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Cameras for hacks: Idiot-proof suggestions invited


Fuji X10 / X20 / X100s

Are solid little cameras. They're both made of metal, so can take abuse.

The X100 is slightly easier to pocket because the lens protrudes less from the body. It also has a (much) bigger sensor (so better low light performance), and the electronic viewfinder is v good once the latest firmware has been installed.

The X10/X20 are physically smaller, but have an excellent zoom lens that doubles as the on/off switch. Super simple to use- twist to turn on and set focal length. Unlike other compact cameras, there's no electronic zoom mechanism to get jammed/clogged with sand/write off the camera prematurely.

Re: durability:

I've dropped my X100 of the top deck of a bus onto a concrete pavement. the viewfinder glass cracked, but it still works perfectly, and the crack in the glass isn't enough of a distraction to get it fixed.

My dad takes his X10 sailing every week (saltwater environment, sand, etc.) and hasn't managed to kill it in the two years he's had it.

General use advice:

1: Get the fastest memory cards you can. I'm using Sandisk Extreme Pro. The make the cameras much more responsive on startup/write.

2: *Always* use a clear or UV filter. I use them so I don't have to worry about lens caps. It's also cheaper than a new lens/camera when gravity wins.

3: Keep it on auto iso/auto aperture/auto shutter, and you'll never miss a shot.

4: Get a couple of extra batteries- you can never have too many.






My experience:

More than a decade photojournalism/fashion/product photography. Normally a Nikon/Canon DSLR user for work, but I carry my X100 with me everywhere.


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