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As Twitter blocks white supremacists posing as anti-fascists, FBI appeal is flooded with images of cop violence

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: 108,000 killed by Antifa

According to The Oxford Dictionary's Word of the Year 2017 Shortlist, it only became relevant that year.

"The term Antifa has emerged from relative obscurity to become an established part of the English lexicon over the course of 2017, with media attention to the controversial brand of radical leftism now a regular feature in reports on activism across the political spectrum."

Bite me? It's 'byte', and that acronym is Binary Interface Transfer Code Handler

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"if you got here you're fucked"

Yep, we were....

Nokia's reboot of the 5310 is a blissfully dumb phone that will lug some mp3s about just fine

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if you download then somewhere else and store them in the sd card, sure. (RTFA, it doesn't do wi-fi)

This'll make you feel old: Uni compsci favourite Pascal hits the big five-oh this year

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I had a course subject entirely based on the "Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs" book. Unsurprisingly it was called "Algorithms & Data Structures"

Software bug in Bombardier airliner made planes turn the wrong way

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MiguelC Silver badge

Re: Brilliant programming

Ah, the famous "it's not a bug, it's a feature" approach.

Lots of (mainly) junior devs tried that on me, to varying degrees of unsuccess.

AR flop Magic Leap's 'pivot' spins CEO right off his throne

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Re: Golden cushion

He is an artist. A con artist, but an artist anyway.

Surprise! That £339 world's first 'anti-5G' protection device is just a £5 USB drive with a nice sticker on it

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Re: Take Yer Pick...

Why pick one, it's usually more of an all-or-nothing approach

Record-breaking Aussie boffins send 44.2 terabits a second screaming down 75km of fiber from single chip

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Re: Actually it's even more impressive

“We used a next-generation optical modulation format with 500 gigabits-per-second per wavelength. With the 80 micro-comb wavelengths, this combined to form an optical super-channel, which added up to 40 terabits per second,” Corcoran said.

Honest question: how can they achieve 44Tbps with 80 500Mbps wavelengths? Arithmetic didn't change, AFAIK...

Das reboot: That's the only thing to do when the screenshot, er, freezes

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Re: Yes, Daily, or even hourly!

I used to deal with a user who regularly sent me scanned copies of printed PDF documents generated by the application they used, even after I showed them the "send as attachment" option...

(we need an icon for "not the sharpest tool...")

Linux desktop org GNOME Foundation settles lawsuit with patent troll

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I hope it's a good result

I really hope they didn't, but nowhere in the article does it say that they didn't pay for the patent licensing.

Call me sceptical, but the third and second-last paragraphs describe what they raised for this and what they seem to have negotiated in return...

Capture the horrors of war in razor-sharp quality with this ruggedised Samsung phone – or just lob it at enemy forces

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MiguelC Silver badge

"military version"

Will it prevent users from installing Strava, Polar and that beer-rating app then?

It's, it's, a red-and-blue striped golfing umbrella... Facebook teaches its online tat bazaar to auto-identify stuff for sale

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Re: "even if they should somehow resist the temptation to monetise"


Got any other good ones?

SAP proves, yet again, that Excel is utterly unkillable

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A long time ago (in a galaxy far far different from the one we live in now) as I was bored of my job I did a BMP and JPG pixel to Excel cell mapper just for fun.

Best of all, it wasn't completely pointless, as I got to know the innards of JPG compression.

Huawei's defiant spinning top says Chinese vendor can cope with renewed US sanctions

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Re: France's ongoing "digital sovereignty" policy, or "souverainete numerique"

If you're going to put in the French original to the English translation (although it's a literal translation, no need for the original there), you should at least write it correctly "souveraineté numérique" (yes, accentuation does change the way words sound)

Indonesia imposes 10% digital services tax

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Donald Trump and "handled very delicately" do not go together, is there even one example of the opposite?

Beer gut-ted: As many as '70 million pints' spoiled during coronavirus pandemic must be destroyed in Britain

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"McClarkin urged the government to provide more support for brewers and pubs in the form of (...) deferment of beer duty"

But, but, that's just the reason it's going bad -- if only we'd all done our beer duty, there would no beer left!

Mirror mirror on the wall, why will my mouse not work at all?

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Re: obvious

I've told a tale of exactly the same problem, about a time I was teaching a basic computer intro courses for people who -mostly- never had used computers before

Hey, there's nothing wrong about not knowing something (at least if you learn from your errors)

Ampere, Nvidia's latest GPU architecture is finally here – spanking-new acceleration for AI across the board

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Re: OK ok so it's fast

I bet NVidia will soon start marketing their brand new "Personal nuclear power plants (TM)"

Meteorite's tiny secrets reveal Solar System's sodium-rich, alkaline liquid past – a clue to formation of life

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Re: sorry to be pedantic

There's also a quote mentioning "biotic life"

Don't know any other kind, as biotic literally means relating to or resulting from living organisms (as opposed to abiotic, which is devoid of life)

Wanna be a developer? Your coworkers want to learn Go and like to watch, er, Friends and Big Bang Theory

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"And only three per cent of those working more than 60 hours a week were unhappy"

Maybe they're too exhausted to feel unhappy? I remember when I was doing those kind of hours (well, a bit more) and weekends (or just sundays) were mostly to sleep it off...

About that pony, I guess I still have some space on the balcony :)

'We're changing shift, and no one can log on!' It was at this moment our hero knew server-lugging chap had screwed up

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Re: 1990s banking / No-one was allowed near the IT or comms rooms, even managers

Well, yes and no.. In the office I was working on the Y2K thingy the IT and comms room was properly bolted down requiring a keycard and pin for access and no one there (we were all analysts and developers) had access.

One day some higher up realized that, just to change the daily backup tape, an IT minion had to do a daily trip from the main offices across town for that 1-minute job.

I was then chosen to do the job, so got access to the forbidden room. But I guess my bosses gathered I would never even think about taking any Cisco switch for a walk...

Singapore releases the robot hounds to enforce social distancing in parks

MiguelC Silver badge

Approaches lone jogger

"You must stand 6 ft apart."

"You have 20 seconds to comply."

"You have 10 seconds to comply."


What do you call megabucks Microsoft? No really, it's not a joke. El Reg needs you

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Re: Got to be something about Clippy

Clippity McClippyFace?

Uber, Lyft struck by sue-ball, no, sue-meteorite in California after insisting their apps' drivers aren't employees

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Re: Contracting...

Except that in this case if a contractor is reclassified as an employee, they gain all employee benefits (as well as obligations). Unlike IR35.

Baby Diesel? Little d'Artagnan? There is another child of Musk in the world

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It has been 20 years since cybercrims woke up to social engineering with an intriguing little email titled 'ILOVEYOU'

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Re: The weakest link

In the software house I was working for at he time, it got in through our beloved IT director's lack of IT literacy. He rose to be the butt of our jokes for some time, probably until someone else's fuck-up...

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: 20 years?

I see your SCA and raise you a CREEPER

Proof-of-concept open-source app can cut'n'paste from reality straight into Photoshop using a neural network

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Re: OK, I'll bite.

You can see it working on the demo, when he copies the book. That image also has a potted plant a little off-centre that's disregarded.

Well deserved pint!

Britain has no idea how close it came to ATMs flooding the streets with free money thanks to some crap code, 1970s style

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Re: Experienced tester.

As much as they might try, developers are never as creative at fucking systems as end-users. And end-users don't need to try to get creative, they just fuck systems up and don't even know how or why

SpaceX's Elon Musk high on success after counting '420' Starlinks in orbit and Frosty the Starship survives cryo test

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Re: This may be a really obvious question.

is that the same as sky-high?

Where were you in drought season? Interstellar comet 2I/Borisov dumped 230 million litres of water as it whizzed through Solar System

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Re: 230,000,000 litres!

Pah! that's just 91.8946 Olympic swimming pools worth of space water

Please, please, use common sense standards!

Airbus and Rolls-Royce hit eject on hybrid-electric airliner testbed after E-Fan X project fails to get off the ground

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Re: Electric planes?

we used to fly people from all over Europe for essential face-to-face meetings

everyone, up to c-levels, is now getting that video conferencing serves us as well as in-person meetings ever did and is a lot more economical

if you add the carbon footprint gains, we're in a win-win-win situation

Elevating cost-cutting to a whole new level with million-dollar bar bills

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Re: Cars of the day... with good old steel bumpers and side panels

As a kid I remember one day my dad's Peugeot 504 slid on an oily patch (t'was raining) and pranged a double decker bus at 90º

A large steel plate fell from the side of the bus, my dad and the bus driver got out of their respective vehicles, they lifted the plate and put it back in its place, then checked for any damage in either vehicle. Nothing. They just went back to their vehicles and drove off.

With today's cars there would be plastic pieces scattered all around and the car's front hood would probably look like a metallic accordion...

Just because we're letting Zoom into Parliament doesn't mean you can have fun, House of Commons warns Brit MPs

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Re: " it needs the crap of a exe running on your Windows box"

Don't know where you got that idea, as Zoom has versions of it' application for Linux, Mac, Android, etc.

Also you don't need the .exe file it downloads when you click on an email link (in Windows), you can just copy the meeting ID and join directly on the Zoom app

ICE cold: Microsoft's GitHub wrings hands over US prez's Trump immigration ban plan

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Re: It is called playing to the voters

"Expected to be signed today, it appears to consist of a 60-day pause on people seeking permanent residence (and a green card) rather than applying to temporary workers."

As it stands, it even stops people already working in the US under temporary visas getting their green card. What has that have to do with fighting COVID-19 ??

Facebook sort-of blocks anti-quarantine events – how many folks are actually behind these 'massive' protests online?

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It's not the fact of protesting that makes one an unwashed idiot, as you called them, it's the way they protest (as stated in the comment you replied to)

Google: We've blocked 126 million COVID-19 phishing scams in the past week

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It doesn't help that when you click on a Zoom meeting link in an e-mail, it downloads a small .exe file that, when run, connects you to the Zoom meeting. They're effectively training users to download and execute random files

A paper clip, a spool of phone wire and a recalcitrant RS-232 line: Going MacGyver in the wonderful world of hotel IT

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Re: Proper lash up

Where I live, a temporary viaduct over the railway was built in the early 70's to allow easy access to the dockyards. It's still in use and is now commonly referenced as the "Interim Overpass". Maybe one day it will be renamed to "Permanent Overpass" and everything will be fine.

Kepler telescope is dead but the data lives on: Earth-sized habitable zone planet found after boffins check for errors

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Re: "But code can make mistakes"

Coders can make mistakes, code just does what it was written to do :)

Vodafone chief speaks out after 5G conspiracy nuts torch phone mast serving Nightingale Hospital in Brum

MiguelC Silver badge

There's some redemption, though:

"Update 15:15: Observers have pointed out the device was similar to fake bomb detectors sold in the region, for which people have already been detained, as we reported in 2014."

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: Viruses are tiny, microscopic, organic entities.

Unfortunately, idiocy grows just like virus do

Apple: We respect your privacy so much we've revealed a little about what we can track when you use Maps

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: Shocking

Let's just hope they've stopped sending people to the middle of Australian nowhereness

Microsoft attempts to up its Teams game with new features while locked-down folk flock to rival Zoom... warts and all

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Re: Pub replacement

I'd rather have a video/audio/text chat with my friends instead of my colleagues (small intersection between groups, smaller intersection between interests) when not at work (hours), but to each his own

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: Used both

I don't have a bad experience with Zoom, I use it mainly for its higher video quality, but Teams integrates with all our environment (mostly O365) so it's more practical for everything else.

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: Pub replacement

We are going to start doing that also... except the organizer didn't remember that he set the first meeting on Good Friday. I don't predict a great number of participants.

Minister slams 5G coronavirus conspiracy theories as 'dangerous nonsense' after phone towers torched in UK

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Re: The boss at worked asked me

My boss, an IT guy gone managerial, used to (when we were still working at the office) routinely unplug the wi-fi AP over his head because he "didn't want radiation around him like that". I've tried to reason with him but utterly failed, as expected. So I just plugged it again when he wasn't around.

BOFH: Will the last one out switch off the printer?

MiguelC Silver badge

We have the cheater's edition, where cheating without getting caught is rewarded. Ah, capitalism in all its glory!



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