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Germany flicks off-switch on DAB

Nick Piggott

Not entirely correct

This is based on a report by the KEF, which is the federal funding body for public service broadcasters. I should wait a day or so and see what the response from the broadcasters is before drawing any conclusions about the future of DAB or DAB+ in Germany. As usual, there is far more to this issue than has been covered in this story, or exposed in the KEF press release.

Virgin pulls the plug on mobile video

Nick Piggott


Movio used the proprietory DAB-IP format, which acted as a transport for an equally proprietory Microsoft video streaming and Microsoft DRM. DMB is different (although still based on/comptible with DAB). DMB is widely adopted in Asia, and uses the very standard H.264 video codec with aac+ audio.

The Lobster is actually a brilliant DAB radio, with a passable mobile phone attached to it. They've been pulled from the Virgin Mobile website (and apparently from Virgin Megastores) which is a real shame, because they're good even without the mobile TV stuff.

EU officially endorses DVB-H

Nick Piggott

So much for consultation

The EU enabled consultation between interested parties (the European Mobile Broadcasting Council) during last year, which brought together the mobile telcos and broadcasters from all over the EU for rounds of discussion and debate. The conclusion was that the EU should specifically not interfere with the mobile TV market, nor stipulate a particular technology platform. It seems strange that the Commission should ignore the good advice of so many well informed people. In any event I expect that any sensible mobile TV operator (incumbent or new entrant) will choose the technology that's right for their business, and not the (partisan?) choice of Ms. Redding.


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