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Skiving Aussie fingered on Facebook

James Wade
Paris Hilton

year, but no month?

Why does the subject contain the year, but not the month?

Reg competition: Cisco goes isup

James Wade
Paris Hilton

I went to cisco's website and all I got was this lousy t

Marketing: "Honestly guys, the removal of the letter t from the website will put us in first place for "c" searches on google!".

Web Developer: "I wrote a regular expression and now I have two problems. First I can't remove upper case Ts, and secondly I broke the website".


Mr. Anderson, what good is a tit if you have no t's?

How can I run Windows apps on a Linux Acer Aspire One?

James Wade


Of course the obvious response is "install windows", but I'm going to go beyond that simply because it's clear you don't know and it's on my RSS feed.

I thought everyone knew that you can't run windows applications on Linux. I guess I'm wrong, so I thought I'd share this valuable knowledge.

Having said that there is the WINE project (see: http://www.winehq.org/) and similar software applications that allow you to run supported windows applications, especially games (see: http://blog.linuxoss.com/2008/04/winecedegacrossover-games-windows-gaming-on-linux/), however do bare in mind that wine v1.0 only came out in July, after 15 years. (see: http://tech.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=08/06/17/1547241).

All this aside, the best way around this is to use software that is native to Linux instead of trying to trick the windows software.

For opening your Autocad Drawing files on Linux, I would see if there is an open source alternative that will let you do this.

The Audocad filetype is DXF, and the wikipedia provides a list of software that supports it (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dxf#Software_which_supports_DXF), also you can find a list of Linux computer aided design software in the wikipedia (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Linux_computer-aided_design_software). Just work out which application appears in both articles. (At a glance I see blender is in both, try that).

In the case of Thunderbird, you should be able to just download and install the Linux version provided by Mozilla.

For the Acer Aspire One, you may find there are steps (see: http://www.laptopmag.com/advice/how-to/aspire-one-apps.aspx) you need to take to gain access to the "advanced" features.

Or, you can just give it to me...

Google evaporates Docs and Spreadsheets cloud

James Wade

It was more than just docs and spreadsheets...

I was also seeing this error when visiting...


Seems okay now, but I suspect google has dramatically changed something.

UK gov sets rules for hacker tool ban

James Wade

"Security Tools"

What's to stop so called "hackers" from releasing them as "security tools" and selling them at a reasonable price, only to then be distributed via bit torrent?

Dumbest idea for a law ever...

Kingston hides Hull roots with KCom rebrand

James Wade

Re: Re: Eclipse

I deal with lots of ISPs, it's almost always a pleasure to deal with Eclipse, before or after the KCOM buy out.

I do have a number of issues with their protocols for cancelling, (ie: you can't do it over the phone), but that's another story.

James Wade

Hull is the only city in the UK with its own independent telephone network company...

That's right, it's Kingston Communications, while we all suffer with BT, they get their own ISP...

That is what Hull is probably most famous for...

Also to note: "Kingston upon Hull" is more usually referred to simply as Hull.

I like KCOM as they own Eclipse, which is a fantastic ISP.

Moving mobile numbers should be instant

James Wade

Changing over internal numbers

My business partner had a pay as you go mobile on T-Mobile, we bought new company phones, he wanted to retain his number.

According to T-Mobile, the only way to do this would be to transfer the number out, and then back in again.



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