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Google calls on carriers to craft IoT plans


Re: Re: Not a suitable model...


It's a rock-bottom cost for the operator. What I want to say is that the mobile model cannot go anything lower than that, not at present with the current legacy onboarding and provisioning systems that any MNO has.

AFAIK, mobile operators are already in a phase of market destruction thanks to the likes of WhatsApp that have been substantially eroding the SMS business.

I am actually a bit surprised that Google is expressing concern, I thought they would have circumvented the operators "tout-court" in the race for ubiquitous IoT.


Not a suitable model...

...A mobile connection (here in old Europe) sits around 4 to 5 Euro-quids per month of operational costs for a mid-sized MNO (Mobile Network Operator). Expect the figure to increase for an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator).

The figure doesn't include any indirect cost like marketing or procurement. As an example: SIM card costs around 1,5 Eur in mid-sized batches and number attribution has a cost too.

All in all it's not a feasible model for a very low-cost or out-of-band connection, it doesn't scale in terms of business unless the operator can come with some form of contract subsides.

On the other hand, White Spaces WiFi should hold a promising cost/throughput ratio because of the relatively low density of relaying stations per coverage. Not incidentally Google is already on it: https://www.google.com/get/spectrumdatabase/

Docker ported into Hadoop as benchmarks show screaming fast performance


There is another implementation of this...

Ferry is an attempt to create docker containers generic enough to host big data stacks.


The nice thing of LXC is that most of functionality is in user space and it takes less time to blossom something that is actually usable. That's a huge advantage of containers.


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