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Samsung flies flagship phone

Ian Watkinson
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Shame it's windows only

Shame, it looks like a nice phone, but as I want a phone that syncs with Mac/Windows and preferably linux and Samsung don't seem to care a lot, then it's not for a lot of people.

Carphone Warehouse Webbook

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- Tesco


£269 + Delivery, hardly £195..

Which is the point.

At £269..it's only a SC...not a SCC...

Sony Ericsson confirms Xperia X1 UK launch

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Windows Mobile

It's great, everyone should try it, I get loads of work done with it, mostly when phone.exe dies, and nothing tells you apart from meeting someone in the same building who tells you that they've been trying to call you all morning. Still it's nothing a reboot doesn't fix for 24 hours.

WM, Windows you're stuck with no updates for, until you pay for a new phone...

So yes, that would be like Windows XP, with zero updates to it, or Windows Vista with no updates to it, and we all knew how good they were.

DVLA, Tiscali, Barclays rake in phoneline cash

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@ g e

By John Naismith

Posted Thursday 29th May 2008 13:50 GMT

Your local surgery is obliged to maintain a geographical number. Report them to the PCT as its a breach of the "contract" between the surgery and the PCT.

you sure about the John? got more details?

A quarter of UK adults to go on child protection database

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Paris Hilton

So it's ok to rob someone, but going 31 in a 30 is jailworthy...?


Coward about sums it up.

How many speeders on a phone killed someone last year?

How many burglaries went bad and ended up in Assault.

Given the choice of being burgled, or someone somwhere doing 31 in a 30 with a phone in their hand...I'd take the latter, as 99.999999% of the time there is no victim.

In 100% of Burglaries, there is a victim.

So I guess you're one of these loonies that doesn't care about real world crime victims, but is worried about any sort of speeding despite almost all of it being harmless.

I'd suggest in a straw poll, you'd find a number of people who have committed the offense of speeding, but haven't killed anyone..

Paris Icon, as she' s as much of an airhead as you.

HP in talks to buy EDS

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is poisted to pay £1.5bn


Doesn't even get past a spell checker, are you guys now writing and submitting this stuff via iphone?

Barclays Capital slashes contractor rates by 10%

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If you're that good, then you walk.

If everyone did that, then they are left with the crap contractors, but paying them 10%, win win for everyone...

RIM out to patent BlackBerry slider

Ian Watkinson

merkin patent fun again..

Agreed, TyTN, Tytn 2, hell how many other sliders like that...

IT problems force HMRC to extend tax deadline

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Complain except the Adjudicators telephone number is out of order.

Step one

When you have a complaint, it is usually best to contact the person you have been dealing with. You may however prefer to contact that person’s immediate manager or the person in charge of the office. If you wish to do this phone the customer relations manager and they will tell you who to contact.

Step two

If you cannot settle your complaint at step one, contact the Director with overall responsibility for the office you deal with. We will tell you the name and address of the Director to contact. The Director will review the complaint objectively.

Step three

If you’re not happy with the Director’s response you can ask the Adjudicator to look into your complaint. The Adjudicator is a fair and unbiased referee whose recommendations are independent. You can contact the Adjudicator at

The Adjudicator’s Office

Haymarket House

28 Haymarket



Tel: 020 7930 2292 (Typetalk facilities are available)

Fax: 020 7930 2298

You can also contact the Adjudicator

O2 may put iPhone on business rates

Ian Watkinson

WM7 or 8


When it was pocket pc, wince was the answer. When it was Wm5, WM6 was the answer.

Now WM7 is the answer?

Perhaps when phone.exe is not the same as calc.exe and bluetooth.exe then I might believe you.

WM phones make great pda's. They suck at being phones though.

Nokia 6310i, now that's the answer...if you don't believe me, bring your wm7 phone and my 6310i, and we'll both drop them down three flights of stairs.

First one after to order a pizza on their phone wins.

For most business customers, 6310i, or 6021 or a whole host of "other" blue tooth no camera phones are the way forward, as they are usable anywhere.

Iphone akin with all camera phones are not.

Iphone will work ok for those business customers that are allowed camera phones as the lack of 3g is irrelevant as most will have a 3g card for their laptop anyway, and the iphone will stand in as a more stylish crackberry, having fairly good email on it. Not push at the moment, but it's trivially easy to one you have a moment push sync and check.

I'd personally rather check my email when I've got time to respond rather than it beeping at me when I'm busy.

But hey if you're a crackberry drone that lets email rule their lives, good on you, middle management needs more like you.

Greenpeace slams next-gen consoles

Ian Watkinson

Greenpeace...headline of the week

Shortage of wii's...= green peace headline on wii.

New apple ipod in new..Greenpeace headline on apple..

So I guess next week is either cyanide is bad for us,


or how the Police striking will mean more cups of team and that global warming will be coming 10 minutes earlier...

Orange to offer unlocked iPhones for €749

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Go get an N95..

Because of course it's exactly the same....except

Smaller Screen.

< 5 hours battery life.

Crap ok..ok web browsing.

poor keyboard

It does of course, have gps and 3g, IF that's what you want.

Got both, prefer the iphone.

Poll confirms Brits believe Jesus Phone salvation too costly

Ian Watkinson

N95 vs Iphone

I've got both, yet I'm using the Iphone..why it's easier.

It's web browsing is much better, the keyboard much better (yes hard phone keys vs soft qwerty soft qwerty wins.)

Shame I can only use the iphone with an o2 payg sim, so for me, it will remain an ipod touch with a camera and text ability :-)

Bigwigs haven't a clue on IT asset values

Ian Watkinson

reg hack in grammar cock up non-shocker

Businesses that dominate the global economy have no idea what the financial value of their IT assets is

Are surely?

Businesses that dominate the global economy have no idea what the financial value of their IT assets are.

Gateway launches iMac-alike all-in-one PC

Ian Watkinson


a PC for office/proper IT admin/productivity,

You mean one that has built in ssh/terminal....? or do you not mean proper it admin and mean the point and click windows admin monkeys?

along with those more technical tasks which basically you can't do on a Mac because no one makes the bits or gives you the flexibility to design your bespoke product (I have a PC in my car. Try that with a Mac)


You mean like the thousands of people here have?

A mac does almost everything a windows pc can do.

What doesn't it do very well?

Viruses...malware...adware...everything else...it does.

Get over it.

Yup I run an Apple, yup I run linux...oh hey I run windows as well...but not by choice.

NSA writes more potent malware than hacker

Ian Watkinson

Of course they would say that...

"You don't need to write viruses to test security technologies. There's no shortage of new malware. Also you examine existing stuff and study techniques," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos. ®

That's main because if I write something from Scratch, the Sophos is not going to catch it is it?

Anti-virus is always about being the second person to catch something, hoping that the first person submitted to an anti-virus vendor, and that your chosen brand of av has been updated since.

I would suspect the ones detected from the NSA batch and the ones written by the hacker, and lets face it hackers are lazy, re-use existing code and techniques, and therefor are matched in heuristic scanning.

New stuff, slips under the door...through the firewall, and pwns your box.

Great if you're with a lady, no good if you're in the jungle.

So, what's the first rule of Reg Club?

Ian Watkinson

First rule?

You've broken it..now move along...nothing to talk about here..

What's 77.1 x 850? Don't ask Excel 2007

Ian Watkinson

No service pack

No upgrade.

Who's stupid enough to run Microsoft V1 anything for serious work?

No vista until sp1, no office 2007 until sp1.

Mind you, no vista at all is looking more attractive.

Burned by a MacBook

Ian Watkinson


Surely this belongs on the Consumerist rather than the register, or are we now taking the SMB to include ill prepared one man (woman) bands as part of the S now?

As other have point out.

1/ DR A mac mini booting to your external cloned drive, keep working

2/ A dell with next day on site repair option.

3/ Post it back to apple, via a courier, to save you driving?

I'm also missing the part where you decided to go to trading standards regarding your dangerous equipment, and the burns it gave you, injury lawers r us would have had a field day.

You got upset, you caved, now you're moaning?

Come on el'reg, this is nothing but a poorly described rant and belongs on usenet rather than on the regsiter...