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iPhone hacking biz Cellebrite hacked


@alien overlord

Agreed. I know that if we have a huge file transfer, the network guys immediately know, it's on one of our NOC screens.

New Windows 10 privacy controls: Just a little snooping – or the max


Can you just run Server?

Server OS, as your desktop? Like a 2012R2, or 2016.

I installed 2016 and it looks just like Win10 (gag).

Snapchap snaps back: Snapchat Snapbrats' Snapstats are Snapcrap


Just wait

It will all blow over in 10 seconds.

Raspberry Pi Foundation releases operating system for PCs, Macs


Re: Here’s an idea …

I have my old Nokia 1020 in a drawer, with its awesome camera module, would be great if it could be re-purposed with a newer OS.

This is your captain speaking ... or is it?


I love these articles

I love these articles when they come out. I always try and find the first mention of air-gapped.

And then the argument ensues. LOL. Great entertainment.

Thank you all :)

Facebook to hire 500 more in Blighty


Do it for her

Simpsons made me sniffle on that one....

Snoop! stooge! Yahoo! handed! all! your! email! to! Uncle! Sam! – and! any! passing! hacker!



I also loved the Stamos story, until we find out he went to Facebook. Boooo.

Forgive me, father, for I have used an ad-blocker on news websites...


Add me to the zero guilt group

Forbes?? I don't even bother to try to go to their site anymore. They are dead to me. LOL.

I will open up a couple of sites like my banking or others but, other than that. It's adblock and scriptblock by default everywhere.

I feel great. :)

Game over: IANA power-grab block pulled from Congress funding bill


Re: I'm confused...

Do you own a "Make 'murica Great Again" hat???? LOL

Ok but good point on the ICANN comment. That's kind of scary.


Rule of thumb

Basically anything that Cruz and Trump support, is something that should be voted against.

Double-negative tweet could be Microsoft Surface Phone hint


Re: We don't need no education...

I don't have to look at it to know it's a Moss reference hahaha...


1020 love

I gave up on Win Phones but if they resurrect the 1020 with better specs, I would be all over it!

Confused as to WTF is happening with Apple, the FBI and a killer's iPhone? Let's fix that



That looks like a handroll, wrapped.

In order for them to earn their name, they should wrap that thing in a flour tortilla!

(that is my contribution to this thread, sorry, LOL)

Shopping for PCs? This is what you'll be offered in 2016


This cracked me up.

"It's expected that plenty of organisations will look therefore decide 2016's as good a time as any to take the plunge on a new PC fleet, powered by Windows 10."

Hahahaha! FALSE. (Dwight Shrute face)

FTC apologizes for leaking attendee details … to privacy conference


Re: 10/10

That was thee best Alex. LOL.

Trend Micro AV gave any website command-line access to Windows PCs


Re: Pick your poison

So, they're all our enemy :(

No Kaspersky... I've had the worst time with them the last couple of years. I honestly don't know how they are always rated high in AV tests. It blocked everything and made some machines hang, and of course uninstalling was terrible. ( I guess you can argue that about any of the others? yea our enemies )


Pick your poison

Great. Just as I had replaced AVG with TM.

Comcast repeatedly crams modem upgrade demands into browsers



Thanks for the popups, jerkoffs.

Isn't this malware behaviour?

IT security is a safe job? Tell that to Norse staff laid off this week


Re: talent upgrade


Yeah that seems odd, let's lay off staff that we don't need but we need!



talent upgrade

Is it possible that since they are growing and got more money, they will hire more experienced or talented staff?

Facepalm time: MS Office update wipes custom Word autotext


Re: Cluster fakk

LOL Geoff.. .that was a poorly written sentence on my part.

I meant when they were trying to decide between a pc or an Apple box.

I've always leaned towards PCs for my recommendations, but now leaning the other way.

My post was a cluster fakk too, but that's what I meant haha.


Cluster fakk

Everything about Win10 is crap from privacy to patching.


I have stopped recommending Win10 to any of my friends/clients.

I never thought I'd tell someone that if they want a MacBook they should get one instead. I've been doing that.


VDI comes to the Raspberry Pi


Re: Welcome to 3 years ago @CrosscutSaw


Cool, thanks. I'll have to try that out.


Re: Welcome to 3 years ago


What OS do you load on them.


Re: The least secure part of any system is...


YES! Preach brotha....


'Dear Daddy...' Max Zuckerberg’s Letter back to her Father



I'm glad there's a little Zuckerbaby. I say they should connect that child to all of the social media platforms, left at DEFAULT settings. Then let's see how Mark feels about what his company does.

Windows 10 pilot rollouts will surge in early 2016, says Gartner


Re: "According to Gartner"


LOL, yes that could be it.


Re: Optimistic

Agree. It's not a report, it's marketing.


"According to Gartner"

Lies, lies, and more lies.

Block storage is dead, says ex-HP and Supermicro data bigwig


Yes yes yes...

"The problem is that the data in the cloud is accessible only at WAN speeds. That is fine for the data on your phone or tablet, but unsuitable when you want to run analytic applications on archived records.

In addition, the cost of public cloud storage is deceptive. For your phone or tablet data, it is palatable. When you get into your massive data needs, the cost of retrieving cloud data overwhelms the savings of not keeping the data within the company."

This ^^ I've been telling my counterparts who are infatuated with cloud this cloud that.

You should see the uproar in end users trying to access stuff over the WAN. You can't just tell them to be patient. Also we are beginning to see the price hit as we build more servers in the cloud. The monthly bills are piling up.

ID theft alert biz LifeLock coughs up $96m to FTC in false ad claim deal



" It was later reported that Davis' identity was stolen multiple times during the ad campaign."

This made me snort out loud.

Lotus F1: 38°C? Sand in your Vblocks? Must be building a data center in Bahrain again


Nice article

Even if it felt like an advertisement a lot of times.

AVG defends plans to flog user data as privacy row continues



I will be removing AVG from the living room PC by tomorrow.

I don't mind paying for something else. This new policy is idiotic IMO.

Playboy drops the butt-naked ladies



Why would they want to compete with stuff like Maxim. This is the beginning of the end for these guys.

Dell buys out EMC in mega-super-duper $67 billion deal


What about the little people

Is this good for the consumer, for us?

Why do I have a bad feeling. Why do I hate this news.

Team Microsoft: Device Police... 'Are you pumped? I'm pumped'


Re: Why all the phone hate?

Nope I'm not repeating anything on the internet.... I had a 1020 for at least a year and a half, maybe 2. Before that I had played around with a Sammy Focus. Many apps were just weblinks. Mapping was ugh. A few others like my banking app were not as good as the iOS/Android one, but they did the job.... until they were discontinued. I am not sure what your expectations are, if they are low then I guess it's ok. I had to leave the phone when I needed to use work stuff like vpn, office, rdp, and the Android ones were way better.

I know for a fact if you use a Win phone, you are compromising left and right.


Re: Why all the phone hate?

Yeah but good luck getting any decent apps on it.

Nice phones, terrible ecosystem.

Cops must get a warrant before raiding phones, email, etc (in California)


This is covered already

4th amendment, no?

GENUINE STARSHIP as used by PRINCESS LEIA sold for just $450k


Nothing to add

I just clicked to see the pic of Leia. Ok thank you. I'm out.

Microsoft sabotages own Lumia smartmobe flagship launch


Re: Such a cluster

Granted, it's probably something they could whip up. But the thing is, with the prevalence of mobile phones and their penetration in business, there is plenty of ROI. Meeting apps, MS Office, collaboration, on and on. They just dropped the ball big time.


Such a cluster

I tried to hang on to my Lumia phone as long as I could, and then had enough.

I still get emails from Microsoft here and there, about their Lumia line.

I laugh. I was duped. I really liked the phone.But it screwed me. How hard is it to develop apps?

I guess impossible.

Microsoft previews less buggy OneDrive for Business client


Re: Better in 10

Typical Microsoft. "Oh you want xxx to work??? Well then, update to our newest crapware :) "



OneDrive sync is awful... it just sits and spins.

I inherited that POS through an acquisition; can't wait to wipe all those machines.

Smartphone passcodes protected by the Fifth Amendment – US court


Why would they turn in phones with info

If they had been smarter, they would have wiped their phones before handing them over.

Even if they surprised them in a meeting, they could have "had to go to the bathroom real bad", then poof.

Every job I've left, I clean house before I even put notice in.

Can't the fuzz subpoena the cell phone text records?

Man given positive pregnancy test in an Apple Watch box



She could have got him some lasering to remove the remnants of 1990's tribal tattoos??

HMRC breaches job applicants' privacy in mass email spaff


Please throw away my resume (I mean cv)

Ummm... no, I changed my mind, I don't want to work at your lousy company.

Sorry, Californians, you can't have this: Asus to build WATER COOLED notebook



Nitrogen is the way to go fellas.


Jeep Cherokee 2.2: Capable, comfortable ... but just not very Jeep


Re: Fugly

"Dunno...the new "Renegade" is something that should've never been made. Or called a Jeep."

Agreed! Oh man it looks like a Nissan Cube! Atrocious.

VMware unleashes vCAOS on the world


Re: hosted by Google, great

Chuck Hollis, is that you??? LOL


Re: seems pretty weak

Nice SLA!