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Microsoft: Cloud-o-bile still only small slice of softening revenue pie

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Re: Building for a giant fall.

Stock prices presumably rose because current expectations are built into the stock price and these results were somewhat better than expected, also showing decent fractional growth in areas of recent strategic focus.

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Ultrabook flexes new 'Watchband' BENDO hinges

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My Yoga 2 Pro is the best computing device I've ever owned and it makes Windows 8 pretty useful as well. However, my 2 is only a year old and still awesome, and this one is still limited to 8GB of RAM, same as the 2.

Battery life is interesting, if true; the 2 only really lasts 5-6 hours. They are spendy, though; I've always told my colleagues that if I get bought a Mac I'll sell it and buy a PC with the money, but in this case the comparable Mac is cheaper (but, in my opinion, substantially worse).

Microsoft gets the hang of funky devices: Xbox magic for enterprise

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Praise Gates!

I'm also sold on the Microsoft ecosystem -- I think it works really well and I like their hardware enough that I'm going to move onto it, too (although I can't give up my Yoga 2 Pro, which is the best electronic device I've ever owned, so for me the Surface 2 Pro will be a tablet and secondary laptop) -- but I don't think I'd write a Register article about it.

Not that anyone's invited me to write a register article about it. I may change my mind if you ask me. Just sayin'

Powershell terminal sucks. Is there a better choice?

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Conemu ftw

Conemu is excellent; I don't find it _quite_ as good as a typical linux console but the fact that I get to use powershell instead of bash is most welcome, certainly welcome enough to live with any small deficiencies in the Conemu console.