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Microsoft vs AWS: If you can't bark with the BIG DOGS get off the PORCH


Re: Azure is not easier to use that AWS; it's not true.

Once you get used to PaaS, IaaS seems primitive. Although there is a learning curve for (any) PaaS


Re: Azure is not easier to use that AWS; it's not true.

Agree - once you get used to PaaS, IaaS seems primitive. I use both Azure and AWS and Azure is much simpler to use for deploying custom applications.

I have used a few of the other services from both (there are a huge number of services on AWS) and generally Azure services are easier to use but it varies by service. For example, service bus is easier to use than equivalent AWS services but S3 storage is easier than Azure storage.

Xamarin, IBM lob cross-platform mobile app dev tools at Microsoft coders


Xamarin also supports the F# language

Xamarin has made a significant effort to also support F# in addition to C#.

FYI one of the designers of Swift previously worked on F# and you can see similarities between the two languages.

Why would one use F# over C#? There are many reasons but In general F# is more expressive and yields more concise, cleaner and safer code.

My first Xamarin / Android app was written in F# and ending up being about 6K lines-of-code. I have estimated that equivalent Java would be close to 50K loc.

Until Swift is ported to Android, F# is the only viable functional programming language for mobile development.

Powershell terminal sucks. Is there a better choice?


Shells are Primitive

I have never used a shell for any scripting. I go straight to the F# REPL.

F# is a statically typed language with strong type inference so it feels like a dynamically typed language.

You can interactively develop a script in Visual Studio where you get the full intellisense experience (and red squiggles). When done, you can run the script via the fsi.exe command line.


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