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Atlassian: Look at our ginormous Jira revenues!


Worst software ever...

Except for the rest. It's not as bad as the other comments indicate; it gets the job done, sorta. It could be very good, except that it's missing the small things that would make it truly usable, and it is slow and bulky. I do wish there was an alternative.

Due to Oracle being Oracle, Eclipse holds poll to rename Java EE (No, it won't be Java McJava Face)


Is this taken?

How about "Spring Boot"? Oh, is that already in use? I suppose both the name and framework are. I'm glad my next engagement uses a Java*Script* stack.

Java security plagued by crappy docs, complex APIs, bad advice


SO Isn't Evil and Java Is Not The Problem

I agree that SO is not documentation, and that you can't rely on anything someone posted there at face value. However, it provides indispensable advice that is the result of crowdsourcing. I rely heavily on SO simply because I typically find good advice there. I also contribute occasionally and, once in a while, say something stupid. Generally, that gets downvoted in a hurry.

Java != JEE, and Spring is an independent framework. Java does not have large security issues, apart from browser embedding. JEE is too complex, but I don't hear about security issues. Spring is great, but the documentation is thin, and security is always hard. However, even though I don't work in security, I know enough to check which standards are up-to-date and secure and not to bypass security features in Production.

The article made some valid points, but, overall, it seems a bit biased.

Cops baffled by riddle of CHICKEN who crossed ROAD


To prove

to the opossum that it can be done.

Whaddaya mean, No refund? But I paid in Bitcoins! Oh I see...


Re: Refunds

First, I love this article.

As far as refunds, simply give back bitcoins. The value of all currencies fluctuate. In addition, the buyer and seller are equally at risk, as fluctuations go both ways. Bottom line, doing transactions in a currency whose value fluctuates is simply a risk of using it.


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