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Samsung shows off Linux desktops on Galaxy smartmobes


Who can not afford more than one computer?

I have like nine computers. From a phone, laptops, desktops, tablets (multiple), an Android projector computer for presentations. Who needs to use the same work computer for home? They are so cheap now a days. I watch TV on a 55 inch screen plugged into my MacMini. I do not want to use my phone for that. I have a MacBook Pro for work. I do not want to use my phone for that either. Multiple computers is fine with me. They are so cheap now a days.

Don't waste your energy on Docker, it says here – wait, that can't be right...


Re: bring it on!

From: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1705.01176.pdf

In this paper, we compared the energy consumption

of various workloads running within Docker-managed

containers and on “bare-metal” Linux. After almost

2 days and 20 hours of total time collecting power

measurements, we found that, in all cases, workloads

running in Docker have a measurable energy overhead.

Simply running dockerd idle induces a 2 watt

difference in average power, and thus an increase in

energy over time. However, the increase in energy

consumption may mostly be attributed to runtime

performance. In the case of Redis and WordPress,

the increase in energy can be attributed to increase in

runtime—thus the decrease in performance explains

the increase in total energy consumption.

Microsoft still working to fix Outlook sync issues


Re: Has El Reg finally soured its relationship with Redmond

Dude, Outlook is down. W can not get our email. Our businesses are hurting. Microsoft is at fault. Or you can say that we are at fault for choosing Microsoft. Get off that bar stool and understand that we can not just drink our Outlook problems away. FYI our iPhones are working just fine.

Windows updates? Just trust us, says Microsoft executive


Re: Up vote 'cause it's true

Microsoft patches have recently broke machines. One has to vett Microsoft patches. Remember they are tested by Microsoft early access program. Not from professional QA departments. Microsoft fired them. We have to use our QA departments to vett these updates before we can install them on our employees machines. Down time is not an option.


Changed the meaning of X

Microsoft is the company that changed the meaning of the red X in upper right corner from meaning "ignore" to meaning "accept". Are you serious, we are suppose to trust Microsoft. I trust Microsoft about as far as I can throw Trump.

No surprise: Microsoft seeks Windows Update boss with 'ability to reduce chaos, stress'


"UWP platform still didn't reach there. But MS is right that this kind of apps are the future"

It won't run on a Microsoft OS though being that Microsoft's OS is not running on very many devices and is declining. Who puts a universal platform on an OS which is in decline. Anyway there will not be a universal platform unless it run be Google or Apple. Google and Apple alone can make a universal platform. Microsoft is irrelevant in the device OS business.

Surface Book nightmare: Microsoft won't fix 'Sleep of Death' bug


Re: Still copying Apple

I rarely use a keyboard. I play chess mostly and all I ever need is a mouse. I like that the mouse wakes up the computer. As far as the sleep of death goes, some of us, like the over 40 crowd, never use anything other than Windows. It is not realistic that they learn a new OS. Chromebooks, Android, OS X, iOS and Linux are not a realistic option for them. The under 40 crowd is a bit more agile because of the advantage of their youth. The sleep of death issue buyers will get older and will leave us. I see then that this sleep of death problem will go away.


You cannot install another OS on the Surface Pro

Surface Pro's come with UEFI enabled making it impossible to install another OS on them. If you buy a Surface Pro, you are stuck with Windows.

Microsoft's Windows 10 nagware storms live TV weather forecast


Microsoft is acting like nagging is good for everybody

when the truth of the matter is, the nagging only benefits Microsoft.

Linux is so grown up, it's ready for marriage with containers


Re: Succinct

The fastest most efficient model would be to run Linux on bare metal and run containers on that.

Microsoft cracks open Visual Studio to Linux C++ coders


I Would Not Trust Microsoft

Never trust Microsoft with Open Source Software. Microsoft can never be trusted. This can be no more than a sham. Microsoft hates Linux. Never run Linux on a Microsoft platform.

Microsoft announces Azure Functions, encrypted cloud storage


Microsoft Always Keeps Copies of the Keys

Microsoft is in bed with governments and has always kept copies of encryption keys. Microsoft likes to turn them over to governments for favors in return. Microsoft is all about the money. Best to just avoid everything Microsoft.

Microsoft files patent for 'PhonePad', hints at future Windows plans


Re: PadPhone?

Exactly ASUS PadFone already does this.

Microsoft to add a touch of Chrome to Edge


Copying will not gain Microsoft any respect

Microsoft needs their own solutions. By Microsoft copying everything which Google does make Google look like the king of the hill and makes Microsoft look like a want-to-be endlessly chasing and never catching the competition. Microsoft, by God, has 118,000 employees. With that massive amount of employees, Microsoft can write their own software like they use to. Now they can only watch others it's a lost race. Imagine asking Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft a question about software and when you get to Microsoft they respond with monkey-see-monkey-do. Microsoft has lost so much of their respectability when Ballmer just sat on his hands and did nothing about the new mobile revolution. Remember what that idiot said about the iPhone, "It will never get traction."

Linux kernel dev who asked Linus Torvalds to stop verbal abuse quits over verbal abuse


Try working for chef Ramsey.

Microsoft starts to fix Start Menu in new Windows 10 preview


Re: All together now

I think the point is that there is no need for fixed sized anything in computers today. Systems are suppose to be elastic and scale to the demands of users. I would like to be able to buy additional memory hardware and have more space for anything. Whether a menu item or a database table or a game or whatever. The size is fixed to force users to switch to that full screen monstrosity. I do believe that it is so that MS can more easily develop for different screen sizes. I see this as a cost cutting maneuver being that they are not an advertising company like Google. Therefore they can not just give things away. Apple, on the other hand, makes their money by delivering quality.

No, Microsoft: Your one-billion Windows 10 goal is just sad ... really sad


Nobody likes Windows

The only people here who advocate Windows are employed to blog good things about it. But they are so obvious because as we all know, nobody likes Windows.

Linux boss Torvalds: Don't talk to me about containers and other buzzwords


Re: This seems a very level-headed and straight forward discussion

Godel's incompleteness theorem? That there are some truths that can never be proven? I see your logic if that is what you are talking about. Interesting analogy.

Microsoft vacates moral high ground for the data slurpers' cesspit


Re: as in free beer

If it does not cost money then it is free. What kind of peculiar statement is that. Have you ever been exposed to normal people? they are your statements so funny. Not funny haha but funny, different? They don't sound like you. You sound LSGB or whatever it is called. You one of those LSGT types?

Linux on the desktop is so hot there's now a fight over it


Henry Ford said that we are all going to be driving the Model-T Ford and that they are all going to be black. That was true. We all drove Model-T Fords and they were all black.

Before that we all rode horses and wore cowhide. If variety went away little by little instead of increasing little by little, this would be a sad place to live.

Microsoft spunks $500m to reinvent the wheel. Why?


Great Catch !!!

There is logic behind Microsoft's decision here. Maybe though, the logic is so macabre that only Microsoft can understand it's value. Bill Gates does have many qualities of the devil, you know.

Google reveals bug Microsoft says is mere gnat


Re: I'm reminded of zero-tolerance policies

Microsoft will not fix anything which they say don't matter. If my kid pointed out to me that our dog killed a snake and I said that it doesn't matter. That means that I am not going to punish the dog. When I said it does not matter, I and Microsoft mean that nothing needs to be done about it because it does not matter. Common sense use to be more common.

Microsoft takes lid off .Net Common Language Runtime sauce


Re: Re: Why

Microsoft used to use their control of the OS to make other products than ran on Windows, look bad. They did this with Novell and Netscape. The government had to make them keep to some standard because they were renegade. There is no domesticating Microsoft. They will spoil your rugs anytime that they see an opportunity to exploit you.

Windows 7 MARKED for DEATH by Microsoft as of NOW


Microsoft Hates Stable Software Like Windows 7

If the software reaches a maturity where it is dependable and reliable, Microsoft ends support and makes a new OS which will also have a death sentence. This will never stop with Microsoft. You will all be Gypsies for the rest of your lives. Microsoft Window is a traveling man. Takes up no roots. If you want your OS to gain roots, choose Linux.

Anatomy of OpenSSL's Heartbleed: Just four bytes trigger horror bug


Re: I don't get it..

"one wonders why it wasn't zeroed" -- It's just a heartbeat. All one has to do is compare the lengths and message. If they don't match, ignore. You're done. What you are suggesting would make it easier to pull off a denial-of-service attack. Next you will be suggesting rebooting between heartbeats.


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