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Big Blue's GPFS: The tech's fantastic. Shame about the product

GPFS Solution Architects

GPFS Solution Architects

The OP's comments about GPFS and GSS are generally spot-on. GPFS is primarily a storage tool, yet it's sold by IBM folks who don't have storage backgrounds and don't understand it's competitive advantages (primarily when supporting complex global workflows, or multi-PB capacities, or compute-intensive workflows).

One of the primary benefits of GPFS is a dramatic cost reduction (both CAPEX and OPEX) for customers using petabytes of Tier-1 disks. If you're buying Tier-1 disk, do the research - you'll be shocked to find out what's possible using a multi-tiered approach using a tape-based storage tier for archiving and includes integrated data-protection (no need to 'duplicate & replicate' for DR).

As GPFS solution architects, we've made a living being that 'last mile' between the customer and IBM. It's ironic, but the fact that IBM's 'difficult to work with' has allowed us a place to be relevant.

Also, GPFS has recently undergone a tremendous amount of development.

For an easy, good read:


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