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Geoboffins find the oldest matter on Earth: Ancient stardust created before the Solar System formed

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And don't forget negative energy negative mass etc. There used to be something called phosigene ( how the hell do you spell that) was the way to explain how something burnt before oxygen was discovered. Made as little sense as negative matter .

H0LiCOW: Cosmoboffins still have no idea why universe seems to be expanding more rapidly than expected

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Re: The universe has no "center"

So if we were inside an event horizon we would appear to be at the centre of the universe which would be expanding in all directions away from us luckily time would appear to be slowing down

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Sometimes think that maybe we are inside event horizon of supermassive black hole and it's not the universe expanding but us contacting luckily time would be slowing down for us so probably would never know

TalkTalk's voice-over is writing speeds that its text can't match: Ad pulled from broadcast

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Re: Advertising Standards Authority alerter

I agree with Jamie Jones about talktalk we get about 50mbs and phone calls included to landline & mobiles phones free for the first hour to Australia new Zealand Canada USA and all of Europe for £40 .Only problems we ever had were down to open reach. When we were with virgin phone calls alone were closer to £90 and they refused to let us take our number going

For sale: One 236-bed nuclear bunker

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Bunker near Stansted has got to be stupidest.It's based in a wooded area but entrance is hidden as a council house auxiliary generator is hidden in a mock ruined church on a nearby hill. Good so far

But then main power supply delivered by three separate strings of pylons diving into ground above secret underground bunker and if you still couldn't find it a 200 foot aerial tower on top. At its best in the 70s it was guarded by 700 troops with shoot on sight orders. It is well sign posted though with,this way to secret bunker, now they do guided tours so not a total waste of money.

The Great Barrier Relief – Inside London's heavy metal and concrete defence act

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Re: The mechanical hardware is more important than the computers

I remember seeing that steam engine in kelham island and seem to remember being told that no one knew where 3 of them had gone but that being as Germany also started building dreadnoughts soon after they had their suspicions.

Sony phone chief vows to keep losing money forever and ever

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I had Ericsson then Sony mobile's after they bought out ericsson mobiles for a few years . While the Eriksson's always worked the Sony ones looked good they were far from reliable I remember throwing one at a car phone warehouse manager once it was such a heap of shit to give the company their due they posted me back a replacement saying that they could understand my frustration after it broke down for the 4th time in 3 months with Sony refusing to fix it. Anyway I joined the rest of the world and got a Nokia all of which 5 of them are still working the last 2 Lumia Windows currently 735 they just work so far next to unbreakable thinking of which I have never seen a cracked screen on one while I have never seen an I phone without a cracked screen

Samsung to launch a Snapdragon 808-based clamshell smartphone

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I to would prefer the clamshell to protect keyboard as much as screen my problem is pocket answering Eriksson used to do clamshell like phone's t28 or something which was slimmer than most modern smart phones with a very thin flip battery life was measured in days with excellent call quality as I remember it only had a 2 line display but not a problem as sms was yet to be invented

Ecobee3: If you're crazy enough to want a smart thermostat – but not too crazy – this is for you

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This post so far is far and away the most sensible one on this subject for the UK at least.speaking as someone who has put in 100s of hot water and heating systems if there is more than 2 people in the house a combo is useless. The UK suffers from poor main water supply chain most old cities so anyone flushing a toilet or running a tap even often in the house next door will give you a cold shower with any combo boiler unless you have a hot cylinder and cold storage tank in any house built before the 1970s. You we also right about double glazing and draft proofing. Most old houses got well shook up by bombs and any original windows you could nearly walk round.

Win Phone to outgrow smartmobe market for next four years

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Re: Sounds like wishful thinking

Well I'm on my second Lumia a 735 which like the 520 before it has often been dropped on concrete and tiled floors without taking much notice apart from the back of the 520 flying off and the battery shooting out most every time ,my old Nokia e71 always managed to keep its back on even when dropped onto concrete from half way up a ladder . While its rare to see an iphone which doesn't have one or more cracks on it's screen. The other main thing about iphone is terrible quality of speech it seems to chop off the end of every other word I am always asking folk who call me from iphone to call back when they get near a landline. Wonder why apple can't fix this Nokia always had excellent sound quality.

Tesla's battery put in the shade by current and cheaper kit

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Re: Details, details

Hi interesting article and comments by lots of folk but that part you mentioned about no manual I enlarged one of the photos of musk battery packs .There is no control gear or inverter gear you only get the battery for that price, better look up Halfords for lead acid batteries .

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Re: Kettle efficiency

Hi not that I want to rain on anyone parade but don't ever drink water from a hot water storage tank . The water temperature is usually just perfect for legionnaires and other bugs to grow. Boiling the water will indeed kill them ,but that is boiling the water for 10 minutes not just for tea . While your immune system is good it wouldn't be so much of a problem but if you any other infections it's a different story.

All men are part of a PURE GENETIC ELITE, says geno-science bloke

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Re: "Junk" DNA

Often wondered about so called junk dna. I can just see some scientists in the future coming across a pile of punched ticker tape or tabulator cards and trying to extract data from the holes. Cutting up the tape and cards to shorter lengths and putting in different machines to process faster wouldn't help . And yet this is what is done with chromosomes. I find it hard to believe that evolution would waste so much time and energy on junk dna if that's all it was. Maybe including so called junk dna in the mix will reduce the similarity between man and a banana from the present stated 80% the same


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