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Indian call centre scammers are targeting BT customers


Re: They targeted me

oh, and in regards to this ( and some comments on here), we didn't own a phone for the landline, so I'd given my mobile number to BT as my contact number, and this was the phone I was contacted on....

This was a number I'd had for all of 2 months and had given to no-one ( literally, people contact me via the interwebs)

Again this is to point out that the information given to these people must have come from BT....


They targeted me

Back in January this year an Indian 'Scam' Centre contacted me about my BT account. They knew I had an account with BT, my address and my name. At the time the only organisation that knew I was at that address was BT.

As it happened, I'd been in a long running dispute with BT as my routers wifi was broken ( ethernet was ok and I was running an old laptop as a router to give my household wifi) and they weren't replacing it, so I was calling ( and being called by BT engineers) regularly. So when the call started I was quite receptive because, yes there was an issue with my internet. Of course once they asked me to download software I knew this was not 'above board' and told them so, they even tried the old 'get your manager'.

The second the call was over ( I hung up ) I called BT to report this, they didn't even log my report. 2 Days later I spoke to an engineer who told me no report was logged and advised me to make a report by email. This was also done ( and ignored, as I chased this up). I would Suggest BT clearly knew about a data leak and has tried to cover it up, and also knows of the scammers and has chosen to ignore this.

As an aside, eventually I tried BT's online 'chat with an engineer' type thing, this was actually quite good, as by this point I'd been through their 'support' process so many times I knew it by heart, could go over the issue, and all their steps to the point where the operators third statement was 'ok I can see that your router has a hardware fault we'll send out a new one....

4chan outraged by Emma Watson nudie photo leak SCAM


I had expected better

Well congratulations commentards.

I had expected more of you, but it seems we've just as many ignorant biased individuals who would rather be told what to think by others than think something through themselves. Sure they'd be some, but no it seems to be about the same ratio.

So I say this:

Firstly there are issues, lots of them:

There are areas where men are discriminated against, and serious ones. The UK has one publicly available resource that deals with male victims of sexual abuse, and its funded by a charity. despite the fact that an estimated 15% of men will have to go through this at some point in their lives. there is nothing ( that I'm aware of ) for men who suffer domestic abuse ( 10% - again estimated - but these are published figures ).

Women still earn less than men, are still less likely to be in positions at the top of the 'career chain'. over 80% of women respondents stated they received verbal sexual abuse on a daily basis.

Actually from my point of view a lot (not all) of these issues are, and should be, looked at as social issues, and not gender issues.

But screaming about how the other 'side' is wrong/bad/stupid ? nope that just stops people from listening to you.

Sure you can be a troll, but no-one sensible is going to listen to you. Accept your bias, announce it, and then join in the debate, and listen. Perhaps then we'll get somewhere.

Starship Troopers beat Aliens, Robots AND Chuck Norris to WIN in a FIGHT



So we have done who's the hardest....

How about 'most terrifying apocalypse' ? We've been bombarded over the years with many, many visions of humanities downfall, from insane nether gods ( cthulhu ), vengeful 'just' gods ( Yahweh ), zombies, plaque ( plaque zombies) asteroids ( armageddon the film ), aliens ( battlefield earth etc), robots ( skynet ), our own lust to expand & consume ( soylent green ) etc.

Now yes there is a bit of a crossover there.. But my question is which is actually the most likely to wipe us out, could we survive skynet, only to be driven to madness by lower 4th dimensional beings, or is our demise to be found in a virus caused by long hair in dirty phoneboxes ?

A bit of clarity here, This is not the downfall of humanity, a breakdown in society, but it's extinction. If we can rebuild we win.

If we are totally enslaved, then we ask, is our freedom possible or are we doomed?

BBC goes offline in MASSIVE COCKUP: Stephen Fry partly muzzled


I ( might ) know whats wrong

I'd ben reliably informed at some point in the past that the Iplayer is/was based on the Drupal CMS. A recent Security update was released for it, yet this update had huge flaws that would delete content from the system.

That being said you'd think the BBC had a disaster recovery strategy in place, and that updates were tested before going live.. but that does not seem to be the case.

Android to drop Dalvik VM for high-performance ART in next version


yes some apps will have issues with ART, But thats a developer issue, and one they should've been aware of.

This isn't news, ART has been available as an option for quite a while, it was ALWAYS going to replace Dalvik at one point

@anoncoward : far too many people get sucked into the hype by samsungs ad's. Simply put the galaxy phones are bloated and badly made for the price, this isn't a case of buyer beware, its a case of customers not bothering to compare & contrast different products before making a decision. You should've known what you were getting when you got the s3, believing you'd be able to install kitkat was foolish at best.

KA-BOOOM! Boffins blow up mountain to make way for telescope


Seriously? you give Scientists a bunch of instagrams to build a super-villian style mountain top lair, let them blow the top of the mountain away, and all we get to see is a little whisp of cloud?

Dammit as an outraged tax payer I'd expect the governments mad-science budget to [i]at least[/i] give us a decent explosion once in a while.....

Hey! Where! are! the! white! women! at!? It's! Yahoo!


Credit where credit is due

Even if potentially under represented, Yahoo! at least accepts the fact that there are those out there with non-binary gender identifications. Simply the fact that they are reporting that is a clear move in the right direction.............

Snowden's Big Brother isn't as Orwellian as you'd think


Yeah but what about santa?

Yeah ok so you stated that he doesn't exist at the start of the article......

BUT If we assume that's just a cover story, things start to make sense.

1. He know when you are sleeping

2. He knows if you've been bad or good

3. He gonna find out who's naughty or nice

you watch, project "north pole" the next shocking Snowden revelation!

Quick Q: How many FLOPPIES do I need for 16 MILLION image files?


BITS Of String ( again)

Given a 1x1px .gif at 16bit colour the file itself takes 142 Bytes. my rough calculation is that you get around 1.5 million of these on a 1.44MB disk - so by that you need 11 disks.

That being said mac OSX stated it takes a whopping 4Kb giving me only 368 per disk ( rounding down). you'd need 43,479 ( rounding up) disks for 16 million images.

However I'm sure someone with more knowledge here is probably going to rubbish my calculations ( and for using 16bit rather than 24bit colour )

Why faff with a piddly microSD when there's a 2TB vault tempting your selfie-stuffed mobe?


1.5TB is enough for....

32 random lengths of string

The whispered sighs of 1,032 Atari E.T. cassettes

1 .wav file of undisclosed duration or bit-rate

98% of 1 windows loading screen


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