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User rats out IT team for playing games at work, gets them all fired

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Support chap's Sonic Screwdriver fixes PC as user fumes in disbelief

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Re: RE: But if you store them in the tube

Sounds like the story about the VW Beetle when you'd put the little motor in the kitchen sink to work on it. There were always a few pieces left over when you put it back together. After a while, you'd have enough parts to build a second engine.

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My daughter favors Fantasia and falls asleep during "The Rite of Spring."

Surface Book nightmare: Microsoft won't fix 'Sleep of Death' bug

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Possible Fix for Sleep of Death

I've had a similar problem with an ASUS laptop running Windows 10, usually when I unplug a USB device like a Lenovo external monitor and/or an external hard drive. A search for ASUS Sleep of Death led me to try the following:

Device Manager > Univeral Serial Bus Controllers > USB Root Hub (xHCI) > Properties > Power Management > Turn Off "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power."

Fix capitalism with floating cities on Venus says Charles Stross

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I would prefer the money applied to traveling faster than light speed. It opens up more opportunities for additional projects like visiting exoplanets.