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Kernel-memory-leaking Intel processor design flaw forces Linux, Windows redesign


Re: Hmmm...

> In a fair market this should kick the door down for AMD.

What's the betting intel are pushing M$ to enable the KPTI patch for all chips regardless of mfr to try and shore up relative losses in performance?

The Next Big Thing in Wi-Fi? Multiple access points in every home


> Umm I don't think you get enough leakage from microwaves to affect your WiFi. They are after all very carefully shielded against radiating.

My old microwave used to knock out the wifi without fail. You've got to remember that 1000W microwave only has to leak 0.1% of it's energy to equal your 1W wifi access point.

Linus Torvalds in sweary rant about punctuation in kernel comments


Re: Well there is a point to this

Looks like you're getting downvoted despite your point being valid AndrueC.

One thing I would say is that it probably isn't always true for something as complex as core kernel/driver code, which is always going to be pretty hairy in places. Applications code on the other hand, there's no excuses.

Sysadmin paid a month's salary for one day of nothing


shropshire backwards joke

That's hilarious!

do you know any more?

A thousand mile Atom merci mission: Driving from Monaco to London in an open-topped motor


Re: lack of self cancelling indicators?

I have self cancelling indicators on my motorbike (Honda Crosstourer) and they're the work of satan. Really bad idea - they self cancel way too early on larger roundabouts, just like car indicators often do.... except it's much much easier to not notice it's happened on a bike (can't hear them, and you can't really be looking down at the dash to check while negotiating a big junction). I don't know how you implement them on a motorbike reliably. You very infrequently use much steering angle at all, and you can be steering the 'wrong' way (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Countersteering) or if you're going really slow, the 'right' way.

This whopping 16-bit computer processor is being built by hand, transistor by transistor


but can it run crysis?

Hang on a second – Time Lords have added one to 2015


since you ask

> where's the problem?

the problem is, NTP doesn't work like that. It proactively notifies the client of an upcoming leap second, and the client should attempt to deal with it by inserting or deleting an extra second, not by just discovering the clock is wrong by a second at some point afterward.

This week it rained in San Francisco and the power immediately blew out. Your tech utopia


if this is what rain does..

... then how is the city going to cope when the inevitable 'big one' finally strikes?


I'll be back (and forward): Hollywood's time travel tribulations


> Using a time machine in the form of a telephone box (surely Dr Who could prosecute?)

er, police box != phone booth.

You're getting confused with superman, who sometimes changed in a phone booth.

LARGE, ROUND and FEELS SO GOOD in your hand: Yes! It's a Nexus 6


Re: Launched way too early

protip: put your phone in your pocket before this happens

Whomp, there it is: Seagate demos Kinetic disk drive



That's not a kinetic drive, it's a seagate constellation SATA drive.

Samsung lays down PCIe server flash gauntlet


marketing shot

... as in marketing should be shot!

What on earth is that photo supposed to show us? Apart from the fact that it's - rather suprisingly - only a pci-e 4x card ....

Apple iPhone 6: Looking good, slim. AW... your battery died



> Why would I want to flash a 600 quid phone ?

Why else did you buy it in the first place?

SynoLocker Trojan crime gang: We QUIT this gig


put your hand in your pocket, synology

Synology's opportunity to fix the issue, I feel.

Hey Intel – that new Pro 2500 SSD looks awfully familiar


it's a step backwards

> 125mW when idle versus the 1500's 55mW idle reading

mW count when you're talking laptops, so that's a fail. Maybe that's why they felt the big increase in model number was necessary.

You know all those resources we're about to run out of? No, we aren't


Re: I would argue the situation was even worse

Why bother building gallows? It sounds like you'll have a hammer handy, so smash their heads in with that, and spend the spare time and money you've saved down the pub.

Jupiter's Great Red Spot becoming mere pimple


just saying

The more I look at that picture, the more that thing looks like a nipple.

Maybe that's just the way my brain works.

Users folder vanished after OS X 10.9.3 update? Here's a fix


moral of the story is

don't update straight away... let someone else do the debug for you.

Dixons and Carphone Warehouse confirm £3.7bn merger


Re: to misquote McNealy...

I didn't link properly, this is what I meant:



to misquote McNealy...

three garbage trucks colliding

I do look forward to the demise of these soulless out of town retail parks.

Game of Thrones written on brutal medieval word processor and OS


Re: Word bad, raw text editor good

> A raw text editor (VI, Emacs, gedit, ...)...

vi, yes. Emacs is a bit shit though.

LA air traffic meltdown: System simply 'RAN OUT OF MEMORY'


640 feet

should be enough for anybody

Emulex racks up fifth loss-making quarter as FIVE-YEAR Broadcom broadside ends


"Certainly, I think everybody pronounced FCoE dead, maybe a little bit pretty maturely." That's interesting: an FCoE uptick? Cisco will be pleased.

no, it's dead. The body's still twitching a bit though.


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