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Microsoft pulls the plug on WordPad, the world's least favorite text editor



"WordPad was always an odd tool. Certainly not something one would want to edit text with, but not much of a word processor either."

WordPad always was, and always will be, all that the vast majority of users actual need a word processor to do.

It's time to delete that hunter2 password from your Microsoft account, says IT giant


Lost & Found Problems

I'm a hotel manager. My Lost & Found ends up with at least a couple smartphones a month, either left behind in rooms or dropped in the parking lot. Roughly 50% of the owners are able to be identified because they had no sort of security settings on their phone.

Beer necessities: US chap registers bevvy as emotional support animal so he can booze on public transport


Another glass of disappointment...

In the USA there is no government-recognized registry of service animals, nor support animals. Support animals are not service animals and are afforded no special benefits at all. Service animals are generally dogs only, but there is a very limited exception for some miniature horses.

Newly born Firefox 71 emerges from its den – with its own VPN and some privacy tricks


Re: inviting US users of the Firefox desktop browser with Firefox Accounts

Since they're planning on charging for the use of their VPN, how do you propose that they regulate this without having people create an account of some sort?

If you don't want to use it, you don't need an account. It's hardly an imposition.

Yahoo! customers! wake! up! to! borked! email! (Yes! people! still! actually! use! it!)



Why wouldn't people still use Yahoo! for e-mail? It might not have all of the pretty bells and whistles of more modern providers but, for the vast majority of users, it functions exactly the same as any other e-mail provider.

Changing your e-mail provider just because your current one is old, is about as senseless as replacing your 6-month old smartphone because a newer model's been released.

FYI: Yeah, the cops can force your finger onto a suspect's iPhone to see if it unlocks, says judge


Not an item for debate

If they're given specific permission in the warrant, which has already required a reasonable amount of evidence to obtain, then it's not a privacy issue. This is permission in a specific setting, not for general policework.

Feeling a bit gassy? Toshiba floats 16TB helium whopper


Re: Why not increase the platter size and/or the height of the enclosure?

I completely understand why manufacturers avoid the larger platter, but am surprised that they don't use the full-height format again, to simply double the number of platters. If weight/resistance is an issue on the motor, it shouldn't be that big of a deal to use two motors (one for each half of the platters). Has any HD manufacturer ever tried using more than one set of read/write heads, in order to have more data throughput with lower spin speeds?

Do not adjust your set, er, browser: This is our new page-one design


Tough call

The changes aren't massive, and I slightly like it better as a picture can help decide if an article is relevant to my interests, though that leads to a bigger problem as Reg hasn't been all that big on relevant pictures. That also kinda makes the entire page look like "sponsored" material.

Microsoft tries cutting the Ribbon in Office UI upgrade


Re: Why do I smell...

For me, ribbon-loathing is due to icons being less intuitive than text labels; the fact that it takes up more valuable horizontal space when vertical space is more available, then combine that with the fact that our eyes scan text vertically more efficiently (or mine do, anyways); plus the layout of icons/labels on the ribbon is rather haphazard.

In defence of online ads: The 'net ain't free and you ain't paying


On & Off

I also have no problems with the concept of advertising paying for our time on the internet; provided that said advertising is static, not installing cookies, viruses, or general malware.

This sentence: "Since this generation has decided not to pay for anything, least of all for factual information investigated by salaried journalists..." is bollocks though, at least the specification of "this generation," and especially since the paragraph it appears in continues to detail that the problem basically existed since the very first internet generation. As the phrase "this generation" typically refers to the youngest generation of adults/consumers, this generation has never been the target audience of salaried journalists, unless you're specifically talking about gaming hardware.

Modern life is rubbish – so why not take a trip down memory lane with Windows File Manager?



I dream of days without a ribbon in my interface. And actually being able to create a folder to contain a group of related shortcuts, that was actually just a folder of icons, rather than a full-blown File Explorer page.

A print button? Mmkay. Let's explore WHY you need me to add that


It's all relative...

Design/coding efficiency be damned. If it doesn't let users work the way they want to work, then it's bad software. The worst software in the world is designed with the help of the people who manage the users, instead of the users themselves.

When uploading comments to the FCC, you can now include malware


A bit o' false equivalency?

"And this is the agency that wants to regulate the internet"

Dang. Who'd have thought that the FCC commissioners were doing their own IT work‽

Minnesota Senator calls out US watchdogs: Why so cozy with Amazon?


Re: Short Answer

If the acquisition does go through, expect Amazon/Whole Foods to skyrocket to the top. Prime members will be more than happy to jump on getting free (and probably same-day) delivery of their groceries, even if they cost a little more. No more big shopping trips, just order a couple items every day and watch landfills explode.

Blighty's buying another 17 F-35s, confirms the American government


Re: How many changes

Imperial Fuktonne.

Facebook fake news: Sort it out yourself, readers


Re: Re-Write

"Tip #1. Don't read Facebook for your news!"

Are you trying to tell me that the "news" articles on Facebook that I ready by following the Guardian and BBC are different that the articles I read directly on their websites?

Certainly, I don't follow Facebook News (basic ad-blockers seem to weed that mess out quite nicely), but Facebook itself is a great place to read your news, you just have to be smart enough to not follow those groups that spew the fake garbage in the first place.

User loses half of a CD-ROM in his boss's PC


Re: He was lucky

"Curiously, when Mythbusters had a go at this the only way they could persuade a CD to shatter was with a modified angle grinder to spin it up."

That was the very first episode I ever watched, and it put me off the show for years. Eventually I accepted (my wife helped a lot) the idea that, as in the more typical sciences, some proven experiments simply don't like being reliably reproduced.

The Mail vs Wikipedia: They're more alike than they'd ever admit


Re: Separate scientific information from --

That sums it up pretty well. A comparison of 100% of one company's function to 20% of another company's. It's not so much that the author is holding an apple & orange, but an axe and whetstone.

Grumpy Trump trumped, now he's got the hump: Muslim ban beaten back by appeals court



"Ploy all along, I think he knew it wouldn't fly, that it'd get struck down, but now, it's not his fault, he's tried, he's done what he said he would on the campaign trail, and the elite have stopped him, the liberals are holding the nations safety back. It plays into his narrative perfectly."

For any normal politician this would be both perfect and correct. But Trump is neither normal, nor a politician. His personality cannot tolerate the impression that he might be wrong, or might have failed at something. Well, at least not unless it's somebody else's fault.

Seagate hauls out fat form factor throwback hard drive


Re: Gah - I thought that meant a return of the...

Same here. I was seriously hoping to see something about a 5.25" form factor with a 20TB+ capacity, running slow and cool.

Top cop: Strap Wi-Fi jammers to teen web crims as punishment


Re: Thumbs


Did webcam 'performer' offer support chap payment in kind?


A couple decades back, when there weren't many sources for little computer odds and ends, and I had made a couple purchases of kit from a mail order company called CyberGuys, via a catalog.

One day at work, on my lunch break, I decided to check out their website and discovered, due to poor memory, that there was an entire universe of difference between cyberguys.com (PC parts) and cyberdudes.com (people parts).

Plastic fiver: 28 years' work, saves acres of cotton... may have killed less than ONE cow*


Re: Not much of a chemist then?

"But why specifically tallow? Who not something vegetable based like a shortening?"

Amongst other properties, tallow is a solid at a fairly high temperature, with a melting point of approx. 42C (107F). In the realm of transport and processing I could see that being a factor.

FCC death vote looms for the Golden Age of American TV


Re: Golden age my foot

Here, here! I'd give up American TV altogether if I had ready availability to the documentaries (history, science, nature, food, etc.) of the BBC and Channel 4. Nothing in the US can compare.


All I want is...

1) To be able to plug my cable wire directly into my TV and watch.

2) To be able to purchase a simple recorder, for cable, that gives me the functionality of a 1985 VCR.

My cable provider no longer has options for either of these, and it sucks.

'What this video game needs is actual footage of real gruesome deaths'


Must Read

Any article involving PETA always ends up with the MOST amusing comment section. I thank them.

But imagine if car racing games had to do away with the unrealistic time lapse? Not to mention "Press pause so you can go to the loo? Too unrealistic!"


Re: why is it that every single piece of the critters is made out of food?

"That is the single most stupid argument for meat eating that exists, unless you're a cannibal."

Surely it would be much sillier to eat a cow because she was spying on you via telepathy, or hadn't trimmed her hooves properly? I must admit great difficulty in finding a better reason to eat something than "it is food"; one does not eat a rock simply because it tastes better than an onion (I speak in generalities, your tastes may vary).

Wait, wait – I got it this time, says FCC as it swings again at rip-off US TV cable boxes


...expose customer data

That's a simple fix as there's no need for any customer data at all to be coming out of what needs to be little more than a recording device with the proper tuner.

I'm don't quite follow why this isn't a plain and simple situation of a monopoly that needs to be broken?

Crashing PC sales don't stop HP Inc releasing two new ones


Strange Concept of Marketing

"Crashing PC sales don't stop HP Inc releasing two new ones"

Outside of strong competition, one would think that decreasing sales would be the biggest reason to change models.

More gums than Jaws: Greenland super-sharks live past 400 years old


Re: Typical specimen is older than America


The continents are North America and South America. There is no land mass of "America" except as a colloquialism when referring to the two continents collectively, similar to using the term Eurasia.


Speaking in Tech: Nope, sorry waiter. I won't pay with that card reader


"If listening to audio doesn't work for you then podcasts are not for you. Not that complicated."

Perhaps they asked about transcripts specifically because listening to audio doesn't work for them. Some people simple do not process audio very well and many radio services do provide transcripts as a service to the hearing impaired. It's not that complicated.

US House to vote on whether poor people need mobile phones


@JOHN 104

>>And I don't have contempt for poor people. I have contempt for lazy fucks who won't do anything to change their circumstances and blame others for their problems.<<

But you're completely happy & self-righteous condemning and punishing 100% of those in need just because 1% of them are lazy.


Re: gummint shouldn't pay for anything

@JOHN 104

I'm sick to death of those who constantly blame "lazy fucks" when they've managed to live a magical life and automatically assume that everyone one else in the entire freakin' world has the same access to assistance when life gets tough (either via the government, family or friends) and the same access to education and employment when life is otherwise carefree.

I'm also sick to death of asshats who automatically think that if you, as an individual or politician, give a single flying fuck about anybody in the world besides yourself, then you're a "libtard". And in case you missed it, the "libtard" that initially approved the free phones was the patron saint of conservatives, Reagan, who ironically would be labelled a libtard if he was involved in politics today.

It's a tough world when the people who benefit more from a country's resources have pay a bit more than others for that privilege, rather than sit back and laugh while the less fortunate whither off from disease and starvation. Poor you.

Calm down, dear: Woman claims sexism in tech journalism


The article is an excellent example of how sarcasm/satire doesn't translate well into print.

Grow up, judge tells EFF: You’re worse than a complaining child


Re: No, Mr. Judge

"A common tactic used to stamp out individual bad behaviour within a group is to punish the group as a whole. The idea being that the group will then begin self-police to remove the bad behaviour.

It often works quite well."

Please, the next you are having a problem with a co-worker, let your boss know that you approve of this method of punishment.


No, Mr. Judge

It's not like taking your kids internet away because he watches youtube instead of doing homework.

It's like taking the internet away from your family of six because one kid watches youtube instead of doing his homework.

Bacon as deadly as cigarettes and asbestos


Re: Wouldn't be worth it...

"Sounds like an improvement over ObamaCare where you have all the above plus ~$5,000 bill."

That's the American healthcare system in general, before and after Obamacare. Except that, generally speaking, Obamacare has slowed the rate of increase in insurance premiums, on average.

POLAR DINOSAURS prowled ARCTIC NIGHT, cast doubt on COLD BLOOD theory


Re: Warm blooded dinos

" the dinosaur was so far north that it would have lived in darkness for months at a time"

From the points of darkness, and frigid cold... even beyond the likelihood that they were actually warm-blooded, and the fact that the planet was a lot warmer overall back then, perhaps they simply had seasonal migrations.

Total War: Warhammer, Blood Bowl and other Games Workshop table-to-screen delights


Games Fit For a King

Good games, and good memories, but for now I'll just wait for Total War: Kings of War instead. I won't be holding my breath for it though. Games Workshop has made it perfectly clear that they are not a games company, and as a gamer I'll put my money into the IP of companies that are.

Obama's IT reforms saved about one per cent of spending


Re: Simply clueless

You are correct, but only if you don't look back more than six years.


Re: not to be sniffed at

Indeed. Not that it makes much of a difference, but you need to factor inflation into those numbers as well, so the savings do increase a wee bit.

World finally ready for USB-bootable OS/2


Re: Never say never

I would definitely be running Lotus SmartSuite today if it were reasonably feasible. Granted, I never had much use for the total package, but I'd be definitely still be using WordPro as my word processor of choice.

People bored of mobes, say magic quadrant wizards


Bored, or just catching on to the ridiculousness of upgrading every year?

Hurrah! Windfarms produce whopping one per cent of EU energy


Re: optomistic

Indeed. The story states that the 8% was of electricity, then goes on to complain that it's only 1% of energy. Poor, detracting, form.

Ant-Man: Big ideas, small payoff


Re: Oh Dear!

"But no-one over the age of ten should be interested in films about "magic men" who fly about fighting "baddies", while wearing their underpants outside their trousers."

Great things seldom come from those devoid of imagination.

THEY WANTED OUR WOMEN: Neanderthals lusted after modern humans


Re: Bloody Neanderthals...

Unlikely headline. Much more likely that it was a case of "modern" man boinking anything, of either species, that they could get to hold still long enough.

Sharing Economy latest: Women's breast milk is the new 'liquid gold' of the internet


Re: Straight from the teat.

or it's somebody with no sense of humour who will point out in an imminent post that women can produce breast milk without becoming pregnant.

To be technical, so can men, it just takes longer.

I've always been a bit annoyed by the term "breast milk"; it's simply milk. Human milk if there's a need to specify the species of origin. We don't say cow's udder milk, and human's aren't the only species with breasts (vs udders).

Windows 10 upgrade ADWARE forces its way on to Windows 7 and 8.1


Re: I'm confused

I was taught (in USAF programming school) that an "application" or "app" was a group of programs brought together to perform a series of tasks centered around a common function. By that definition, most apps are not apps, simply programs.

Microsoft: Free Windows 10 for THIEVES and PIRATES? They can GET STUFFED


Re: Will pirates bother "warm" upgrading to Windows 10 anyway?

I'm curious to if you downloaded via BitTorrent, then used a KeyGen to activate... doesn't said activation make your installed OS think it's "genuine"? Therefore, wouldn't Win-10 upgrade as genuine?

FCC hit with SEVENTH net neutrality lawsuit


Re: CenturyLink? Broadband? I thought they were a telco.

"They're still basically a phone company (formerly QWest)"

CenturyLink bought Qwest.