathon nearly over at HP


Long long years.

This has been going on every quarter since 2008. That's a long 3 1/2 years.

Unions mull appetite for HP strike action over 16k job cull


Unions have it wrong.

Exhausted the voluntary redundancy staff they have not. I know of many people biding their time watching their payouts increase on a monthly basis. Here's a guaranteed cheque for 10's of thousands, just keep waiting and the pot keeps growing.