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Without competition, TCS wins back UK pensions body in £1.5B mega-deal

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I wish them good luck, then

"apart from TCS, there was no single supplier or consortium in the market now or the short term (assessed over the next 12 months) who could meet Nest's requirements,"

When virtual mittens sell for thousands, of course gamers are ripe targets for cyber shenanigans

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wasnt me, I swear, guv

Owner of Smuggler's Inn B&B ordered to put up a sign warning guests not to cross into Canada

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Re: Just waiting for the inevitable

you might be surprised how many people on this side of the border are actually approving the idea of that wall. ( except for the payment of course). Quebec may even supply the high voltage power for the usual top barb wire.

And for the exact same reason: stop the C**** from the south coming in.

Fine, OK, no backdoors, says Deputy AG. Just keep PLAINTEXT copies of everyone's messages

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Re: Who's to say whether the plaintext matches the cryptoed text?

@Stephen Battleware

Yes I am sure that was the problem.

Not the fact the scope was badly define by the fed's procuration, changed countless times while the basic system was build, the govt sponsor was replaced after 4 months, the new one (political appointment) rejected everything that was done because could not understand it, rebaselined on his own definition of what should be delivered and change the main supplier ( and that happened 3 times: new sponsor, baseline and main supplier in 14 months, while the grunts were still developping with the old specs) and the mainframe specs were also modified after delivery (twice).

Yes, I do have some inside info about that mess, should you ask.


China claims to have turbine-powered drone carrying 200kg payload

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That's your problem right there...

the ACX Crystal is 223 metres.... (731ft, or 243 yards) - USS Fitzgerald incident

the Alnic MC is 180 metres (600 ft, or 200 yards) - USS John S. McCain incident.

That 300ft must be coming from the same radar...

Sorry, could not resist, but it is beyond comprehension this class of warship can not see a container ship, at least twice it's size, on a collision course.

Thoughts and prayers with the families.

Big Cable falls into wormhole to alternate universe, sends back blog post about USA's amazing broadband

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Watch your words

In USSA, sorry AMERICA, Fick Yeah ! as they call it, you do not say "lies" anymore.

It is "Alternative facts", as promoted by the Prez...

BTW if you think competition is weak, you should see what we have here.

Ma Bell, Tel US and Roger that.

And prices... $$$$$$$$$

Shock: NASA denies secret child sex slave cannibal colony on Mars

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Re: Wot? You even planned to be elsewhere?!?

Nope. The 150th is more than July 1st. Many special celebration all year.

And for the Montreal 375th also.

(we were in Ottawa on th 1st btw)

The vacation plan was for the next 2 weeks, so instead of 1 week in Old Orchard, we are heading to NS !

Dont know yet for the other week. Will se as we go.


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Djesus Khrist on a byke! I knew our south neighbours where kinda weird, but lately they are reaching new heights!

BTW, we (some 8 family and friends) were planning some R&R in Maine ( a classic for Montreal folks).

My wife is Ukrainian, my friend is Iranian, his wife is Tunisian. So much fun with the "new rules"

Just canceled the hole thing. Had so much fun telling that to the resort manager in Old Orchard.

Will stay here and enjoy the 150th instead.

US citizens crash Canadian immigration site after Trump victory

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Canadian Immigration website has crashed...

I am so glad it crashed. I just hope they dont fix it.

But I do agree on one thing with the Donald: We need to build a big wall.But on the 49th paral.

We have enough of refugees from war torn country, we do not need political refs.

Sorry America, but you did vote for it.

Canada confiscates snoops' data nets after illegal trawling dragged up too much metadata

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come again ?

Its status in court meant “the CSIS had an elevated obligation to inform the Court of the use it was making of non-threat-related information collected through the operation of warrants”, but “it failed to do so.”

“I conclude that the retention of associated data falls outside the CSIS’s legislatively defined jurisdiction and does not respect the CSIS’s limited primary mandate and functions,” the judgement states.

Read again carefully.

Illegally collecting information not related to a case is not what was the judge's beef. It was the undisclosed "retaining" ( with no time limit ) of it, WITHOUT informing the court.

So basically : sure, go ahead, fish as much as you can, just let the court know about it, after the fact.

Don't panic, but a 'computer error' cut the brakes on a San Francisco bus this week

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That would never happen now... would it ?



Lester Haines: RIP

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To Lester's family and friends, my condolences.

The man touched so many people across the globe by his humor, wisdom and passion.

Many never met Lester in person, yet felt like close friends thanks to his articles.

Godspeed Lester, and thank you. You will be missed.


Wi-Fi network named 'mobile detonation device' grounds plane

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Paranoïa at its best

The terrists have won

Reg reader achieves bronze badge, goes directly to jail

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Not me !

Got scared. Thought it was me for a second.. Then I remember: I don't post enough to have the bronze medal... Phew!

As McAfee runs for US President – we ask a crucial question: Will Reg readers back him?

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Looking at that campain from here

I sure hope that wall will be build.


And I thought we had a lousy choice.

Slip-streaming Tesla, Oz battery-maker plots home-biz launch

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Re: "...$15,000 easily recoverable over ten years..."

Well at those price, I would go off grid completly.

I am really sorry if it is the market price for your area.

Over here ( almost ashame to say it ) we pay around 7 cent ( in Can money) per Kw, no day/night shit, at the customer level. Some big user have a better deal.

BAD things happen to GOOD robots in America: hitchBot DECAPITATED

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I am surprised

.. that it lasted that long in the US of A.

Jeep breach: Scared? You should be, it could be you next

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Police backdoor ?

For years, the Police has been looking in a way to disable a speeding car to end hot chases quickly and safely.

With all the other backdoors already in use by our fine govt, could that be it ?

US OPM boss quits after hackers stole chapter and verse on 21.5m Americans' lives

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error in title...

Last month, the OPM admitted that the personnel records of 4.1 million federal government employees had been stolen from its servers by hackers unknown. Then on Thursday the OPM revealed that an additional 21.5 million dossiers...

So that 25 million Merkans lives...

that we know about...

so far...

Canada passes controversial spook-powers law

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... They are terrorists now. If the Bloc Quebecois still want separation, they are "terrorists" now.



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Additionnal info

The "attack on Parlement" :

The attacker, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, was a 32-year-old Canadian habitual offender and drug addict from Montreal. Considered by several acquaintances to have mental issues, he had been observed by acquaintances and mosque staff exhibiting erratic behaviour. Zehaf-Bibeau, who had a Libyan-Canadian father, had converted to Islam in 2004 and visited Libya. At the time of the shooting, Zehaf-Bibeau planned to leave Canada for the Middle East, living in a homeless shelter in Ottawa while waiting for the processing of his Canadian passport application. According to RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson the "passport issue was central to what was driving" Zehaf-Bibeau.[10] Zehaf-Bibeau made a video prior to the attack in which he expressed his motives as being related "to Canada's foreign policy and in respect of his religious beliefs."[11] To acquaintances and co-workers, he had previously expressed support for jihadists and others in the Middle East resisting the West's intervention, but was not known to the police to be a terrorism risk. In his mother's opinion, the attack was the "last desperate act" of someone with a mental disorder who felt trapped.[12]

So tell me: How those "new mesures" would have detected this guy, if everything he planned was already on the open, including the security processing for his passport by the Mounties ?

( and sorry, I is whether, not weather )

I am from the Kebeckistan region of Kanuckistan, we speek a different tongue !

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nicely define bounds...

It says the Canadian Security Intelligence Service will be able to take within and outside Canada "measures to reduce threats to the security of Canada, including measures that are authorised by the Federal Court".

so ... anything, anywhere, weather is has been authorised or not.

Welcome to Kanukistan.

Good grief! Have you seen BlackBerry's square smartphone?

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What pi$$ me off, why is it cheaper in the U$A than here, AGAIN.

(yes taking the exchange rate in consideration thankyouverymuch)

Really gets on my tits, everytime a Kanuckistany cie does that.

Snowden shouldn't be extradited to US if he testifies about NSA spying, says Swiss gov

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Re: direct flight

4 a day, sez google


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Card at ready

I'll have a mug and a patch, with the North America proudly displayed. Merci

FEAST YOUR EYES: Samsung's Galaxy Alpha has an 'entirely new appearance'

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That sound in the back

is the FrutyFirm(tm)'s legal hired guns sharpening their knives...

This is going to be entertaining ...

Canucks' ISPs routing data through snoop heaven USA

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As I said before, welcome to Kanuckistan