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Who wants a classic ThinkPad with whizzy new hardware? Lenovo would just love to know

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Power connectors

What he said!! This is coming from a W520 workhorse with a number of T61s in various stages of repair. (along with an X60 with SSD/Win7pro/Mint17.1) The yellow power socket on R/T series machines is screwed to the frame and the wiring from it is brought out to a flat plug connected to a header on the planar board (as IBM used to call mobos) No amount of plug abuse is going to break that socket in a hurry!

A new 'proper' Thinkpad would be at the top of my wishlist for a new laptop..

NBN Co loses the “Co” for AU$700,000

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Re: It was inevitable

Where do you live that requires you to actually go through the CBD to Tullamarine?

Metadata retention is no worse than STALKING: Turnbull

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Big Brother


All this talk about the metadata collection and retention has failed to mention that the technology itself is neutral - it is the govt. agencies putting it to possibly unlawful use. Already there are groups out there who have started "watching the watchers" using the internet technologies.

Do Malcolm Turnbull and young Brandis really believe that they are not being watched also?

As the technology becomes more sophisticated, affordable and ubiquitous, how would any goverment be able to stop sousveillance?

National Rugby League boots 'metadata' right into Australia's face

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Re: *cough*

Soccer... Football to your average Aussie is Rugby League or AFL

That said the A-League is way behind the NRL and the AFL but growing.

there, FTFY...

Australia to launch Digital Transformation Office, with no budget

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Now it's Malcolm's go at the Australia Card!

The DTO - another way to flog the Australia Card (of late, unlamented memory!) and find somewhere to park all those useless EL2's that other departments and agencies have been trying to get rid of...

Australia makes pinkie-promise to end Indonesia spying

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The PM wannabees..

It should be remembered, in the light of some of the strange comments coming from the current Aust PM, that Tony Abbott is a 'foreigner', who hales from London, as was his bete-noir, Julia Gillard who was from Barry in darkest Wales. He (Tony Abbott) has made a successful go of life here in Oz, but he reeks of the desperate air of one who tries too hard to be 'Australian', as dictated by the Murdoch (or known here as the filthmuck) press.

This whole indonesian spying lark would not have seen the light of day if the Coalition's ideologues hadn't tried to sandbag the ALP mob with it, then realised (after a swift kick in the bum by the intelligence community) that perhaps it wasn't such a good idea after all...

Customisation is BAD for the economy, say Oz productivity wonks

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Re: Unspeakable, Uneatable.

We gave up on mass bread a while ago..a domestic bread machine producing one loaf a day works for us.. She Who Must Be Obeyed experimented with various blends of flour, bran, seeds yeast etc.. now the bread comes out reliably every time using unskilled assistance (me) . since the loaves are small, no wastage with stale bread heels..