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US senators: WikiLeaks 'likely knew it was assisting Russian intelligence influence effort' in 2016 Dem email leak


Re: Can Manafort and Stone be tried

Stone didn't get a pardon. His sentence was commuted to time served. President Trump can pardon until the new President is sworn in. Traditionally, American Presidents grant pardons on the way out the door. Could it be that as Attorney General Barr and others begin finishing their investigations and proferring charges the Dems are trying to blunt the negative political effects?


Re: Is this news?

Just so you know. President Trump defeated Sen. Rubio in the 2016 primary. There is bad political blood between the two. Sen. Rubio is considered a RINO in search of political playback.


Deja Vu all over

I am surprised that American senators are wasting their time to investigate a matter that is spurious at best and outright fabrication at worst in the middle of COVID-19. It seems the former Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Richard Burr(R)NC, was too busy day trading to forewarn anybody about SARS-2CoV. Thus the reliability of the Senate Intelligence Committee to address real concerns of the American citizenry is suspect. Investigating something that the Democrats said didn't happen and the FBI acquiesced in, just proves that Never Trumpers fear President Trump's re-election. To jog people's memory, Pvt. Manning was the person who revealed the super secret government internet codes. And Obama said Pvt. Manning was a hero and allowed the government to pay for a sex change as a federal prisoner, then released he-she. And people think Trump supporters are a bit daft. British subjects should be aware of what China has in store for the world once America is neutralized by a Biden Presidency by looking at what has happened in Hong Kong after the British returned it to China.

How is Trump's anti-Chinese rhetoric playing out? 70% of smartphones sold in the US are – surprise – made in China


Sinophobia or Chicomophobia?

First, the China of today that gave COVID-19 to the world after the Chinese cornered 86% of the world's medicine production is not the China that would be as sold to the American people by Nixon-Kissinger-Bush-Reagan etal. Trump at least was smart enough to see what China intends after seeing China 2025. To that end, America is starting to mine their own rare earth minerals for the first time in half a century. It is rare Earth minerals that makes the magnets that makes cell phones work. On the business side, if anyone wants to sell in China, they must produce in China. So, if one is building a factory in China with a mandatory Chinese partner, then it just makes economic sense to build for both domestic and export markets. If China is the only place any goods are produced, it's a foregone conclusion that Americans will buy more of China's products. But not willingly. My discard tool bin will attest to that.

Trump's bright idea of kicking out foreign students unless unis resume in-person classes stuns tech, science world


Cold War hangovers and perversions

Just so everyone understands, t this program began as an effort to fight world wide Communism. It was advanced by Republicans in JFK's Cabinet. It's what brought Barack Obama's father to America. The idea was to bring people to America, educate them, inculcate American ideals in them, then send them back to their home countries to become America's advocates. Funny thing happened. In the students absence, their native countries became totalitarian. Then, someone decided it would be good for these people to stay in America for future use in their native country. To that end, these tech students while displacing Americans, don't pay taxes on something called OPT nor do their employers. At last measure, only 3 of 5 American STEM graduates are employed in the field of their education. America has excess brains. Perhaps after a half century, the results of these foreigners staying home and living with the governments they created, may yield results. No American Affirmative Actions or social welfare programs. Maybe all those sensitive government computer contracts could then go to start-ups ran by patriotic Americans instead of Chinese backed entities.

The incumbent President of the United States of America ran now-banned Facebook ads loaded with Nazi references


New World Order?

Interesting conclusions about some disjointed events. But, we have had Presidents in the recent past refer to a "New World Order". A term often used by the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei(National Socialist German Workers Party) as they stole the swastika, a sign of male virility, from the Hindus and the Catholic order where Hitler attended school. How could a bright person with the capability to accrue a massive fortune like Zuckerberg be so ignorant as to fall for the "hate speech" argument. Especially since his fortune is riding on the first amendment to the Constitution? When China rules America with the help of all the Quislings, the Quislings will be in for a rude awakening much as the recent world-wide health supply shortage.

Remember that clinical trial, promoted by President Trump, of a possible COVID-19 cure? So, so, so many questions...



Curiosity and doubt are the two essential traits of any scientist whether they have more degrees than a thermometer or a backyard tinkerer. A degree of knowledge is required. Ingesting something clearly labeled as toxic with no recommended levels for human treatment, doesn't register high on the knowledge meter. In the case of COVID-19, China refused to share the knowledge they gained in testing and treatment as well as withholding a chemical they have a license to manufacture, probably given to them by a U.S. manufacturer, from the world. That said, the virus SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19 is known allowing it's communicability to be studies as well as the stages of the illness it causes. It is caused a novel virus because it jumped from animals to humans. Therefore, there must be a novel approach which may not fit stale and staid scientific protocol. Including using anecdotal evidence to start clinical trials. Scientific trials begin in the lab in vitro before advancing in vivo in stages of ever larger sizes and differentiation. The anti-malaria drug is harsh and must be used under a doctors supervision. The HIV drugs prevent the pneumonia associated with COVID-19. Using drugs that treat similar symptoms in other diseases just makes sense in a pandemic. Why zoonotic diseases are on the rise is matter for deeper research and not urgent at this time. Simians are immune to SARS-CoV-19 so this virus is not new to them since they have developed a natural immunity. Most likely by natural selection. That isn't a valid option for humans and thus grasping at straws is wise when knowledge gained is applied.

Russia could chop vital undersea web cables, warns Brit military chief


Anything for a buck, pound, Bitcoin

This has been a known risk since the first cable was laid. As pointed out, a civilian accident is the most like;y source of interruption. However, acknowledging that contingency plans exist won't get increased funding. The Russians are probably trying to see if there is a rupture or weak spot emitting electromagnetic signals. Or maybe the Russians have developed a way to penetrate the insulation to either intercept or interrupt messages. In any case, it is not a threat that would be diminished by a whole new fleet of ships and planes. It would make defense contractors wealthier though.

Facebook and pals to US Senate's Russia probe: Pleeease don't pass a law on political web ads


Give 'em a pacifier

If America loses any more freedoms it won't be from foreign propaganda. It will be from home grown propaganda. America needs censors to protect people too dumb to hit skip ad, mute or skip commercial on recording devices or in short think for themselves. America needs illegal immigrants for a labor shortage. Especially in the building trades. The 50 million increase in population due to immigrants has nothing to do with the increased need for housing, schools or public infrastructure. But, Sen. Franken bought into USSR propaganda for years. Many Americans still do. Those Americans can't accept that Americans who didn't fall for USSR propaganda in the Cold War still don't and repudiated them over the past eight years as a fundamental transformation of America was attempted. Maybe now the Silicon Valley royalty nerds will understand that under the system they are proponents of, they would just be toilers and especially for Zuckerberg, the state would choose hos neighbors.

Julian Assange says Cambridge Analytica asked WikiLeaks for something


Deranged dot connecters

This article exemplifies the problem with the Trump-Russia assertions. A political research firm that had Trump among others as a customer seeks information that WikiLeaks chooses not to say what it was. But, Trump was undoubtedly the intended recipient of this unspecified information. Information is obtained at 3 a.m. at bars but it bears a great deal of substantiation. Quality information neither is.

Dear racist Airbnb host, we've enrolled you in an Asian American studies course


Re: Asian

You are probably talking about native Californians of Asian descent. California was actively recruiting Chinese students. Low achieving whites, guess that means unacceptable S

AT, ACT scores, is a new one on me. Yes, high achieving Asian American citizens were discriminated against by the California college system.


Re: Asian

It was probably Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Laotian and possibly Myanmar(Burmese). The animosity might stem from the state of California giving preference to Asian students in college admittance to their state university system when it is heavily subsidized by California taxpayers. Many of California college's alumni kids have to seek their college education elsewhere. And it is not because of scholastic differences.


Racist laws trump other laws

I have no sympathy with anyone renting their houses through AirBnB or any other company. Home rental is in violation of zoning laws, tax laws, insurance laws, and health laws. As recently noted by the Toronto(Canada)mayor, it has greatly exacerbated a housing shortage in Toronto. Courts have routinely brushed aside neighbors complaints about AirBnB. Many are from housing subdivisions with restrictive covenants that even governs flower plantings, fence placements, etc.. NYC has problems with people renting out rent-controlled apartments for daily rates through AirBnB. But racism, Oh Lordy, Lordy! The Courts must act and the full weight of the government must be felt! I'll admit the Asian discrimination in California intrigues me as to the source of the hostility. In general it goes back to the days of the "yellow peril". Renting your home to anyone doesn't seem particularly smart since you haven't a clue what it will be used for. Love tryst, drug dealing, identity theft, etc.,etc.. But why would anyone with any prejudices even consider it?


Re: There's a small segment of Trump supporters

You do realize that England had an open entry policy until early in the 20th century. Then WWI and Germans were excluded. The anti-German fervor was so great that Lord Montbatten's family changed their name from Battenberg to Montbatten. Brexit was about Britain being essentially governed by the EU Parliament rather than their own.

US Senators want Kaspersky shut out of military contracts


political payoff

It seems after months of unfounded accusations, trillions in economic activity lost and broadcasting security procedures that the real reason has been found. Much like the time the DOJ stole software for tracking prisoners from an individual it seems some political nincompoop wants a fat contract without working for it.

Homeland Security: Putin’s hackers tried to crack electoral networks in 21 US states


Jeh Johnson is hardly quotable. His agency, Dept. of Homeland Security, clandestinely tried to hack voter info in at least 19 states. Guess the Russians were better at influencing the election than Johnson, Hillary and Barry.

US voter info stored on wide-open cloud box, thanks to bungling Republican contractor


Considering that Project ECHELON that links American and allied spy satellites has been recording private conversations for some time it is a safe bet that NSA has all this information. The question is did Obama use this information for his benefit? Seems we won't know for 5 years. He spirited the records of NSA activity during the campaign off to his Presidential library. That's why the Democrats seek desperately to convict Trump and associates on anything not related to "Russian collusion". Do the Democrats fear that Russia whom in all likelihood has the same information might give it to Trump? Thus a wedge must be formed. Could the mistake have been caused by an Obama plant? Enquiring minds want to know.

Force employees to take DNA tests for bosses? We've got a new law to make that happen, beam House Republicans


Confused capitalist

It seems the neuvo Republicans(once Democrats but switched when Republicans started using government to get wealthy)are just as confused as Democrats when it comes to science. DNA is only statistically exact when it comes to determining identity. The Nazis and Japanese unit 911 did a lot of research on twins that involved environmental variables like diseases exposed to. Disease, parasites, chemicals and location all play a part in modifying the RNA messenger mechanism that has the capability to modify DNA. We would be well on our way to curing all illnesses if DNA Genome Therapy was that accurate. We're not. So it isn't. Politically this is stupid when some Republicans are fighting socialized medicine that another Republican would propose an unjustified reason to raise private health insurance rates. Stress which is controllable by companies is the largest contributor illness and disease. It's effects,hypertension, heart attacks, strokes, obesity and unhealthy eating habits, are the same regardless of DNA.

'Hey, Homeland Security. Don't you dare demand Twitter, Facebook passwords at the border'


It's working already

From the looks of these posts it seems the mere mention of such policy is already keeping out many undesirables. It's amazing our these same legislators supported eavesdropping electronically on Gen. Flynn. The United States police already have the authority to impound cell phones in the event of an accident or crime. DHS probably can attain the info over megadata programs once visas are obtained by cross referencing so it seems like a waste of resources to obtain it individually. But if terrorists were committing terrorist attacks there would be no need for any of these policies. Too bad our traitorous legislators don't know who the enemy is.

President Donald Trump taken on by unlikely foe: Badass park rangers


Those pesky GS merit employee rules

The Civil Service Commission rules expressly forbid political activities on the job and any off the job that could be sen as related to one's official position. By using Twitter accounts associated with National Park Service or identifying themselves as Park Rangers connects them to their official position. Looks like Dept. Inspector General could be busy. Posting comparison photos is also dangerously close to political if it does not address the variances. Two explanations are possible. People didn't like Trump. The threat of anarchy kept people away. Also, Obama organizer "paid" to get people to his inauguration with free entry while Trump charged admission to the event and let people get there by their own devices. The Japanese internment camp posting can only be explained by Trump's America First reference. Ironically, the original America Firsters were NAZI supporters. Germans and Italians were also sent to internment camps if they supported native nationalist groups. The FBI constantly surveilled German communities and the ring of Nazi saboteurs that did infiltrate America with specific targets were turned in by their families. The attack on Pearl Harbor was directed by an American born Japanese via a commercial radio station in Hawaii. Lucky Luciana took care of the Italian community. In general terms, those that defy their boss soon don't have a boss because they are no longer employed.

Welcome to the Wipe House: President Trump shreds climate change, privacy, LGBT policies on WhiteHouse.gov


Re: It's really amusing

Never have I seen so much propaganda since my days in USAF during the Cold War. You refer to the emolument clause found in Article I, Section 6&9. It includes Congress. It refers to officeholders not eligible to hold civil office or take direct payments. A part of Constitutional Law is established practice. Considering the holdings of the Bushes in China and the oil World, the holdings of the Kennedys and the Roosevelts it's a nice myth about Trump's emoluments to rally the troops but in reality it's simply untrue. Just so you know, that Washington, D.C. hotel was an old Post Office. Sen. Diane Feinstein's(D)CA husband's firm had the contract to dispose of Post Office property. Their emoluments were considerably more than any emoluments you may be receiving for trolling.

China gives America its underwater drone back – with a warning


It was probably a Quality Control Test follow-up. The Chinese wanted to see if one of their workers gave the Americans electronics from the good stack rather than the reject stack when the Chinese were manufacturing electronics for American military hardware. Witness America's problem with the F-35 while the Chinese clone seems to be doing quite well. American research might also show the effects that artificial islands built on coral islands is having on climate change. The world might quit blaming America for life giving CO2 and hold China responsible for their honest-to-goodness environmental damage. And there would go China's "economic advantage" . Then the manufacture of military clothing might return to America, it's territories or friendly neighbors. Boy, Nixon's policy of exploiting the Sino-Soviet rift was brilliant. Even it did aid the Chinese and Soviets in helping North Vietnam and the VC during the Vietnam War. NOT

US citizens crash Canadian immigration site after Trump victory


Go South or Canadian Northwest Territories

It's interesting that the Mexican servers weren't crashed. Canada seems to need the money so charge a healthy entrance tax to Americans fleeing Trump and allow settlement in the Northwest Territories only.

Tech titans demand free speech law to head off President Trump


government critics

Now about that climate change thing and attempts to criminalize any criticism. Will this bill also protect the citizens and corporations that do not agree or worse, offer criticism and counter theories?

PayPal freezes 400-job expansion in North Carolina over bonkers religious freedom law


Does anyone remember it all started with "get the government out of my bedroom"?

In my last retirement I drove an 18 wheeler across America for over 10 years. As such, it meant there were a lot of visits to bathrooms from customers to truck stops to rest areas. There were some states that had closed rest area bathrooms after a certain time for "safety" concerns. Some had a reputation for homosexual activity. North Carolina always had clean rest areas with an attendant on duty and in some cases a state police sub-station. It is also home to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Billy Graham Assn., Duke University, the Research Triangle, numerous foreign trade zones and industrial parks and home to NASCAR. In all that PayPal with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies biting at their heels feel some great economic leverage over taxpayer financed investment and 400 jobs? The practical effect of this is that restrooms are being constructed or revamped to be closed individual stalls and eventually each will need a lock so the proprietor won't get sued. But who listens to a person so confused they don't know what sex they are?

Top rocket exec quits after telling the truth about SpaceX price war


Who "ratted" and wht?

All this about a senator or a government agency favored a company who hired lobbyist from the government-private sector revolving door is hardly news. By Musk's own admission he was preparing for bankruptcy the night NASA called and awarded him a space exploration contract. Many of these companies have private stock offerings that by Securities and Exchange Commission rules do not have to publish the identity of large stock purchases in contrast to public stock offerings. Doubt if any investigation delves into that. But, of greater concern is who would want to tape a lecture and then repost it to a public venue? Was this VP of engineering speaking off the cuff, responding to questions or was it a prepared speech? There was a time such public speeches had to be cleared by censors for security purposes and rules had to be followed. As for technology, seems the government is paying for what is already in their files. Midair retrieval was extensively studied in the '60s. The old workhorse C-119 with a winch retrieval system retrieved every thing from people on the ground, weather balloons and returning space capsules. USAF done extensive studies on VTOL(Vertical Takeoff and Landing craft. Companies comprising ULA were in on those studies as well as the studies for piggyback or slingshot launches. Nothing like getting paid multiple times for the same work. But if today's research can't understand Fortran maybe they don't know how to interpret all the reams of early data.

How Chairman Mao's secret military project led to a Nobel Prize


one among many

Ever heard the term antibiotics? It is the use of biological substances occurring naturally to prevent or cure disease and illness. Quinine taken from the bark of a tree was used for malaria and standard G.I. issue for years. Jungle warfare school taught other means including mosquito nets, repellents and simple smearing of mud. If this research was due to the Vietnam War it was more likely the Chinese seeking evidence of U.S. germ warfare or them seeking an extra virulent strain of malaria. The NAZI's had an extensive program seeking natural substances for foul means. Saddam Hussein's Iraq had a similar program. Both of which caused Jewish researchers at the university at Tel Aviv to do substantial research into these substances. With Korea and Vietnam long being viewed by the Chinese as inferior buffer colonies and long standing hatred of these countries for the Chinese, it is difficult to believe the Chinese had a sudden concern for the people. The Chinese concern was in all probability less than noble and it is curious why the committee would choose to assign benevolent cause to anything Maoist did.

Vanished global warming may not return – UK Met Office


man made environmental effects

It is not the climate change that is the subject of dispute. It is the arbitrary nature of assigning cause. As pointed out in this article, weather oscillations are caused by wind, water, sun, moon, planets and celestial mechanics. With our knowledge base, we can't accurately predict El Ninos and La Ninas, so how can anyone rationally believe we can accurately predict climate change on planet Earth level. Yet, governments around the world are imposing costs on society with no proof their actions will remedy anything. Meanwhile, the well known Carbon cycle is routinely interfered with by filling in natural Carbon sinks such as wetlands and oceans to build houses and artificial islands. Man should stick to less grandiose endeavors than trying to change the universe. The Rocky and Appalachian mountains didn't exist at one time, the U.S. Midwest was an ocean and a land bridge existed between continents or there was one large continent depending on theorist. Despite all this, we are supposed to blindly accept whatever people profiting from a theoretical concept choose to feed us. Remove the money and see how serious the climate change "scientist" are.

Get thee behind me, Satanic mills! Robert Owen's Scottish legacy


In the end it takes doers and not dreamers. That's why New Harmony failed after buying a profitable enterprise from George Rapp's Harmonites. The intellectuals felt common labor was beneath them. Their employees were just plain lazy. Somehow these places become museums and celebrated as successes although at the time they were regarded as abject failures. Much of today's vaunted economy is driven by Third World child labor and U.S. illegal immigrants. The Satanic Mills grind merrily along.

Why SpaceX will sort out Sunday's snafu faster than NASA ever could


Re: NASA inefficiency: The hint is in the name

I share your laziness but the project was an extension of the nuclear propelled bombers(USAF was supposed to have built two) and the radioisotope thermal generators(RTG) built by Martin-Marietta corporation. Part of the reason for the cancellation was due to protest from the nuclear free crowd that didn't want nuclear in space and worried about a crash on launch. But at least it's good to see other people remember what could have been had NASA proceeded with nuclear propulsion and that technology the shared with the public at large. Space X will undoubtedly keep any knowledge earned private, then see if it can be applied to TESLA Motors. We may even some day discover how to use repulsion away from Earth's magnetic field to generate propulsion. I think Boeing and Space X are in a race to build a re-usable space plane while the Air Force is flying some mystery plane about the Earth. Politicians deliberately stall for time when their errors cause a tragedy and private sectors have been known to do the same. In this case, a lot of contract renewals are at stake so time is of the essence. At some point Space X will become bureaucratic and slow to respond as well. In the meantime, enjoy a "will do" attitude.

Did climate change scare off vegan dinos for millions of years? 'Yes'


No carbon credits; no exchanges

Maybe if there would have been carbon credits and exchange to trade them, then the dinosaur flatulence and dung creating CO2 and CH4 would not have led to the extinction by dinosaur made climate change. Then there is the possibility of man while carrying fire back to the cave dropped the stick and set the forest on fire leading to a world wide conflagration and thus man made climate change. Makes as much sense as today's theories.

Eco-loons hack Thirty Meter Telescope website to help the 'natives'


Re: Direct action

According to your post it appears the native Hawaiian population should be afforded protection on laws protecting Native Americans. It is unfortunate that the early Christian missionaries convinced many populations destroy idols and writings associated with idols worshiping gods. Maybe the site was an excellent location for communicating with outer space or part of a geomagnetic grid. This was probably more about computer hacking while claiming an environmental, spiritual concern.

Anti-gay Indiana starts backtracking on hated law after tech pressure


Re: Politics. politics....and duplicity

Homosexuality has been on Earth since mankind began. Leviticus ch.18, vs. 22-30 deals specifically with the practice. The whole chapter is about sexual practices. According to Biblical accounts, the promise God made in Leviticus about engaging in those practices were fulfilled in Sodom and Gomorrah. However, due to pressure from the gay lobby, preaching against homosexuality is seldom practiced and indeed many churches are allowing gay ministers. According to the Freudian psychology and the later Kinsey report I studied, homosexuals are anything but gay. They are usually miserable. They have went from the closet to openly gay to forced acceptance and are on the verge of forced participation. The executives of these companies demonstrate this by using their economic power. The business definition was to prevent an attorney from saying the law only applied to a person. It is now illegal to teach gay conversion therapy. My old abnormal psychology books are now illegal because they called homosexuality a mental disease. Ironically, under Indiana law a person with mental deficiencies is a protected class. Earlier, Indiana had enacted a law against same sex marriages. It was struck down by the federal courts. RFRA only protects against government action. Due to other states experiences with gay marriages, Indiana enacted a law to protect business owners in a lawsuit and give courts guidance. If a business refuses services, they can still be sued under the law and must demonstrate proof the request for services was injurious to their religious beliefs. Gov. Pence signed the law in private with three anti-gay activists. There is an HIV outbreak in Southern counties of Indiana. It is being blamed on drug users. Gov. Pence declared a medical emergency in that area. That means causes must be defined. HIV studies makes the gay community nervous. There is an acknowledgement of a gay agenda and growing resentment as basic institutions are attacked. Churches are the most basic moral institutions and therefore the most subject to attack. Those that serve God will survive and prosper. Those that serve mammon will fail as they should. Corporations should think twice before making economic threats about who could be the larger offended population. God might provide superior technical knowledge in computing and health fields that would make the knowledge and products of the companies protesting the law obsolete. By law those benefits would have to be made available to the whole population. The gays would probably abandon their current defenders in droves. The Indiana law protest is just another ratcheting up process. Many of those same companies are supporting a bill to reduce wages on government projects. Their protests are more about corporate greed than lifestyles.


Politics. politics....and duplicity

The cast of characters criticizing this is interesting. If these companies really wish to boycott Indiana they would route their freight around Indiana and pay the extra cost. Many of them got tax breaks which in many cases they will incur liability if they leave. Angies list is currently asking for an $18,000,000.00 grant that will be made up by straights and gays. NCAA really hammered Penn State over the Sanduskey affair. In all the gay lawsuits against businesses, it appears only those of the Christian faith have been sued. Wonder how Moslem caterers would deal with finger food with pork or baked goods with lard? But, Christians have survived lions and Roman centurions and they will survive this. This couldn't possibly connected to Pence's interest in a Presidential bid and the need for a special law for him to run for both offices in 2016.

Secret Bezos delivery helicopters operate from mystery Canadian base to evade US regulators


Bezos Moby Dick

Amazon distribution system has no trucks of their own. Products are brought to their warehouse by various commercial carriers. Orders are filled and merchandise trucked to less than truckload carriers that do home delivery where it is cross-docked to terminals in cities where final delivery is made. Once the merchandise is in a delivery area, it is again cross-docked and loaded in the delivery van that takes it to the customer. Amazon has many distribution centers, so the drones are probably planned for areas close to the DC's. Many of these were built with a variant of Tax Incentive Financing. Those expire. Thus the dream of cutting delivery costs. Problem is that in the United States there is something called aerial rights. Below FAA authority there is a tangled web of local ordinances, then FCC and new laws regarding drones are being enacted everyday. As for a common delivery point like Amazon is using and now serviced by trucks, the drone congestion could make for amusing video. Even the U.S. Air Force with it's human controllers have difficulty with rogue drones. Having waited at several Amazon warehouses from 4 to 12 hours to get a 53 ft semi-trailer loaded because before actually loading takes place the merchandise must be sorted, the idea of delivering within 30 minutes of order placement will take a lot more revamping and cost than delivery drones. The FAA should put it on the fast track. Let it fail and save a lot of time and money. Or they can let Bezos be like Captain Ahab and chase the great white whale.

Paul Allen hunts down sunken Japanese WWII super-battleship


unappreciated prophets

Billy Mitchell got court- martialed for his efforts because it upset Navy brass and a few politicians with interests in shipbuilding. At the same time, the U.S. Army refused funding for Goddards rocket tests. The NAZIs bought the patent details on a lot of his experiments. Seven hours after the Pearl Harbor attack, the Japanese found American airplanes still wingtip to wingtip on the ground in the Philippines. Gen. McArthur on the Philippines was made a hero. Adm. Kimmel and Gen. Short at Pearl Harbor were court-martialed. And this was after the German blitzkriegs, the Battle of Britain and Japanese takeover of French Indo-China. When slow learners have the most political clout, they don't appreciate prophets getting in the way of their profits. But, Japanese naval vessels were rumored to carry plundered gold and sometimes native currencies.

'Giving geo-engineering to this US govt is like giving a child a loaded gun'


Climate Warfare?

In the 1970s there was an international tribunal convened for the purpose of ending climate warfare. All nations were signatory to the resulting treaty and climate warfare was to end. Geoengineering seems like a new term for climate warfare. While mankind in developed countries burns fossil fuels in contained combustion chambers, the Earth has been subject to burning of fossil fuels by forest, prairie, marsh, peat bed and coal bed fires throughout the ages, the climate changed and the Earth and it's inhabitants survived. If everyone just protects their living area, the rest will take care of itself except for those with delusions of grandeur thinking they can really move the Sun, Moon and stars. Since there is a sucker born every minute, the hucksters will just find a new hoax. The U.S. Congress being filled with hucksters proves that.

Ex-squeeze me? Baking soda? Boffins claim it safely sucks CO2 out of the air


A solution not a solution

Following the links it appears baking soda is one ingredient in a solution containing three different carbonates and a zinc compound along with other ingredients encapsulated in a permeable polymer shell made blue by the use of thymol blue. Baking soda's ability to absorb and release CO2 would be it's contribution, but the limiting factor will be the sustained permeability of the blue polymer shell in an industrial environment. This appears similar to gas diffusion membranes that need replaced periodically. The zinc compound looks similar to one used in various engine oil treatments that greatly enhances lubricity and absorbs combustion by-products. The zinc may be the catalyst and the real reason for it's effectiveness rathe than baking soda.

This $10 phone charger will wirelessly keylog your boss


government snoopers

Superior and safer technology has existed for some time but not introduced at the behest of government. The official reason is that it would make eavesdropping too difficult.

Why has the Russian economy plunged SO SUDDENLY into the toilet?


Where are the old Soviet traders?

The analysis without regards to politics is correct. However, it is nothing new. In the Cold War days there was a time that Marxist regimes could not use American banks, stock or commodity exchanges. The Eurodollar was created because the Soviets were buying so much European currency the free world feared a currency dump and thus the collapse of European economies. Then came co-existence, detente, glasnost and peristroika. The Soviets had always been cash customers until the "collapse of Communism" and credit was extended. Fortunes made by ex-KGB types turned capitalist is legendary. They may have been good spies, but capitalist and political planners they are not. In days of old, the old Soviet traders would have paid the debt in gold, silver, titanium, etc., opened a shadow bank that didn't deal in US Dollars in another country for the purposes of selling military hardware to countries like India and then suspended oil sales to countries using US Dollars for purchases and blamed the American embargo for the suspension. Gold prices would drop, energy prices would rise and in this day, who knows what would happen to the dollar. If Western Banks no longer held Russian debt, it wouldn't be good. And for what? Someone the West didn't like won an election, so a revolutionary overthrow was fomented. Why? How is the U.S. paying for trips to the ISS without violating their own embargo? The old Soviets would have had a field day with this group of novices. President Eisenhower had it right early in his Presidency when he said, "let's not throw sand in the other guy's gears, let's concentrate on outdistancing them". By the time he left office and realized he had been "snookered" by the military-industrial complex it was too late and the stage for 60 years of conflicts was set. The leaders of today have forgotten the ravages of all out war and frankly don't have the intellectual capacity to keep it from spinning out of control in their lust for money and power.

DNA egghead James Watson sells Nobel prize for $4.8m, gets it back


genotype;phenotype;hereditary vs. environment

A wiki article as good as they are for a quick reference is hardly adequate for deciding the fate of one's career. The same comment uttered at a white supremacist meeting would have a different connotation that when uttered at a scientific meeting. Human DNA has changed over the years due to environment. Currently, sperm banks of highly talented individuals offer the promise of superchildren. Dirty little secret is the heredity factor . Some traits aren't that inheritable. As for race. The Egyptians, Mayans and Incas all achieved things that puzzle us to this day. Yet, their descendants are among the poorest and least educated in the world. The scandal is that a person that discovered the key to unlock the mystery of why people with the same parents have different characteristics is crucified for scientific musings. Without conjecture and theory there is no critical thinking. Without critical thinking there are no scientific breakthroughs and we are doomed to repeat past mistakes. Like a war for racial superiority.

Solar sandwich cooks at 40 per cent efficiency


Re: Efficiency % important for niche applications

Agree with your math as to per annum cost and not 20 year amortized cost. However, this cost is expected to be borne by taxpayer subsidies and mandated carbon credits. So this is more about money than saving the Earth. If it were about people and the Earth, building codes would require new construction make maximum use of on-site solar and wind generation, In such a case, DC electricity could be used locally while transmitting excess generation via an inverter as AC to the grid. Haven't done a patent search, but I recall a similar layered panel design in the "70's. Individual solar cell efficiency at 16% or commercial at 33% would seem to indicate an efficiency loss if a battery of cells achieves 40%. As for the mirrors, it wasn't clear if that was for focusing light or heat generation. Neither one is practical for household installations.

Want to see the back of fossil fuels? Calm down, hippies. CAPITALISM has an answer


Fuel cell fuel and petrochemical feedstocks

Perhaps I missed it, but there wasn't any mention of what fuel the H2 generating fuel cell will use. Water? Who needs it? Rainy days just mess things up. Alcohol? Distillation can use passive solar heat and transportation fuels can be worked out later. Grain or wood feedstocks can be grown without fertilizers or pesticides. The frames to hold the solar cells can be made of wood. Surely, we'll discover a non fossil based material to make solar cells. Cars can be made of balsa wood to compete with lightweight aluminum, plastics and carbon composites. If those that needed it would get a craniumectomy,(removal of cranium from gluteus orifice), they would realize the man made greenhouse gas is their own and the computers and 3D printers would not have a plastic case, ink or feedstock to operate without oil, gas or coal. If carbon taxes are to be assessed, then do it like the Value Added Tax with no carbon credit trading schemes.

Carbon tetrachloride releases still too high, says NASA


knowing what you don't know

The most important takeaway is that this scientist admitted there was an unknown source or process. Chlorinated hydrocarbons are nasty things, but considering the natural leakage of hydrocarbons on the ocean floor and the amount of chlorine in the ocean, Nature might have a some chemical surprises of it's own.

NASA tests crazytech flying saucer thruster, could reach Mars in days


Surfing the solar waves

Finally someone demonstrated how the microwaves are generated. Depending on solar activity this could be highly variable. If the one designed to fail worked, perhaps the actual enabling mechanism is not the one theorized. Totally useless for Deep Space(beyond our solar system).

Just TWO climate committee MPs contradict IPCC: The two with SCIENCE degrees


science vs. art

Hindsight is 20/20 so they say. Prophecy is a guess at best. Science can't answer why whole civilizations disappear, how the Earth was formed and on and on. The artist, non scientist, believe with the skimpiest of data they can predict the future of the Earth, moon and stars. Maybe we should consult psychics and fortunetellers to resolve the climate change debate.

Climate: 'An excuse for tax hikes', scientists 'don't know what they're talking about'


The Chinese that are in the process of damming and flooding the largest area known to man, filling in seas to make a seaport, burns coal with limited pollution abatement, puts toxic waste on soils and in pet and baby food? Hard to tell from their actions they are believers. Of course if talking it puts their competitors at a disadvantage, that's another matter.


loaded questions

Most of the surveys I've seen have "loaded questions" with simple yes/no answers. It's a way to get a desired answer. When people answer man has and has not caused climate change is a classic example. Man has done things that modified the immediate environs of people. If the effects of those changes such as filling in ocean backwaters is assigned to "climate change", then people will give conflicting answers. Science with an economic benefit to one group at the expense of another with no increase in productivity will always be looked at with a jaundiced eye.

The Sun took a day off last week and made NO sunspots


Re: Climatology is Climate ALCHEMY

Hey, we're making money here. Let's not muck it up with scientific facts. The man made problem is directly correlated with the concentration of people and mega farms, power plants, factories and retail centers. The same amount of pollution dispersed over a wider area would not have the same effect on Earth but the same effect on the Sun. None.

SpaceX FINALLY lobs six sats into orbit (don't mention the landing)


Re: Trailblazer or also ran

Sorry. Also ran's are not equal to pioneers in anything. Henry Ford had numerous lawsuits against him for patent infringement. Henry Ford is recognized for developing a cheap, simple car built on an assembly line, not the technology that made the car possible. Computer models are based on pioneer science. Things happen in real world application that the virtual world simply cannot duplicate. Todays computer models are probably based on main framed computer programs developed by NASA and their contractors. Computer science was critical to the space program. Kerosene uses oxygen from the air. Rocket fuel has to use an oxidizer to create the required inertia and momentum for space flight. If you've discovered how to use kerosene for the required thrust, you're well on your way to developing the space plane making missile launches obsolete.