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Cinema iPhone pirate escapes jail in test case appeal

Stuart Ross
Paris Hilton


Hang on a second. He recorded the movies on an iPhone?? Who on earth would want to watch something in the wonderfully crappy quality you'd get from that?

At least smuggled a HD camera in and a Tripod for gods sake.

Paris because at least her images are clear.....sadly.

Indians slip on tobacco-flavoured condom

Stuart Ross

Why are s*x toys illegal in India?

Maybe they scare the cows?

Maybe someone once confused the term dildo with sag aloo and got a nasty shock?

German hurls computer from apartment block

Stuart Ross

would it be too obvious....

to suggest that maybe it was a Spectrum with rubber keys? It used to really p*ss me off because I have large fingers. reminds me of the Simpsons joke where Homer cant press the keys.

Still, cant understand him throwing it out of the window....if it was an iPhone then yeah ok ;)