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Multiple user accounts coming to Android phones 'n' slabs


It's the other way around...

In some work contexts you get situations where people share devices i.e. handing over a tablet at the end of a shift. The corporate products like Citrix Worx Home/Receiver are based on the idea that the device = a single user = your identity - which can lead to issues where some people have application privileges they shouldn't have i.e. handing someone a device means you're effectively handing over your password.

If Android (or iOS for that matter) get first class support for multiple users it should make it easier for corporate products to control the corporate experience on a per user basis.

You'd better get out before the sync 'n' share bubble POPS


Re: Turning a product into a feature?

Not an advert for Citrix - but the company I work for essentially got free Citrix ShareFile licenses as part of using the Citrix Mobile Device Management product. ShareFile can be set up as a DropBox style layer on top of corporate file servers (and building on corporate backup).

I completely agree that sync'n'share is becoming a feature rather than a product - as that is what got it over the line in our business case.


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