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Microsoft rethinks death sentence for Windows Mail and Calendar apps


Farewell to tablets

And so the self-destruction of Microsoft's tablet interface continues. The Mail app has useful gestures on touch devices and does everything most people need from a mail client. It even doesn't have AI! Perhaps if MS also sold touch-based 2-in-1 devices they would pay more attention to tablet features.... It's been all downhill from Windows 8.

Microsoft gives tablets some love in latest Windows 11 build


Bring back Windows 8

As the proud owner of a Surface Go 2 I can can only assume that no-one at Microsoft has ever actually tried to swipe up from the bottom with the keyboard attached as it is essentially impossible. Also swiping from the left shows running apps but for some unfathomable reason does not show the taskbar if auto-hidden. In any case the only sensible places to have the taskbar on a tablet are the left or right depending on your handed-ness. Then there are a load of buttons you can't remove that use up all the real estate (back, search, Cortana). I say bring back Windows 8 - it was great on the Asus tablets I used at the time. Charm bars, touch-friendly browser etc... (PS: these comments relate to Windows 10 as I haven't dared update to 11 because the taskbar is stuck at the bottom without a registry hack),

Green hydrogen 'transitioning from a shed-based industry' says researcher as the UK hedges its H2 strategy


Why is Electrolysis hard to commercialise?

As a kid I remember sticking two wires from a battery into a cup of water and watching the bubbles. Electrolysis seems to me to be one of the easiest processes on the planet so can someone explain why it's hard to commercialise? (OK you have to compress and capture the hydrogen somehow but you use some more of your wind energy for that).

US kids apparently talking like Peppa Pig... How about US lawmakers watching Doctor Who?


Accent Imperialism

It's not just American kids. My northern grandson really likes jumping in maddy paddles too.

(I have to confess however that I am especially fond of my Peppa Dad T-shirt...)

Peak smartphone? Phone fatigue hits Western Europe hard


Why would anyone buy a phone on a contract?

OK perhaps I'm tight but I've been buying nearly-new phones from eBay and running them SIM-only since my K-JAM in 2005. A few minutes with a fag packet tells you that buying a phone on a contract is a rip-off. I've had my current Sony Z1 Compact for four years - it's only on its third battery/back panel and fourth tempered glass screen protector...

(but I do miss the K-JAM keyboard...)

Three scoops 'most reliable network' crown, EE takes every other title


Why don't these statistics cover MVNOs as well? I know these piggy-back on the big four networks but I can never get a straight answer about whether they have the same service level or just the leftovers after the main brand customers have got in there first...

We can't all live by taking in each others' washing


So how about the Financial Advisor I am required to have by law who takes a slice of my pension every year for doing nothing? Seems to me that the 'economic rent' embodied in UK Financial Legislation is why Financial Services are bigger than Agriculture...

Microsoft ups OneDrive storage, slashes prices to match Google Drive

Thumb Down

Aint no Dropbox replacement

I've been desperately trying to use the 27Gb I already have but until Microsoft fix 1. The speed (about 10x slower than Dropbox on my network), 2. The lack of true shared folders and 3. the fact that even saving stuff from Office it is slower than with Dropbox (because it insists on saving it directly to the cloud rather than just scheduling an upload) I'll be eeking out my 2Gb of Dropbox (well actually 9.5Gb cos I invites so many people to share folders...).

Forget offering more space. Fix the basics!

Bendy or barmy: Why your next TV will be curved


So what's new?

When I were a lad all the tellies were curved...