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Socket to the energy bill: 5-bed home with stupid number of power outlets leaves us asking... why?

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Re: Now You've Done It

Bah, just have a bus bar that wraps around the room. individual devices will need an adapter and breaker, and you might have a few safety issues, but that's a small price to pay for full power coverage.

Verizon's bogus bills tanked my credit score, claims sueball slinger

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Re: Canada, Rogers, repeat

What is it about wireless companies? Scum.

They're also a land line company and an ISP company and a cable company. I believe they're the four service providers of the apocalypse.

'Clearance sale' shows Apple's iPad is over. It's done

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"What will be the market maintenance level when iPad batteries reach end of life? IIRC once the battery is dead you effectively have a doorstop?"

I've got an iPad Pro, but my original iPad 1 with iOS 5.0.1 is plugged in permanently. It is absolutely useless except for cross-your-fingers website browsing and a few productivity tools that I use it for. Some of those apps have been updated to run on the Pro, but some are abandoned and pre-iOS 7. Fortunately, the apps have both Dropbox compatibility and filesharing via an http server. Oh, and the Netflix and Pandora apps still work, too. That is, until anyone changes their API, then it becomes less useful. Still, waste not, want not.

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Re: I've said it before...

"You can't do CAD on a laptop, only a workstation will do. Horses for courses."

What? Of course you can. I've done it, and to do "real work." You may not enjoy it, but you can do it. If you're doing 3D, it may be much more of a challenge, but you can certainly spec out a 15"-17" laptop today with 32GB RAM. I would suggest at least adding a USB trackball for input, very few laptops have decent trackpads and IBM's Trackpoint have all but disappeared (is Lenovo still pushing out laptops with the nubbin?) which was only marginally better than a trackpad anyway.

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Re: As I have said a million times

"The one thing iPads do still have going for them is that they are one of the very few tablets to have a usefully-shaped screen. Nearly everything else is too shallow to be practical."

hear! hear! The iPad's 4:3 aspect ratio is ideal, though I would say that Microsoft's Surface tablets are also decent at 3:2 (with much better pen input than the iPad Pro). The slavish conformity to 16:9 for most tablets and displays are counterproductive and waste valuable real estate in the hand or on the desk.

The other thing iPads still do well that Android has pretty much given up on is consistently low-latency audio in/out. There are some great audio processing apps for iOS that blow away anything on Android. I do understand this is because Apple is the only game in town for iOS devices and Google lets anyone build an Android tablet

Dropbox: Oops, yeah, we didn't actually delete all your files – this bug kept them in the cloud

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Re: Why 60 days?

"Or is deleting done via RFC 1149?"

I apologise for any lost packets, but if it is any consolation, they were delicious.

Annoyingly precocious teen who ruined Trek is now an asteroid

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Regarding "Planet Trump"

Ugh, I so wanted to vote for Death By Meteor, but I'm here as an O-1.

Reg man 0: Japanese electronic toilet 1

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You man needs to man up, or press the 弱 (weaker) button repeatedly, until he stops crying. I've purchased one for my home and it's great. Saves on expense of toilet paper and leaves me, well, much more sanitary. Mine has the hair dryer, er, blow dryer.

Don't think it's worth it? Do your business the old fashioned way, flush the toilet, check that it's clean, now use the washlet, look in bowl before flushing. Yes, disgusting.

Mine's the one that doesn't smell like poop at the rear...

Lethal 4-hour-erection-causing spiders spill out of bunch of ASDA bananas

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Leading to the eventual inquest...

M'lord, I am not a necrophiliac; he was alive when I started!

I'll see myself out...

Windows 10 still free, even the Anniversary Update, if you're crass

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Re: Good OS

Since you're running Enterprise, I'm inclined to agree. It's the many small shops that are going to be running "Pro" or, gods help them, "Home" versions of Windows 10 on their computer(s). How much PII leakage of customer data may occur, simply because they don't know how or can't be arsed to button up the phone home data slurps?

Yes, I know I'm being paranoid, I occasionally get paid to do that professionally.

Politician claims porn tabs a malware experiment, then finds God

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Re: I don't see the problem

Sir, are you implying that Firefly is not a religion?

Bay Area man forced out of his $400 box home

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Re: The housing situation in the Bay is obscene.

The Bay area housing scene is insane. Clearly, the best solution would be for tech companies to include dormitories for their employees to live in, ala FoxConn (just make sure the windows don't open to cut down on possible suicide attempts). That would enable even their lowest paid employees to live in the area, rather than face a 2 hour commute. The second best solution is what this couple did.

Read America's insane draft crypto-borking law that no one's willing to admit they wrote

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Black Helicopters

"Whoever wrote that ought to be impeached immediately; or whatever you do to senators to stop them hurting themselves and others."

'You,' as in 'ordinary citizen,' can do nothing other than complain to the government and vote out the twats that make bad laws the next time they're up for re-election. Congress has a 9% approval rating, yet, overwhelmingly, the incumbents are re-elected. As a long term resident of the US, I can confidently say that the citizenry gets the government it deserves. Often to the detriment of the rest of the world...

How one developer just broke Node, Babel and thousands of projects in 11 lines of JavaScript

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Re: @timcroydon

None of this puts npm as an organization or as a package manager in a good light. They'll instantly cave to vague threats and willingly change ownership of a package (kik) to do the bidding of a 3rd party in contravention of their own dispute policy. If you terminate your agreement with npm, they'll keep your IP (left-pad) if it suits them, in contravention of their own terms of use. Who was it that removed the BSD license and changed it to WTFPL? If not the author or at their behest, then someone violated the license terms.

To my mind, it also seems a little worrisome that there are so many dependencies built into these packages. You really need to add a dependency for a simple text padding function? Really?

Yahoo! Mail! is! still! a! thing!, tries! blocking! Adblock! users!

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Re: Ad-masking: its about performance as well as bandwidth

A Squid proxy on an older PC would really help to mitigate bandwidth and processing overhead issues on portable devices. The only question to ask, of course, is whether you should install *BSD or Linux on that box?

Pause Patch Tuesday downloads, buggy code can kill Outlook

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"True. BUT, this incident does relate to Win 10 in that it is further proof - should any be needed - that forced updates are a horrible, horrible idea."

Ah yes, forced updates. Microsoft has shown me the way! I've turned off ALL updates from Microsoft on my personal Windows 7 Pro machines, thanks to Microsoft destroying any trust they might've had by pushing Windows 10 style spying/tracking/telemetry malware onto PCs.

Is the world ready for a bare-metal OS/2 rebirth?

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Finally, I can finish that Galactic Civilizations campaign! (Yes, I know there's a Windows version available).

We're getting kick-ass at seeing through walls using just Wi-Fi – MIT

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So, now I just need to take the tinfoil off my head and wrap it around the entire house...

Mine's the one with the faraday cage lining.

Apple's iPad Pro: We're making a Surface Pro WITH A STYLUS over Steve Jobs' DEAD BODY

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Re: Whoooo Hooooo!

"Almost went the Windows route (ugh) with a Cintiq Companion, but resisted."

I bought a Cintiq Companion 2. It's a wonderful little (actually oversized and unwieldy) beast. I bought it primarily for illustration and am happily using Manga Pro 5 and InkScape, with occasional forays into Adobe Photoshop and CAD software. There are lots of pluses and some minuses (particularly the price).


It runs Windows. 16:9 widescreen. Seriously, this needs to be 5:4 or 4:3, I don't know what Wacom was thinking. The included stand is fiddly and only works for landscape orientation. No Surface Pro-ish cover + keyboard available. 3rd party covers are nonexistent, and Wacom doesn't sell one. You'll need a separate Bluetooth or wired keyboard. Included folio cover is nice, but the pen case and external power supply get stuffed into a pocket with no wiggle room and a high likelihood of causing damage to the screen at some point. I ended up putting just the tablet in the folio for protection and the folio in a small laptop bag with the pen case and power supply in an external pocket.


It runs Windows. Palm rejection (when using the stylus) is pretty decent, I'm curious as to how good it is in this iPad Pro. If you have the constitution, a spudger, and a heat gun, you can open it up and replace both the memory and the M.2 SSD to get a reasonably priced killer tablet. Throw VirtualBox on it and run OSX for fun...

Still using ColdFusion? Really? Well, you'll want to install this patch

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Re: Still using ColdFusion?

Combine equal parts legacy web applications, no developer resources to spare, an institutional resistance to change, and the fact that it just plain works.

John McAfee cuffed by Tennessee cops, faces drug-driving, gun rap

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Nice: 1mg x 3/day!

That's pretty excessive for a new script for panic attacks. Better chase that with a nice ale...

HP slaps dress code on R&D geeks: Bin that T-shirt, put on this tie

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Nothing helps me wrap my head around decade old uncommented code running a poorly documented process better than a proper starched button down shirt and a tie depriving my brain of oxygen.

Reddit scrubs up: Child abuse? Gone. Drugs? Cool. RACISM? FINE

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"That's why free speech is important."

Indeed, free speech is important, and there should be avenues for people who are trying to elicit help to overcome unhealthy, harmful addictions, particularly when the law outlaws thought itself. However, I don't think the fora that exist solely to cater to those who want to spew their vitriol at the world should be given a platform on Reddit.

Lawyer brands client 'small penis asshole' before challenging him to a DUEL

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Re: Take the man at his word

No sir, we fight with cannon! Only girls fight with hot air balloons!


Chips can kill: Official

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Re: Non-problem

" Basically, if you eat about 100 times the amount of crisps or coffee that people usually do,"

Uh oh, never should have assimilated: "100 times the amount," is the usual amount around here (US).

Feds: Bloke 'HACKED PLANE controls' – from his PASSENGER seat

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Re: correction Christophe

I'm guessing the FBI guys either outright lied or through sheer, massive lack of understanding, misrepresented the facts in the "interview" with him. I don't have links handy, but I know he's said in the past that he's gotten access to flight controls IN A SIMULATED ENVIRONMENT. Of course, all the major airplane manufacturers claim that there is no connection between the in-flight entertainment system and the flight controls system. So, which is it, are the flight controls on a network connected to the entertainment system or aren't they? Can you really just find a tombstone under any number of aisle seats, pop it open, and plug in (with a little fiddling) to the network and take over the plane?

Google: Give us cash or we'll poke YouTube ads into your eyeballs

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YouTube profit increase?

This will help YouTube streamline the process of bleeding money from the content creators who sit at the bottom of a long chain of hands pulling money out of their revenue stream.

Bye bye, booth babes. IT security catwalk RSA nixes sexy outfits

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Let's get one thing clear...

My decisions as a technologist are not swayed by booth babes of either sex. That being said, they're not doing anything to stem the tide of free swag, are they?

Mine's the one with the pocket full of cheap shinies your PR drone gave to me.

Twitch stitch-up: Gaming vid streamers in data breach hack alert

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Re: Easy Peasy

Logical, but a password utility doesn't work so well when you don't have access to it. I use an organically stored algorithm along with partial site name and one of two passphrases to generate the password on the fly. One passphrase for things linked to banking/financials, another for less important stuff. Oh, plus another wholly made up password for email. Works well until the hardware goes bad. :)

Thanks a lot, Google, for snatching .dev for yourself. It's not like the rest of us wanted it

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This is utterly ridiculous, but everyone already knows that. While I can see some value in a private TLD, it should be required that such restricted TLDs must not be a generic word or general use abbreviation, as it goes against the public interest. I would reluctantly support restricted TLDs that use a company's registered name (.google).

NSA gunning for Google, wants cop-spotting dropped from Waze app

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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Nobody, apparently...

It's perfectly acceptable for the government to track your every movement ("Stingray" mobile phone trackers, vehicle license plate scanners, police drones flying over your property, street cameras everywhere), but gods no, we can't have anyone "tracking" public officials carrying out their public-funded duties in public.

Microsoft BEATS Apple, Google ... to accepting limited Bitcoin payments

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My currency lives in the cloud!

"Bitcoin is better than currency in that you don't have to be physically in the same place and of course for large transactions currency can get pretty inconvenient," said

What an odd sentence, by both BillG and The Register's copy. Having to be physically in the same place as my currency? No, I have a credit card, a debit card, and a personal checkbook, none of which require me to lug around vast quantities of currency. Heck, with a telephone or the internet, I don't even have to be physically in the same place as the business that is selling me their product! Additionally, I know that my 300 units of currency will not drastically change in value between the time I started filling my shopping cart and the time I check out.

DEATH fails to end mobile contract: Widow forced to take HUBBY's ASHES into shop

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The defense calls the deceased Mr. Raybould!

Mr. Raybould, would it be fair to say that you are not well?


In fact, Mr. Raybould, not to put too fine a point on it, would you be prepared to say, as it were,what is generally known as, in a manner of speaking, dead?


Mr. Raybould, I put it to you that you are, in fact, dead!



VINYL is BACK and you can thank Sonos for that

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Re: Vinyl introduces a lot of failings - Laser Turntable

Well, that's part of the point of vinyl, innit? You're not just hearing the artist's music in high fidelity, but also the scratches, clicks and pops generated by the needle scraping over your dead skin cells collected in the grooves of the vinyl.

Ex-US Navy fighter pilot MIT prof: Drones beat humans - I should know

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Re: There's always a human somewhere

Ahh, the safe, stress-free life of a USian drone operator. Wake up, eat breakfast, see the kids off to school, commute to work, blow up some bad guys, some women and kids, and maybe a wedding procession or two halfway around the world. Get home in time for dinner and family fun night. Tomorrow, maybe you'll get to blow up some bad guys and a funeral procession! Don't worry, they're all valid targets.

Former Bitcoin Foundation chair pleads guilty to money-laundering charge

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Crime pays if you're the big guy...

If you're a big bank, you can get away with knowingly laundering tens of billions of dollars for drug cartels and terrorist organizations with nary a slap on the wrist (a $1.9 billion fine is the just the cost of doing business if you're a bank like H*** with $2 trillion in assets). No jail time for them, long years in prison for you.

Six of the best gaming keyboard and mouse combos

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Re: I call shenanigans

I've heard not-so-good comments about a lot of Logitech gear in the last few years. My older Logitech gear is still in good condition and works like new, but I notice the newer gear has finish (wear) problems and the newer trackballs use no-name switches as opposed to Omron. In 10+ years, I've had 1 switch fail and no other problems. The two trackballs I bought in the last year both are exhibiting excessive wear of the finish, but no hardware issues, yet. I wouldn't touch their software with a 10 meter virtual pole, it's utter $#!^. That said, I will continue to buy the Marble Mouse (the symmetrical trackball). For me, it is far superior to any mouse, it fits my hand well, it's always in position, it doesn't cause wrist/arm fatigue, and you can swap it left/right handed based on the user. Its one failing is the lack of a (non-virtual) middle button and no scroll wheel. Both of which can be emulated with AutoHotKey (with varying degrees of success, depending on the game/software being used).

Women are too expensive to draw and code – Ubisoft

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Re: "Add an extra mesh option with the same animation rigs, and job done"

Quite. The polygon count would go up at a staggering rate, plus, how many of us have graphics cards that can handle B00bPhysX?

Paris, since we're talking about boobs...

Gay marriage foes outraged at Mozilla CEO flap, call for boycott

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Re: So ...

OkCupid is a social media site dedicated to insipid quizzes, polls, and communication with like-minded members interested in getting together and f***ing and s***ing until there's no tomorrow, without the stigma of using Craigslist or hiring professionals.

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Re: If I employ someone...

"Firing someone or forcing them to resign like this is exactly the same as having NAZI's painting the Star of David and "Juden" on your front door and all the bad stuff that follows.

There is NO difference between these actions."

Really? It's closer to getting rid of someone who is the leader--- der führer, if you will-- of a company because you don't really want to align your or your company's support with someone who loves NAZI's (sic) and persecuting people he feels are inferior. That is behaviour you really want to discourage sooner, rather than later.

Note: this is sarcasm aimed straight at your idiotic comparison to Nazism and persecution of the Jews (and homosexuals, gypsies, and others that don't get mentioned). I'm sure herr Eichmann, er, mister Eich is not a Nazi and his desire to support knuckle-dragging flat-earth religious right loons stems from honest moral bankruptcy, rather than from some insane desire to round up all the homosexuals and put them into concentration camps.