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Edgy Cisco pushes out cloud-native, look-at-NVMe HyperFlex HCI



(Disclosure, I am a Cisco employee. All statements are mine.)

Hello Chris,

Hope you are doing well. Great article! If you don't mind, I would like to clarify a few things and correct a few minor errors in your article.

- HyperFlex EDGE is available in 2, 3, or 4 node configurations with cluster witness service for 2 node clusters provided through Intersight.

- HX EDGE is available for 1G or 10G environments, with 1G configurations having 10G storage and vMotion networks.That really helps a lot with performance.

- Yes, HXAN (All-NVMe) has Intel 3DxPoint Optane (Coldstream) Cache Drives and Intel Cliffdale NVMe capacity drives.

- Hyper-V and Stretch Cluster support lags 2-3 months for complex features.

Perhaps it is just a language barrier and I am misunderstanding British sarcasm, but I am wondering about this statement:

"The new thing is support for the central cloud-based Intersight management facility lessening the need for skilled IT staff at the edge sites, in theory at least."

I can ship my nodes to any location in the word, have a level 1 tech plug in power and network, and then I deploy the entire cluster from anywhere in the world via policies and profiles, drag and drop network and security policies, configure SD-WAN, push application stacks into ESX or Kubernetes, manage dozens or hundreds of clusters simultaneously, while having Cisco TAC connected to all of them and execute RMA and field support/hw replacement per SLA fully automated without the admin having to pick up a phone once. 1-click platform upgrades, integrated HCL management, 1-click DR failover with reprotect, and cloud based AI analytics.

Basically, all my ROBO clusters become remote drones controlled from a central starship. I don't know man, sounds quite like lessening the need for skilled IT staff to me. Understand the skepticism but I am sure a friendly Cisco guy can show you how this is done in practice. I've heard the British Cisco guys enjoy a pint or two so there might even be some interesting conversations afterwards!

Anyway, thanks for the article, hope this clarifies a few things, didn't mean to nag. I really like what you are doing over at Blocks & Files, keep up the good work!

Spooked Cisco chief phoned AWS, asked: You're not making a switch, are you?


Re: Not yet anyway.

Except there is plenty of that already.

Dinosaur love hug: Dell's $64bn death pledge to EMC



Decent article but you have discredited yourself by linking to the imbecilic article over at Wired.

Facebook says vendor secrets forced it to homebrew switches


That's great and kudos to the FB engineers.

However, engineers always love to build stuff. Once it's built it needs to be supported in all perpetuity and that's where issues arise. FB now needs a SDN team to keep their thing running, up-to-date, following innovation and industry standards, respond to zero-day-exploits, and all other things associated with BEING IN THE NETWORK SOFTWARE BUSINESS.

Give it a few years and that team/division will become so big that it will warrant a spin off or they will just go to an established product.

Fujitsu chief disses Amazon’s ‘threatening’ enterprise attack


Amazon E3?

EC2 and S3 surely, no?