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SUPERVOLCANIC MAGMA reservoir BUBBLING under Yellowstone Park


Well They always say...

everything is bigger in the USA. Even their volcanoes!

Zuckerberg asks the public to tell him where to go in 2015


He can go and hang himself from a pair of dirty jockey shorts.

Analysts claim itty bitty iPhone Mini to land next year


or maybe...

They are working on a smaller version so that they can extend the life of the 5S and include NFC so that Applepay is available to more at a cheaper price than the 6 and 6+.

Judge kills Facebook's bid to dismiss private message sniffing case


Another example of Zuckerberg Hypocrisy

Seems strange that company that prides itself on harvesting your most personal information and using it to sell advertising with Zuckerberg pushing the ethic of "Everything should be public, unless it is my private life" wanted to quash a class action from those that feel that PRIVATE means PRIVATE and not private to you, the person you are talking to and Facebook and their advertisers.

What a bunch of absolute tossers!

FCC hits pause on Comcast-TWC gobble AGAIN


Oh do it already! It's just a game

We all know this is a game the FCC are playing to make us think that they give a damn about the consumer! Then it will quietly slip through and the then Comcast will go after another rival and pretty soon Comcast will have a huge monopoly and prices between whoever remains will magically conform and be over priced and the extortion game will begin with the "We're too big to fail" threats and the demand for government subsidies so that their board can sit rubbing their hands and other parts with glee.

The FCC lead a-hole will resign and be off sunning himself in Cancun telling people "Well I tried!".

eBay planning massive job cuts following PayPal split – report


Re: This news is hardly surprising since ebay has gone to shite!

eBay has an abortion of a website for sellers. It is buggy, impossibly slow, even on a 75 Mbps connection. In fact it is no less responsive on a 3Mbps connection and no more responsive on a 300Mbps connection.

It suffers from errors in coding that can leave a seller looking at a screen saying "System error please try again later" while the problem is that someone has screwed up. eBay won't accept there is a problem regardless of sending them a video showing it.

They are too busy using statements to try and get sellers to move the shipping cost into the price of the item with statements like "Sales go up 11% when you make shipping free". We all know that shipping is not free and a seller will merely increase the starting price of fixed price by the cost of the shipping and the cost of shipping on many items tends to be "25 to 35% of the total cost" so sales in real terms are dropping for the seller but it makes eBay's sales figures they report to the shareholders look better by that 11%. Individual sellers actually have sales dropping by about 15-25% or sometimes more in real terms.

Then eBay wonders why people quit and move to sites like Etsy etc, it's because eBay have screwed the sellers in the US, UK and other developed countries to favor sellers from China who can sell for 99 cents with free shipping!

Wheels fall off bid to sue Apple over iTunes anti-piracy shenanigans


Don't you just love lawyers!

It shows a lack of competence on the side of the lawyers that represented these two woman, a huge part of the legal system is called "Due Diligence", a legal case is like a fruit on a tree, it has to be ripe and ready for picking before you proceed. If the attorney's represented these women had taken the time to do proper background work they would have realized that the case was was a ripe fruit but a rotten one that was full of worm holes.

Apple were smart to not even check the purchase dates of the devices that they women were basing their claims on until the trial had started. It means that they can prove that these women were not valid and not only were they not valid parties but the attorney's had not received contact with anyone that really though it was big enough deal to be concerned.

After all, Apple has, with the iPhone devices there has been a similar issue with the "control of App's" and actively block third party app stores from operating. This again is on the basis of Security.

Chromecast video on UK, Euro TVs hertz so badly it makes us judder – but Google 'won't fix'


Re: Still....

The Chromecast was used purely to get Streaming. I bet that they will discontinue the Chromecast and push the Android TV set top box as a replacement for it that resolves all the issues that could have been resolved by using regional firmware depending on the location and as you say, download and set that up at first boot.

4G is quicker than 3G, says Ofcom. Can't we get you on Mastermind, Sybil?


Surely OfCom should not be blackslapping Telco's!

They shouldn't be doing these figures and then saying "They are doing so well" they should be saying "4G? 15Mbps seems rather slow compared to other nations! They need to work harder!

Not only that, to be upset because the PM couldn't receive a call in a remote location is wrong! If you are a person that needs to be able to be contacted then you don't knowingly go to a location where there is a chance of not receiving or making a call.

Yet again, OfCom jump to the defense of an obviously privileged prick who, because he found that he was in a dead zone for mobile service who is now stomping his feet and throwing a tantrum. Surely it is up to a person to make sure that they are in a location where service is available. Maybe he should invest in sattelite phone or better still take less holidays or visits to remote locations.

REVEALED: Apple fanbois are 'MENTALLY UNSTABLE' - iShop staff


There are times when some people forget.

It cuts both ways with the story.

While I agree that some customers can make you pull your hair out. Some people are overly needy and want every little thing fixed and throw a hissy fit when the problem is not cured.

Trouble is, what may be a tiny issue to that Apple employee may be a major crisis for the owner of the hardware. Part of making sure a customer is 100% happy is part of their job, if they don't like it then maybe they need to find a job where they don't deal with the public.

In fact we could say that from this reddit that there are some whiney arsed Apple Genius Bar employee's who think that they should be paid for not doing anything to make the customers happy.

There are always bad apples in any barrel.

Of course, when you hear statements that complain that the customer demanded the manager and the manager sided with the customer it sounds like maybe these employee's really are the bad apples rather than the customers. I bet many of them end up being sent on their merry way to work at Best Buy's or Staples and other places like that.

Trolls pop malformed heads above bridge to sling abuse at Tim Cook



Is it any different from reading a newspaper that deliberately posts stories, most times made up based on loose fact with the intention of inflaming their readership or for example websites that accumulate news stories such as Drudge Report who will play with wording so that people with inflammatory titles totally different from the actual story title and it's content merely to make people go to them and have them troll the comment sections of stories.

The only reason we see internet trolls and we don't see them that much in print is because the Internet has given the world a medium that makes it quick, easy and extremely convenient for people to post their statements, regardless of how hurtful, how biased or how untrue.

Before the internet was readily available it was far easier to cut out the negative or hurtful letters to the editor that were sent merely to antagonize people. Sure someone read it but it was censored and there was that firewall, instead the 'Troll' was the person in the bar or at work that was loudmouthed, abusive and hateful and antagonized and bullied people.

You have to treat Internet Trolls in the same way as you would in a person to troll situation! IGNORE THEM. They soon get tired when you don't react to them.

Banning them won't work. Every single person has made a statement that could be deemed trolling over the years and the internet would soon be an unused and inaccessible medium if people were not allowed to use it because they had made a statement that upset someone.

Report: EE in talks to scoop up 60 Phones 4u stores from troubled High Street retailer


Re: "pick over the carcass"

Well it certainly seems that way. It does seem to indicate that there may have been collusion between the carriers to drive Phone 4U into a crisis or collapse and then like carrion pick over the dead business selecting the parts that they had coveted ie the retail locations and the already 'trained' staff who know how to sell devices to customers.

That the trouble with 3rd party outlets for phone companies they have to compete against the companies that they have 'deals' with and those carriers don't like having competition and don't like having potential customers have a 'choice' of carriers in a single location. They want all customers that enter to only see devices that they carry and devices plans and pricing that they dictate.

eBay promises to refund seller fees after latest MASSIVE OUTAGE


eBay should be a government, certainly politicians with the double talk. What they are saying is that people that pay hefty sums for their Anchor Store sites $200 a month are shit out of luck. If they have free listings remaining then chances are they are not going to recover those lost listings.

They did the same with the earlier outage with the same wording and nobody, NOBODY! got those listings recovered unless they had paid for them as an actual fee and were over the 2500 listings.

They also make a point of not including transactions where the seller had to sell to the item for way less than it would normally sell for because potential customers could not bid.

In reality I don't think anyone is 'compensated' for the failure of eBay's site which happens far more often than they admit.

Go home Google, you're drunk! Desktop Maps says The Shard's TWO MILES from actual loc


I've been sent down a 6 mile dirt track on the side of a mountain by Google...

They decided that it was a quicker route to take what was marked as a road. It was 6 foot wide dirt track on the side of a canyon that ran for miles going up and down the side of this 700 foot canyon. I thought that it was just a short stretch until I got 1/4 mile along this track and realized that the whole road was this awful dirt track and turning a 20 foot long truck round was not an option and reversing wasn't a safe option.

Sure it got me down the mountain faster but it used 50 litres of petrol to do it, a very sore backside and spine.

We hear these stories of elderly people ending up lost in the wilderness because of following mapping instructions I am starting to understand why.


Over the years I have found Google's maps have become less and less accurate. In fact there are locations that I know have been reported as totally inaccurate to Google being several miles out, some 10 or 15 miles out but they claim to have corrected it only for it to revert to the wrong location again a few weeks later.

There are many roads that do not exist, others that it argues do exist when they don't exist and some that it gives a totally different name to.

There are some people that send in revisions that I know of to make it difficult to locate their address or complain about street view of their home, the fact that it is totally obscured behind 30 foot trees and 12 foot high bushes.

These day's, I must sadly say, Google maps is no longer a good solution and Apple maps is slowly getting far more accurate.

Facebook's self-destruct status update beta test will self-destruct


Mmmmm! Interrrrresting!

I wonder if they will self destruct or be locked away for Facebook to quietly mine and play with like experimenting with a lab rat?

Somehow I think the latter. They can never pass up a chance to play games with their users.

Snowden shouldn't be extradited to US if he testifies about NSA spying, says Swiss gov


It's Okay...

He's really a CIA operative. LOL

Time Warner Cable customers SQUEAL as US network goes offline


Don't know what the big hairy deal was!

Time Warner service regularly goes out. They normally cycle the power on and off around their network to save money. Just some idiot screwed up and turned all the network systems off all over the country in one go instead of an hour here, then an hour there and so on.

He got so busted, they put him on customer retention duty for the rest of the year!

Heartbleed implicated in US hospital megahack


Well You know Blame it on the Heartbleed

The trouble with Heartbleed is that they may have gotten the usernames and passwords pretty damn quick and once they have access it relies on the system admin to make sure that everyone that uses that system changes their password so that no access can be made to the system if it had been attacked.

Any Sys Admin worth their salt would have taken the stance as soon as the news broke that their system may have been attacked. Those that didn't should not have had jobs. Saying that they waited for notification is a pretty poor excuse. They should have checked themselves or proactively had it checked and had it patched.

This vulnerability showed no evidence of ever having been used all the cases where it has been used were after the patch was available and after the news broke.

I think you are very right the 'system' is very tolerant towards negligent dimwits.

It seems though that quite possibly there are other forms of hacking taking place and rather than admit that their system was hacked through other forms of negligence or lack of security companies are falling back on the

"Let's blame heartbleed"

rather than be honest. I suspect that in some of the cases that crawl out of the woodwork that Heartbleed is the fallguy rather than admit that other methods were used that may leave the company out in the line of fire for a lawsuit.

Cargo truck crammed with garbage explodes IN SPAAAAACE


The council have sent a court order to the Space Station

Yep, those snoopers from the council have diverted all interest in dog poop to sending out fines to the Space station for littering. LOL

Home-grown Xiaomi crushes Samsung in world's biggest market


China is just expanding it's protectionist stance

Samsung are just subject to the same Chinese protectionist moves that have been played on Apple, Microsoft and Qualcomm etc. It's just that it is simply that it is less newsworthy and possibly Samsung don't want to admit that they are being pushed out by the Chinese Government to give preference to their own 'local' manufacturers.

China would like everything sold in China to be made in China and the profits to remain in China!

Samsung may just be S.O.O.L. in the China Market for the cheaper device models. The Chinese companies are going to sell a little higher specification device for the same price or cheaper than Samsung's models that they have been targeting the low end market with.

It's a bit like "the phrase from League of Gentlemen"


Cut price Android on steroids: OnePlus One – should we look gift horse in the gob?


I would say that it's really a marketing ploy

For years there have been loss-leaders, a product that is sold below or at cost to attract attention to a brand, they way that OnePlus is are operating with the 'invite' system is a little like this. We've all seen adverts where they advertise a car that is far cheaper than it should be then in the small print, "only one at this price" and it is guaranteed that the vehicle is not on the lot and you are told that it has already sold but while you are there you get the hard sell for a new vehicle at the full retail price.

This is exactly that. They are going to get a frenzy of people wanting the device and then will open the floodgates and then ask full price.

It is noticeable that this company came out of OPPO who sell an almost identical smartphone and charges almost $700 for that phone (sure there are slight differences in specification -- a slightly different size body dimensions -- but essentially it is almost identical in specification) and I am sure that this is a marketing campaign by OPPO to will 'merge' and the OnePlus One device's price will be priced at a similar price.

When something is too good to be true it usually is. There will be those lucky ones that got the cut price phone but eventually that price won't be available.

It's just a ploy to get a name for the company.

PEAK APPLE: One MILLION fewer iPads sold this quarter


I wouldn't say it is Peak Apple

Rather I would say that just as Tablet's caused a slowdown in the PC Market, Phablets or larger screen phones are causing a similar slowdown in the Tablet market.

People are now finding that their needs are being met by their smartphone. The need for the Tablet is slowly being negated.

In fact I am sure that Apple have already seen the writing on the wall with the rumored higher orders of iPhones made to their manufacturers, certainly if they really are launching two sizes of iPhone screen, one being 5.5 inch -- a phablet -- they are quite possibly expecting to canibalize the iPad Mini Sales. Those that would buy the Mini as a second mobile device may very likely only get the iPhone with 5.5 inch screen and be happy with that one device for all their needs.

When I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile I purchased a Nexus 5 simply because I was cheaper when paying full price for a device and I didn't want to pay a premium for another iPhone 5S.

In the 9 months that have passed I have found that I use my iPad less, the little 7 inch Samsung Tablet I bought gathers dust and is never used.

You just have to look at markets where Android Phablets are the sole internet device of the owner. They don't purchase a PC, they don't purchase a Tablet they just have their Phablet and they get by fine!

The market is just changing and changing faster.

In fact pretty soon I expect that the Smartphone market will slow down in developed countries where they, just as they did with PC's, find that their Smartphone does perfectly well for what they do and they wait much longer, or until their device fails, before they purchase a replacement.

If you ate at one of these PF Chang's restaurants, your bank card is at risk


Do people really go to PF.Chang's?

I thought they went out of business years ago. Turns out they didn't they changed their cuisine to faux Asian (Yep, not limited to a single countries cuisine they spread the load with their massive 8 or 9 dishes).

The real Asian restaurants can rest safely knowing that they won't lose business to a 3rd rate Franchise chain and can offer a decent cuisine. LOL

Apple's iWatch may be DELAYED over sapphire glass supply problems


Another Analyst trying to lower Apple stock so that his bosses can buy low

Yep, that's really what Analysts do, they are like old fisher wives, they tattle little tales here and there, get the stock to drop and then once their bosses have purchased stock at a lower price they spread a different rumour that pushes the stock back up again so their bosses can sell and make a profit.

Personally I doubt that they are actually making a watch and could simply be going the 'Google route' and making a micro-OS designed to work in a similar way as an interface to the Apple iPhone and then may bring out their own iWatch but will also allow 3rd party 'real watch makers' design devices that look really good and use the OS to make them Apple iPhone Friendly. Much like the 'Apple in the Car' or whatever they called it.

Let's face it, anyone with some smarts will realize that nobody wants a watch that looks like a cannibalized flip-phone from the 90's! Something Samsung and LG etc have been really good at doing.

Either way, I am not holding my breath, if they bring out an iWatch I still won't be buying it. I stopped wearing watches when I didn't have to worry so much about time because I was guaranteed to break the watch face or the strap or even the whole watch.

I was watching TWiT.TV when the presenter on the news, Mike Elgan, was wetting himself at what he might get for himself at the Google I/O and which watch they might get as a freebie. While he was away at Google I/O his Boss Leo Laporte made a comment about how the lottery system for tickets was still a farce and that they should just stop giving away stuff at I/O events because of the number of people that were going JUST TO GET THE EXPENSIVE 'FREE' GIFT and taking away from the developers that couldn't go because the seats were taken up by the freeloaders who knew that the $900 cost of the ticket for those that were not 'freeloading journo's" was usually far less than they would pay for the 'free stuff', in this case they probably broke even with the choice of a Samsung or LG smartwatch and a voucher for that would make the Motorola 360 Free.

It is amazing though that many of the 'journalists' have already quit wearing their freebies and gone back to bare wrists. I wonder how many people that buy these stop wearing them when they get tired of the constant vibration and notifications and the screen lighting up a theatre when they happen to brush their hand against it.

In fact, when I was wearing a bluetooth headset alongside my iPhone 5 (God Rest it's soul, dearly departed and missed so much) I just held in the button on the bluetooth and said TIME and that nice Siri voice told me the time into my ear. Why would I want to have something on my wrist to do that. Similarly I could ask it to remind me that I had an appointment in 2 hours. Didn't need a freaking smart watch to do that either.

When the iPhone 6 is launched this Nexus 5 will be given to a friend that has a Samsung Galaxy G2 and it will give her a newer phone with lots of accessories that she can use on the Network she is on and I can get back to normal. Even if they just make a 4 inch iPhone 6 and it doesn't grow any I will be happy, I'll just carry a magnifying glass with me wherever I go or ask Siri.


Facebook goes down, people dial 911


Damn You! You really went and Done it!

Yes you Facebook, you were supposed to stay down, offline, permanently gone! You were not supposed to come back and haunt the world with you perpetual spying and reaping of personal information. When I pulled the Fiber Lines from the router you were supposed to stay disconnected FOREVER!!!!! LOL

YES, iPhones ARE getting slower with each new release of iOS


Re: Android users do not upgrade their OS as much

Whaaaaaat! And break the Manufacturers upgrade system. Rather than deliberately make your device unusable by making it slower with each update to the OS they just rarely update their devices until the handset owners get so frustrated they buy a new one.

It's worked for Samsung, so very effectively!

Seriously though I am sure that there really is a far higher up take with new versions of Android on the Nexus range simply because the update is made available in a timely manner. It certainly also helped that Motorola pushed out Kit-Kat pretty damn quick, in fact they beat Google to getting Kit-Kat out with their updates than Google did with the update to the Nexus 4 (At least for the Moto-X and some of their devices in the Droid range of Nad killing Verizon Phones.

BSkyB slurps Murdoch's Italian and German Sky assets to beef up European pay-TV biz


Murdoch plays the asset movement game...

I'm a little confused by this news story or is it just Rupert Murdoch moving assets around to make tax right offs!

Murdoch owns 20th Century Fox etc that purchased all these Sky services off......Murdoch.

He seems to be the buyer and the seller in this case. Another act by the master crook!

French authorities take lead in grilling Google on 'Right to be Forgotten'


If the EU want to censor the world

Then they should learn to go to the source of the information instead of the search, one article at a time and censor that way, forcing the removal of the information instead of demanding that a 3rd party acts as the censor to the world.

Incidentally, why is that they expect Google to censor but not other search engines? Are the idiots that run the EU that pig ignorant of the fact that if Google is forced to not show a search world wide then it just means that people will start using other search engines and get to the same data that way.

Mind you, saying that, it's the same people that think it should be against the law to sell a banana that is too curved etc.

Europe: Apple could NOT care less about kids' in-app cash sprees


When will adults take responsibility for securing their own devices

It amazes me that the EU thinks it should mollycoddle the people of Europe, protecting them from their own ineptitude.

It also amazes me the number of cretinous idiots there are, around the world, that believe that it is not their responsibility for managing their children and making sure that they spawn don't spend their money. Yet they are the ones that give their offspring the passwords.

Google even has settings that allow the children to purchase without even entering a password. Strangely enough, on the other hand while I am able purchase in-app and off the Google Play store willy nilly without verifying any information at all, just click to confirm with my Apple devices I have to verify the 3 digit security code off the credit card and re-enter the password to my iTunes Account.

Maybe, someone in the EU has been getting a little campaign funding under the table from Frick and Frack that run Google??? Maybe promises of Cities with free internet service from them?

I left Europe 11 years ago because of the absolute crap that was being pulled by unelected and elected dipsticks within the cogs of the broken European system! The ridiculous bias towards protecting the interests of certain countries over those of others and the corruptness of the whole system. I see that it has never changed, it has merely gotten worse!

The final score: Gramophones 1 – Glassholes 0


don't want Mike Elgan to read this

The king of glassholes would be on a rant against the register. He thinks that anyone that doesn't own Google glass is a Luddite.

El Reg nips down IKEA's 'I've Got A Screw Loose Street'


Street naming is so much fun lol

Makes me think of the streets locally a developer named Thisa way, Thata way, Whicha way.

FCC commish: We don't need no steenkin' net neutrality rules


Too late!

Saying that when the FCC gets pwned by ISP's is ignoring the fact that Wheeler and the previous FCC chairman both came from the industry and the previous FCC chairman went back to the industry and both were in the industries hall of fame for services to the industry. The FCC was as corrupt years ago as it will be in years to come. Working to the will of those that they previously served and to hell with protecting the interests of those that they are supposed to be protecting i.e. consumer.

They are just a lap dog for the cable industry and ISP's!

10Gbps over crumbling COPPER: Boffins cram bits down telco wire



or rather Amazing how these labs sensationalize the results. So it's 10 Gbps over 30 Meters, when you slightly over double that length to 70 meters it drops to 1/10th of that speed. So would that be 100 Mbs at 163 Meters of copper wire from the exchange, at 380 Meters of copper wire it would be 10 Mbps , at 885 Meters it would be down to 1Mbps. Bearing in mind how the quality of the transmission degrades over the first 70 meters and since that degrade is effectively a steady rate as distance increases, it doesn't magically stop. So you have to have pristine copper connection and be so darn close to the exchange that you would be virtually living inside it to benefit since most of that length is taken up purely inside the exchange before it ever gets out of there.

I just love these Lab's that find some Savant Rainman that comes out with such things.

It's like those that make claims in their clean environment labs results of amazing wifi speeds that would make you manparts grow with excitement at the thought of getting such speeds when they don't make it clear that it is really because the equipment is inches apart in a faraday cage that stops outside signal interference and no walls to block degrade that signal.

This is all really a way of giving a slight improvement in service to those parts of the midwest that are not just rural, it's a 10 mile drive to the neighbors house and have dial up of 13 Kbps at best or rely on expensive sattelite internet where those customers would be amazed to get 128 Kbps and be wetting their underwear.

I remember up there in Nebraska when they first set up cable modem on their cable network and then charged up $100 a month for the privilege of getting 64 Kbps which was 4 times the speed of the dial up offering available and then made it feel like they were giving us a free upgrade when they finally doubled it to 128Kbps.

It's all about appeasing natives!



Well it's not hard

It's quite an irrelevant comment. They take a big country with not that many people relative to size and make a comment about Standby power using more power than Canada. The Standby use in California probably uses as much. Heck I probably use more than Canada in that scenario.

Occupy Google: Protesters attack ad giant as I/O gets underway


Can't blame tech companies solely!

San Francisco house prices have been high for a long time, a lot longer than the tech companies have been there. In fact they were high before the 2nd World War relative to other areas. Why? Well the trouble with San Francisco there is a finite amount of real estate and nowhere for expansion! This pushes the prices up both for rental and purchase.

The biggest offender that pushes the prices up is the City itself and home owners associations etc. The HOA that fight the development of any spare land that may ruin their vistas in case it lowers the prices of their properties and makes them less desirable. The City that has some many rules that means that San Francisco that homes much of the Tech employee's has so many rules and costly permits that makes it difficult and excessively costly for a developer to run services to new land that they may want to develop.

Finally and worst of the bunch is the Realtors that push the prices ever higher with dollars signs in their eyes aiming for ever higher commissions. That's the biggest offenders in the housing market everywhere in the USA. Realtors that make the home prices a little higher each time.

Where I am living a lowly desert City during the last housing boom the Realtors had pushed the prices for homes from a reasonable amount to prices that were two or three times the price of homes in Malibu etc. A Malibu ranch house on 5 acres was just $300-500 thousand while a house on 1/8th acre in a housing development out here was $800,000 to $1.8 Million. When the bubble burst these home prices plummets to 1/8th of the price and some even lower than that. The only people that were okay afterwards were the realtors that have already started pushing the prices back up and even now the cheapest home is back up to $300,000 with them pushing the prices up and I am sure that the same applies up in San Francisco.

FCC boss says he'll SHAME broadband firms for fibbing on speeds


Speeeeeed Boost?

Oh you mean that 30 seconds of slightly increased speed that they demand a ransom of an extra $10 or so each month.

A friend I had asked about it and said that they were getting it. I tried to explain that "Turbo Internet" from a cable company was a joke and that it was not really faster that an occasional 30 seconds of faster internet is not "Turbo" it is just a marketing scheme that makes them an extra 20% for nothing other than a word!


Re: TWCable

Where I live the maximum service available is the 20Mbps but they blame it all on Adelphia and the poor infrastructure. Strangely enough it was TWC that did the installation of the infrastructure and boasted about upgrading it all and yet they use bait and switch tactics. They advertise '50Mbps' and '100Mbps' but when you click on them you get a message saying they are not available. In fact on average, according to friends that suffer from TWC Syndrome they are lucky to get dial up speeds during the evening.

It's not Fibbing, it's outright blatant lying from the Cable Co's when they advertise. They don't even try and offer remotely decent service.


The message of the sternly worded letter will be...

Do a "Scotty"! Advertise really low speeds and then provide higher than the advertised speed and nobody can complain. Just like Scotty would tell Kirk that it would take 3 hours to fix something that took a few minutes so that he was seen as a miracle worker!

Meanwhile, as suggest by mIRCat "Keep that verminous piece of scum away from your children!"

FCC launches probe into Verizon/Netflix spat


Re: Of Course They Did

Uncle Ron, they are doing it to every service. Though if you, as a customer, phone them they blame your speed and try and upsell that speed. Though their hardware is mediocre quality and their router, in itself, exasperates the problems with streaming, especially when the streaming is being done through WiFi.


Verizon are a mess.

They force the use of a router connected to their fiber network that allows them to snoop on your network. It sends them your SSID and password for your WiFi network. What devices are connected to your home network and even gives them access to the settings on the router.

In fact, while I have 14 devices in my home, There is just me and I can't really use more than a couple devices at the same time but they would continually try and upsell the service to me offering me even faster internet.

Strange enough though, the buffering problems were always there regardless of how fast the speed was and happened on all streaming services!

I dropped their TV service and after a few phone calls I finally got them to allow me to run my own router and use a Cat 6 cable run out to their Optical Network Terminal rather than use their MoCA coax based router.

Interestingly before I made the final switch to my own equipment I had run my router off their router and the buffering problems stopped when using the Wireless-N, if I switched back over to their Wireless-N connection the buffering returned.

I would blame their low quality hardware for much of the problems. Hardware that they try and tie you to and the routers especially, they give you the crappiest of crappy routers with only 802.11G and then upsell one that has Wireless-N. Though even with Wireless N the buffering problems persist or become worse. LOL

Zuckerberg and other directors sued over gigantic packages


If he don't like it!

As a shareholder in the company he merely owns shares, if he is not happy with the executive or board compensation policy then he should just sell his shares and buy shares in a company that has policies that he agrees with.

It's a-holes like this that think that they are being hard done by for the slightest reason.

I may not like Zuckerberg but it's not like the policy was hidden, it was in place at the time of the IPO and also when later shares were released by the company. I bet this guy has tried to sue his employers for telling him to get off his arse and get his work done. LOL

Android is a BURNING 'hellstew' of malware, cackles Apple's Cook


That's what my boss used to shout

"Hell Stew, you've gone and done it again and messed things up". LOL

Then I hear I am Toxic.

Apple wheels out sueball cannon, again


This is just stupidity

Well I am totally certain now that it's the attorney's that are running things these days at Apple. They are definitely the only winners. Whether they win or lose a case they get their money and they don't want that gravy train to end.

As my Apple devices become old they are being replaced by anything but Apple products. They just tire me out with all these lawsuits against every tom dick and harry.

Meanwhile there isn't any real innovation left in them, bless their cotton socks! I don't count a 64 bit processor being innovative enough. Sorry Apple but your range is looking tired and I somehow don't think that making devices ever thinner is appealing. I don't want a device that is credit card thick, do't feel good to hold while trying to talk to someone and always being a little behind everyone else is also not innovation.

Oh yeah and while I'm at it Samsung, you're not much better! You're stuff stinks and it's only the advertising dollars you throw at selling your stuff that makes people buy it because they don't see much advertising for the rivals and people tend to buy what sticks in their minds (maybe Apple can claim that you stole their advertising model! Advertise like hell albeit they do it for a month or two after launch and then sit back and just let people buy during upgrade cycles).

EBay, you keep using the word 'SECURITY'. I do not think it means what you think it means


Heads should roll

but of course they won't. You can bet that someone let slip and they were not even going to bother alerting their customers to this failing in their security! That's why they spent two weeks sitting on this information.

In fact, let's reword that, at least one person's head will roll, the employee that let the cat out of the bag when they were going to just pretend it had never happened!

Apple, Google: WE SURRENDER ... to each other in patent war truce


Re: eh

The biggest winner was they lawyers who have made a fortune out of all these cases.


Does this mean that Apple will dissolve 'rockstar'

Really, does this really mean if Apple is now wanting to fight Patent trolls that they will ask their partners, as the majority shareholder, of RockStar consortium to dissolve the company and make those patents 'free to use'?

If they aren't then it is merely Apple being a hypocrite!!! Rockstar Consortium have been acting as, and meet all the requirements defining as such, a patent troll! They have no actual product and purchased the patents and are shoehorning cases to fit a case of breach of patent and then hounding others through the courts!

Greenwald alleges NSA tampers with routers to plant backdoors


Re: Not just for export

Nice update that kind of makes her claim rather dubious! Even she said that the seller said that they had entered the wrong tracking number! That HAPPENS! I've done it with people that I have shipped stuff to and then corrected it as soon as I spotted the error and let them know that the first one was wrong.

People that are paranoid want to read into things that are not there merely to fulfill their fears. That's what this woman has done. Eff Me, to claim that her device has been tampered and yet she hasn't received it should set alarm bells off!

Maybe The Onion Router project (originally sponsored by DARPA and the U.S.Navy Research Laboratory) has, itself, a back door to allow access? It is just as likely.

Let's face it, Verizon FiOS has it's own backdoor into the router they supply to customers. It reports back to them new password and admin user id for the device, it reports back the WiFi password and it also reports back any changes to the settings that are made.

I would be more worried about that than whether the NSA are messing with a router. What Verizon are doing with their equipment is effectively a bigger privacy concern and a bigger concern to your personal security than whether the NSA can access your device.

Oh and Comcast equipment does similar and I suspect that most equipment supplied and leased to the public by all these companies are far worse. If they can access the information does it not put a risk that a hacker can equally so get access to your personal network through similar hacks. If you want to be all worried and paranoid!


Greenwald & Co are getting old...

It's so very tiring hearing the paranoid dillusional rants of Greenwald and his buddies.

Am I worried that the NSA may have access to my router through some backdoor? Not really, it's hardly a concern to me, they can snoop in my boring life.

The only ones that seem to care are those that seem to think they are important and those people tend to be self important. I bet that Stazi agent Angela Merkel is worried as she continues to expand the reach of the fatherland and complete the fuhrer's unfinished work. Snigger.

Maybe Snowdon's theft of data was caught early and they just fed him a load of BS because it is far better for misinformation to be leaked that scares people and keep those that they really would like make their communication and information sharing such as terrorist organizations in fear that their plans may have been compromised by the NSA.

I am also sure that there is far less leaked information available than Greenwald has claimed because a lot of it keeps getting repeated worded differently but repeated all the same. I am sure that he is concerned that his 15 minutes are over, just as people don't think about or give a hoot about Snowdon anymore, and he is concerned that he is now drifting back behind that curtain of obscurity from whence he came and where this irrelevant tiresome man should have stayed along with the other's in his little clique.

T-Mobile US added more subscribers in last quarter than top three competitors combined


Re: I know it is his personal Twitter account

That's not the worst profanity. Refreshing that someone in such a position has the balls to say it how the everyday man would say it! Kudos to him for his tweet. More importantly this is another reason why a purchase of T-Mobile by Sprint is a bad thing. Sprint is more of the lame horse in the 4 horse race!



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