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Mac mini said to get Ion innards


OSX on atom

I've been running OSX on my eeePC 901 with a not so powerful 1.6Ghz N270 Atom chip, and it's fairly responsive, particuarly with 2Gb of RAM in there. Having graphics with Quartz Extreme support offloads most of the fancy eye candy from the CPU. I can watch avi's streaming over wifi with no problems.

I've also got a 2.0 Core2 duo mac mini, and that does me fine as well, so perhaps the Atom 330 (64bit, IIRC) will do a decent enough job, any maybe help to slim down the mini even further.

UK fraudster gang go PIN sniffing


Why not...

Just have a different PIN for ATM and C&P transactions.

Napster flirts with Apple fanboys



> And these won't play on non-Apple handheld music players.

They play fine on my Sony Ericsson phone.

Boris Johnson bans boozing on London transport




It's fair to say that most people in HK flout the MTR rules anytime they feel hungry or thirsty though, and at some stations they even sell food and drink inside the wickets.

As for London, I'm amazed to discover that alchol wasn't banned on the mass transit system at least Boris is bringing the city Kicking and screaming into the 20th centuary.

The iPhone arrives, but is O2 being taken for a ride?


@Jocke Selin

I wonder if maybe you're confusing EDGE with HSCSD (High Speed Circuit Switched Data). HSCSD was just a few 9600 data calls bonded together, I used it on my 6210 back in 2001, and it featured on the 9210 too.

Apple slashes iPhone prices


Standard practice

All the other cellphone companies do this, I can't imagine why El Reg is singling out Apple. (oh no).

How much was the N95 on release, and how much 2 months later? (and that has an operator subsidy)

Eurostar inaugurates UK high-speed track



"If France was long and thin, with a mountain range up the middle, things wouldn't be so easy :)"

Let's think which country has the fastest passenger trains... Oh, it's Japan, which is long and thing and has a mountain range up the middle. With real mountains, not glorified hills. And the trains here run on time, every time. And we pay 5% tax.

If only you could get marmite I might stay.

Culture matters: Why i-mode failed


Another echo from Japan

I live in Japan right now, and I can tell you that most kids have their own rooms. (Small though they may be). The reason i-Mode took off here is:

1- National pride (they still have that, like how the French all drive Peugots. We used to do that in the UK way back when)

2 - It avoids actual contact with humans.

now if you don't mind I'm off back to mixi.jp

Behind the Apple vs Universal breakup



$0.70 x 2.5 billion is an order of magnitude larger than $1.00 x 100 million.

Getting a royalty fee on the iPod isn't going to make more than pocket change for the labels.


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