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Creationist: The Flintstones was an accurate portrayal of Dino-human coexistence

Don Coglioni

Pastafarians Unite!

As a relatively relaxed observant of His Noodliness's view of the world, I cannot but drive all me harties to rampage said Museums with barrels of ale and scantily clad wenches. YARR!

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.

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nav bar flash: annoying

Hi there, is it just me wiggling my mouse around too much, or the top nav bar flash when you pass over it for some reason (... move mouse from some link in the page to a new browser tab, springs to mind ) , and it dutifully fires a very brief hover event, is quite annoying ?

Plus, I add myself to the Get Back Fluid Widths camp.

Oh, and on the frontpage, I find it a bit hard to understand where a news "box" (actually div class="headline") ends and the next (laterally and vertically) starts. Also, I see in the markup you've got a data-epoch attribute in the timestamp span. I might be mistaken, but that's not much of a date microformat ...

Also on the fronpage : 650x431 pixels for the large story box is a bit too much. Perfect for Page3 boobs, but not for the Register, I think.

my 2 x 10^-2 euros

Reg Latin scholars scrap over LOHAN's stirring motto

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pedanteria maxima .... or "morositas maxima",rather, mustn't mix my Italo-Latin ...



Caliga-"NOTES"? shouldn't that be Notationes Caligae?

That stirring LOHAN motto: Anyone know a native Latin speaker?

Don Coglioni

mihi 0.2 sesrtertii

"Ludonauta feminalia Lohanis non requiret"

Rubber-glove time: Italy to probe TripAdvisor over 'fake reviews'

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Overe here the news reported that restaurant owners..

..were unhappy with TripAdvisor (whose "Certificates of Excellence" do seem to be flowering instantly on mondo+cane's front door , it must be said) also because users could write a negative review BEFORE the meal was finished.

What, you bloody "forestieri" (foreigners, outsiders :) couldn't even wait for me, the portly landlady, to offer you the obligatory limoncello, you heathens?

Oh, friendly notice to you all travelling to Italy, this summer: PLEASE PLEASE do not order a Cappuccino at the end of your meal.

"Un caffè " is what you want.

Cappuccino is canonically restricted to the 6am-10.30-ish am interval. 11 is a bit too late. 12 is for Germans and ravers. After 12 you're looked upon with disdain.

Our Reg reader 'mutt's nuts' dictionary is le chien's biens

Don Coglioni

Thank you, thank you, thank you thrice for my naming.

I finally have a proper name.

Also, to further elaborate on the Canine Gonads Apprecciation Club's hot topic, here in sunny Italy you'd burst out in a Sicilian-dialect derived "Miiiiinchia!" (pron.: meeeèèèèeeeeeenkeeah) when you're particularly impressed with something (e.g. any old Lamborghini passing by, a lovely lady's derrière, the amount of the Revenue Service ticket you just collected from the postman..), or a more Milanese style "Figa!" (pron. Phèègah).

In the first case you are referencing the male organ (O pate d' 'e criature , "the father of children" in the Neapolitan lottery interpretation book, corresponding to number 29) , in the second the female one (Chella ca guarda 'nterra , The one facing the floor, in the same book , number 6 , cfr. : http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Smorfia ).

So there you have it.