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French pensioner ejected from fighter jet after accidentally grabbing bang seat* handle



Hollywood comedy writers are busy scribbling.

It's amazing they didn't think of this before.

Or maybe they did but somebody thought it was unrealistic...

Boeing big cheese repeats pledge of 737 Max software updates following fatal crashes


Re: Want to try to reprogram it so it feels and drives like an F1?

There is no way you can make software fool physics and force physics to turn an unstable system into a stable one.

The US F-117, for example, is an unstable aerodynamic platform run by software that makes it act stably. There are others.


Re: Used to be?

Put your head between your knees and kiss your ass goodbye...

China's first space station to – ahem – de-orbit in late March


Re: Coming home

According to the map, it could land on Manhattan, possibly Ground Zero. Which would then become Ground Zero-Zero.

WikiLeaks drama alert: CIA forged digital certs imitating Kaspersky Lab


Who do you trust?

Has the CIA admitted or denied the attack?

Do I have a reason to trust Wikileaks?

Do I have a reason to trust the CIA?

Does the CIA have enemies?

Does Assange have my interests at heart?

DeX Station: Samsung's Windows-killer is ready for prime time


Re: Nice work

"And the insane position of the fingerprint sensor."

It is actually more convenient if you just loop your finger over the top and scan from left to right feeling for the edge.

And it recognizes the fingerprint upside down. I had registered my fingerprint by turning the phone around when I got it. But now that I loop over the top, it still recognizes it, even though the finger lands upside down!

LastPass now supports 2FA auth, completely undermines 2FA auth


Fewer Secrets

I feel it helps to limit on-line access to financial accounts. I can logon to my bank, but my account type won't let me move money around. The hacker in Moldavia can't transfer fund from my bank to his.

So the weakest point is online shopping. If they can logon and ship something from Amazon to their place, they got me. But Amazon has the address. Not a good way for the Moldovan hacker to get rich.

So what's left? They can hack into my Register account and put comments in under my name. So maybe, worst case, this message is from the hacker, not "Me".

Seven pet h8s: Verity is sorely vexed


Unicode Strings...

"a better working solution for a string data type that can handle multiple languages while being easy to use at the same time"

The Go language does this very nicely. See http://golang.org.

ISP GMX attempts the nigh impossible: PGP for the masses


The Browser Can Be Spoofed

It's pretty simple to install, or just run, JavaScript malware in the browser. So it shouldn't be too hard to spoof the user into entering the plaintext to the malware. Afterwards, the malware could run the GMX code to send the message as intended.

The browser itself is a security hole.

'Hey, Elon? You broke it, you bought it' says owner of SpaceX's satellite cinder


Never too early

When things go bust, it's never too early to start making demands.

Insurance company lawyers are professional spin doctors too.

LogMeIn adds emergency break-in feature to LastPass


Re: LastPass Security

My online banking doesn't let me move funds around, only to view my balance and transactions.

The only exception is PayPal, and they offer 2-Factor Authorization.

Massive global cooling process discovered as Paris climate deal looms


Re: "climate science is still struggling to assmilate"

"Even the typos are biased"

That's just basic psychology, my friend.

What makes our planet's clouds? Tiny INVISIBLE CREATURES. True story


Re: Well, that's it then......

However dumb people are, plankton are even dumber. And they modify the climate all the time.


Re: Global warming help?

So killing more whales, to increase the number of plankton, won't help any?

I was kinda hoping...


For Dinner, yes. Breakfast, no.

Today's bugs have BRANDS? Be still my bleeding heart [logo]


Re: Bring back Ada

The new Go language is efficient and type-safe, and is excellent for the sort of web software that has been botched in these examples. It's easier to learn than C and has nice concurrency baked in. See golang.org

Go generates machine code, and is garbage collected, which has only one bad side-effect in practice. You can't call Go code from C or C++ code in a way that you like. The other way around works very well.

We need a nicer type-safe language for writing critical code modules that can be linked in as libraries (static or dynamic) to existing C/C++ programs. Will ADA do that?