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cmd.exe is dead, long live PowerShell: Microsoft leads aged command-line interpreter out into 'maintenance mode'


Re: I miss 4NT

4NT/4DOS still exists, and is still updated and developed by the orignal author. It's just that the name changed ... it's called "Take Command" now.

There's even a free-but-without-support version called TCC/LE.

On Windows I always have a TCC window open, and usually an MSYS2 BASH window as well (gave up cygwin years ago), but I never ever use Powershell.

SpaceX winning streak meets explosive end


Get it right next time.

So great to see all of Elon & The Musketeers' successes, and their humor and determination when things don't quite go to plan.

Time for a classic Gerry Rafferty song ...


Brit gun nut builds working sniper rifle at home out of scrap metal


Re: Meh.

Congrats on putting one back together ... and dealing with the legalities!

I was taught to shoot a rifle with a No.8, and went on to shoot a No.4 MkII on the 1000 yard range at Bisley ... definitely a fun experience for a youngster.

After I moved to the USA, I was amazed to find that in the mid 1990's, Gov.UK dumped a load of 1955 still-new-in-cosmoline No.4 MkII rifles to buyers in the States ... they were selling for $300 at the time.

That led to a trip back to Birmingham, the old gun district, and the Alfred J. Parker's Armory Works to pick up a classic Twin Zero sight, and to meet the wonderful old Miss Parker.

The article definitely makes me feel my age.

Read the proposed US ASTEROIDS Act to green-light mining IN SPAAAACE


You don't need an alien for the mining corporations to screw things up in space ... it made me immediately think of Peter Hyams's Outland. :-)

Bad PUPPY: Undead Windows XP deposits fresh scamware on lawn


Re: Last remaining XP

Sorry, don't understand your problem.

Keep the machines running the DekTek cards totally isolated from the internet and local networks ... and then charge the client $20K for a couple of new $600 Windows 7 machines and some custom software to securely transfer whatever files are needed to the isolated machines after running virus scans on them.

If you want to be "creative", look at running Microsoft's "Embedded XP" EWF filters on the critical machines so that all changes get reverted on reboot.

IMHO ...this panic only really applies to the "great unwashed" ... any business with competent

IT staff should be able to devise a secure scenario to keep running XP where it's really too expensive or impossible to replace.