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Das überdatabase: Inside Wacky Jacqui's motherbrain


Snail mail

So if they want to know who communicates with who(m) ... where is the provision for all snail mail, parcels, courier services etc to log and report who posted every single item of mail/parcel and where it went to? No more first class mail - everything must go recorded delivery and be stamped and tracked by/at the post office.

Ms Smith's fear of technology being used by terrorists, apparently DOES know some bounds.

eBay boycott results in mixed feedback


Ebay needs to split into two

Ebay is trying to serve two communities and thus unable to serve either properly.

It should split into two companies - one as a real electronic marketplace for BUSINESSES selling (largely) consumer goods and another as a place for auctioning second hand / collectables / junk / etc mostly by INDIVIDUALS - i.e. what it started out life as. It was the arrival of businesses and the BUY IT NOW mentality that led us to where we are.

Sun nails four buyers in 15 months with White Trash Data Center




Apple cuts UK iTunes prices


Where to buy - not where it is sold

EU could have fixed this problem in a very different way. Let Apple charge what it likes where it likes. But force Apple to let me buy it from where I want. Just because I have a UK IP address and UK credit card is no reason to stop me buying (downloading) from another country's Apple site, paying in Euros (I'll take the risk on currency exchange rate via my credit card) and deciding what is the best deal for me. We have a free trade market in Europe (don't we?) so why can't I buy at 99 Euro cents from a non-UK Apple site, eh? Answer me that, EU. Aren't Apple infringing some regulations by stopping me? (Same as the car manufacturers could not stop Uk buyers buying at Euro prices from Germany, etc)

Virgin Media network collapses nationwide



"Most of the problems occurred in the North West, Yorkshire and the Midlands"

Hmm - well just north of Reigate it was out from around 9.30pm to midnight!

Half of GPS users given duff information


TomTom - no such thing as updates

Anyone (such as the anonymous TomTom user) expecting free map details updates, is sadly deluded. TomTom do NOT provide this. Their policy is "wait till we release an updated map, and BUY it if you want" (Hint: It REPLACES your current map. There ARE NO updates!) And when you do you'll likely find plenty of things are STILL wrong.

Google tells TV execs where they've gone wrong


Re Embedded

TV already embeds ads - look at their channel logos which are permanently on. and their ads over the credits. If they embed more it will only distract from the content - content is king. I want to watch CONTENT not a channel and do not want to be distracted from it or have it ruined by a rebd button/channel logo/ad/message/trailer/what's on next/sponsorship message etc. The day real ads are embedded will be the day I move to watch everything on DVD.


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